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Sunday, January 16

someone on Candy Lane is having suicidal, that's like wanting to hurt yourself at neverland..oh..wait....
community drop-in..ANOTHER call- i could hear the *sigh* in the dispatchers voice- dude got "beat up"...blah, blah, blah....
just heard my neighbor got pulled over...bummer.
2028 rhode island- structure fire...maybe.......
925 vermont- check welfare- guy needs help cause he was kicked out of the drop-in center.
is anyone available to babysit?
31rst and Iowa- car wreck.
TJ Max- employee is requesting a walk-thru
1346 new hampshire- gal is confused and worried about her friend-not making sense at all
knock knock this thing on???
criminal damage at the drop-in center- dude broke a window and is still on the scene causing a disturbance...employee has assface pinned to the ground.
auto burglary at Johnny's...wonder if it's related to the last post?
auto burglary on south Iowa- white jeep grand cherokee- curly hair and a moustache.
auto-burglary on west 25th- neighbor witnessed it-
is carhart boy out of the pokey again?
15 year old with a knife in the deerfield area; threatening self-harm.
911 call from an 11 year old- kid needs help getting home but doesn't know his address..where are his parents????
Antique store in Baldwin- caller reports seeing subject loading stuff into their vehicle
road rage at Dirty Dillons- vehicle pulled in behind the caller and started honking and yelling- and I think I know this gal from High School.....
and she has a handicap placard..obviously her mouth ain't broke.
1664 east 200- black chevy truck is spotlighting and shooting at the is classified as "gang activity".
Checkers- a vehicle is parked on the southside with the back window broken out and it's lights on.
Child out of control- and once again I can't decipher the address- but this 12 year old is trying to bite grandpa. No good.
627 connecticut- someone is banging on the front door yelling threats. thinks it's a male subject.
6312 Candy lane- fire call. odor of gas.
5th and indiana- man passed out in a vehicle
2006 Kasold- 911 hang-up. was busy on call back, now no answer. history of 911 hang-ups. they should get fined after so many.
Tresspassing at 9th and Mississippi- guy won't leave because the establishment won't allow his dog to enter.

"hell no! We won't go!"
Overland Drive- guy wants to turn himself in on a warrant. And I guess he needs a ride to the jail.
1205 rhode island- guy is concerned because his cat is on the roof and won't come down.
It'll come down when it's hungry, right? mine always do.
1348 New Jersey-possible (probable) liquor violation- dude is sitting in a van with a beer- had been walking around looking for scrap metal. for beer money maybe?
Someguy is trying to run a caller off the road on 19th street. they got tags so they may catch him.
medical call on 2400 block of manchester road- fall
1022 New York- diabetic emergency
6th and Mass- silver chevy- expired sticker on a nebraska tag. Someone really called in about that.
Unconscious subject on west 24th terrace. medics en route.
check welfare- clinton pkwy and crestline- woman standing on the median with no coat.
animal welfare check on Sumter drive- injured hawk with a hurt wing. ;(
Cooperative shoplifter at Walmart. Yeah, I'm sure Ms. Manners would be proud.
837 Michigan- regarding a theft on Tennessee....
maroon honda driving drunk in Kennedy school area- caller believes they have expired license and no insurance....sounds like he pissed off the wrong person.
non-injury accident at the Kwik Shop on 6th
100 block of north 8th street- suspicious activity-a child was screaming while getting into a vehicle....
Clinton lake marina- disturbance with weapons- subject at marina shooting geese with a shotgun. last seen 5 minutes ago.
2700 Block of Ridge court- animal welfare check- a dog behind an apartment has inadequate shelter.
4114 west 6th- Bank of the west- building check
Medical call for a burn..but I'll be damned if I can understand the address she's sayin'
342 missouri- report of a fight that occurred last night between 2 juveniles- both are still on the premesis
jana drive- someones car got hit overnight
west 24th street- medical call-chest pain!/Operation100

Operation 100 Photography SOUND OF GUNSHOTS: 810 Dearborn St in Baldwin City. 4 bullet holes in a wall. Possible suspect vehicle, Dark 4 door. Last seen WB on US56.

Reported approximately 4a.m. last night.


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3424 harvard rd- theft report
214 WEST 10TH- one guy attacked another..and both geniuses are still in front of the building.