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Monday, January 31

Phone Harrassment

east 25th place-regarding harrassing phone calls.
seems to be a lot of these tonight. guess it's too cold to go anywhere.


some kids at Oliver Hall keep getting "blocked" phone calls saying their vehicles are damaged, but they are not damaged.
If that's just so,e prank calling, then that's a LAME prank call.

Suspicious Activity

east 24th street-suspect in callers backyard in black clothes. 2nd night in row they have seen him.
now, that's just creepy.

Physical Altercation

911 Ohio Street- one guy left westbound on 9th, on foot. brrrrrrrrr, it's cold out there.

Timberline Court

caller says his ID was stolen, and he thinks he knows who did it.

check welfare

Conoco greyhound- caller says he had a seizure earlier today, declining medics, but says he does need a ride.


There is a child out of control. 11 year old is hitting.

morningside drive

callers daughter just had $45.00 stolen from her....

Missing child

from holcomb rec- brother was walking home with 2 year old and brother lost her. blue jacket, jeans and a hannah montana suitcase. time lapse 1 hour.


The Trailer park on Walnut Street- possible drug activity.

unknown emergency

Woodsen Ave- cell phone trace provided general area- could only hear someone crying in background. received 2 calls

Domestic Disturbance

East 24th Street-caller was walking by and heard a fight in progress.

Disturbance, no weapons

this actually happened about 30 minutes ago
Dispute over a check at king buffet. I would have loved to seen that.

Disturbance, no weapons

316 Minnesota- tenant causing problems with the caller, who I would assume is the landlord.

Phone Harrassment

west 23rd- again, with suspect info.
I've said it before and I'll say it again- CALL BLOCKING!!!!

telephone harrassment

Michigan strret- with suspect info. i should hope they'd at least have a phone number.

animal call

Learnard- concerned about a pit bull who charged at her and "watched her walk away".

check welfare

6th and Iowa- hispanic man walking in the street.


Pay-less Laundromat on 9th and Mississippi. Caller says a man has been there for a few days.

didn't catch the address

transformer blew and caller reports his pool is on fire.

9th and Conneticut

arcing power lines. fire en route.

Medical calls

lots of calls for falls- be careful walking

Panic Alarm

people's bank on Harper street

Many, many car accidents...

stay home.

Evening Star Road

2 cars spun off bridge. read the signs- "bridges ice first"

Getting Slick

as i lay in bed I can hear my neighbors scraping ice from their windshields. On the scanner I can hear the beginnings of a very messy rush hour.

Sunday, January 30

Domestic Disturbance

New Jersey Street-couple yelling, screaming and shoving.

Check Welfare on Child

mom calling from Olathe- dad didn't bring child back at 2 like he was suppossed to. uh-oh.

Fire Alarm

at jayhawk towers. i wonder if any of the residents even pay attention to those anymore?

Disturbance, no weapons

at Southpoint apartments- ex-boyfriend has keys and is refusing to give them back.

Disturbance, no weapons

900 block of New Hampshire- caller heard a scream.
it was kids playing football.

Criminal Damage

947 Mass- Ingredient. bummer- they just got some graffitti the other night too.

private tow

someone's getting towed from The Merc

Domestic Disturbance

west 27th- male half is beating holes in the wall- he left on a skateboard.

Disturbance, no weapons

900 Block of Christie Court-yelling, things being bumped around.

Replay Lounge

Burglary Alarm- showing back entrance motion.

Residence Check

2707 Ousdahl- caller thinks someone may be in back yard...porch light is on, but hasn't seen or heard anyone.


2517 Crestline Court- caller needs someone removed- name sounds familiar too. Maybe I've read him in the booking logs.

Bar Closing

Police standby while The Outhouse closes down.
Good, I think that's a really good idea.

Disturbance....with weapons

3419 Ellie (?) Lane- caller heard fighting and heard a subject say "get the shotgun". did not see it though.
They are leaving- possibly headed to McDonalds (how would they know that?)

Request to speak to an officer

1800 Villawood (??) court- caller is in a blue chevy- not sure where he is at, and dispatch is not sure what he wants.
Be careful, these unpredictable ones always scare me a little.

leaving the scene of an accident

late model chevy hit the "days Inn" building and left

Noise complaint

2100 block atchison ave. loud music.

Disturbance, no weapons

1000 block of Delaware- caller can hear female subject yelling for someone to "get away".


900 block of louisiana- unknown subject is ringing doorbell. caller is upstairs and can't see anything.


at Target optical department.


500 block of Colorado- guy wants a girl removed from his apartment.

1500 Mass

request for a back-up unit.

Pedestrian Check

1100 Kentucky- white boy, no shirt, drunk, walking out in traffic.

rowdy prisoner

officer requesting a "cage unit".

burglary alarm

Sigma Kappa 1325 west campus

Hashinger Hall

smell of marijuana in the air.

police Chase in progress

on campus- by some Greek Houses- maybe related to the accident?
Ran into the Sigma House.
wow, they'll never find you there, brainiac.

unknown emergency

area of 25th and Belle Haven Drive-caller is crying and upset, but refusing to give the address.

Non-injury accident

Harvard Rd- black Camry hit a tree- driver is still there on the scene.

Alarm audible

at 1725 haskell- units find an open door.

check welfare

didnt catch the address here- but someone called in because their friend went to buy some weed and she's really drunk and there are a lot of drugs where she is going.

Medical call

someone at Jayhawk cafe is so drunk they called medical. Usually they just call a cab.

It's good though, too many kids have dies in recent years due to alcohol poisoning.

leaving the scene of an accident

KU PD has one of the vehicles stopped at 6th and Illinois.


800 Mcdonald drive- the Holidome-managment having problems with subjects in 2 rooms, they want then removed and they won't open the doors.

Medical Call

737 Mass- someone fell and hit their head.

possible liquor violation

IHOP- caller is concerned about a party bus- open containers and females boarding the bus.'s a "party Bus", not a church bus.

Lock-up Marathon

On MSNBC. for those of you who stayed home and out of jail.

rolling disturbance

a car and a dude are having it out in the 300 block of Michigan. wonder who will win? white isuzu and white boy in a yellow coat.

Medical Call

somehow saferide called in a medical call for an abdominal pain patient...medics and PD on scene, and they can't seem to find a patient. the address the saferide gave doesn't exist.

Medical Call

west 24th- Hampton Court- subject busted his ass on the ice. is there ice out there?

Noise complaint

on prospect- loud stereo- or ghetto blaster?

building check

1600 haskell--no reason why, but we know, don't we?


caller says her friend took her keys- 1107 Indiana.
probably had a good reason.

Residential burglary

west 2nd terrace- time unknown

Noise complaint

4800 block of mcCormick- complaint of loud music and barking dog.

Disturbance, no weapons

13th and Kentucky-2 units en route-seceral male subjects threatening to fight each other.
over something stupid, I'm sure

Also complaining of fireworks.

Medical Call

1900 west 31rst- I shit you not- for a "spider bite".
police are disregarding. medics still have to go.

Crown toyota

alarm, and there is a visible open door.

Fight- physical

at The reserve- on west 31rst- back of complex.

Medical Call

Virginia Inn- "sick person". not a nice place to get sick. just sayin'


someone sleeping in a parking lot...better than Mcdonald's I guess.

Domestic Disturbance

110 Michigan- possible domestic disturbance- caller says wife won't give him a receipt, then he hung up. won't answer on callback.

Medical Call

to the slums on Ridge court- subject bleeding from hand.

Noise complaint

1400 Tennesse- party time

Looking for trouble.

eastbound on jayhawk- car with his lights off. swerving back and forth. and about to get pulled over.

Alcohol Violation

900 block of West 24th

Noise complaint

1336 crossgate court- large party on top 2 floors. caller was just picking up his children ( at midnight?) and heard it.

Bar Check

the Paradise Saloon. good idea. someone got threatened with a knife there last night.

Saturday, January 29

Motorist Assist

Nissan stuck on the ice at boatramp 4 at Bloomington.

Domestic Disturbance

2700 block Bluestem Court- caller says boyfriend-drunk- is screaming at her and hitting her. She doesn't have a vehicle and to top it all off, there are children in the house.
extensive history at this address. and the kids have probably been there for all of it.


nothing to interesting though..A fall and a sick person.....

Traffic stops

resulting in field sobriety checks and trips to the pokey.

I'm never gonna stop saying it.


McDonald's on 6th- employees requesting someone sleeping in lobby be removed

Wanted Person

3100 Ousdahl-information received that a wanted person is at this location. verified this upstanding citizen has warrants.

Bar Check

At the Outhouse.

More people getting pulled over


Possible suicidal

In the area of downtown-maybe- caller's mom is calling from out of town and spoke to her daughter who said she had broken a glass and cut herself. Mom has no idea where daughter lives (???) but thinks it MAY be a loft downtown. Her mom DOES know she is a stripper.

Posted in the "comments" section of my Journal World Blog;

It's an estranged and terrible world we've fashioned,
where pets are dressed in festive holiday sweaters,
as a destitute woman perishes in an unfamiliar vehicle
in which she has sought shelter from bitter cold,
in the glow of warmly lit Victorian mansions,
documented by one of the disconnected voices 
interrupting the silence of a police scanner.

I just love this!

Traffic Stops

Oddly quiet, just some traffic stops....

Fire Alarm

Jayhawk Towers

Break-in in progress

on Pennsylvania- someone was trying to kick in the door- now they are leaving in a vehicle.

Structure fire

Dearborn Street in Baldwin;

Special call

6th and Arkansas- for a bon fire.

Medical Call

"sick person" at 940 New hampshire.

Redbud Lane incident

Domestic disturbance...caller drove by and saw her friend fighting out front with her boyfriend...and called the police instead of stopping to help.

Go hawks!

taking a break for the game!!!! check back afterwards for all night coverage!

Civil standby

Redbud Lane for property exchange. Probably a good idea.

Nothing good ever happens on redbud lane.

Ticket Scalper

report of person scalping tickets in lot 71.

animal call

caller is at Eudora animal hospital and wants to speak to an officer about a wreckless driver who ran over her puppy. :(
puppy is still alive and I hope they catch that bastard.

animal call

K-10 MM9- another call for the same dog as earlier.

Request to speak to an officer

call from gal who thinks she knows where her stolen property is at. Was stolen from Adam Street.

Eudora Kwik SHop

employee has finger stuck in safe.

animal call

K-10 MM7, second call for a loose dog. now people are pulled over trying to catch him.

Medical Call

On Delaware- for a severe headache.

leaving the scene of an accident

vehicle- maroon buik- was seen sideswiping vehicles along Kentucky Street. They get tags.

leaving the scene of an accident

A tractor-trailer took out a streetlight at 6th and Michigan and kept on going.

Medical Call

Baldwin Middle School- non-emergency for a broken hand.

Caught cat

427 Indiana. I guess they set trap. poor kitty

Medical Call

In the campus area- intentional overdose. ;(

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Happy game day!


I'm going to catch a lttle sleep.....see ya soon!

Injury Accident

Crestline and Clinton Parkway. a vehicle has flipped over the divider.

Fire Alarm

Jayhawk Towers, tower D


McCollough Hall- previous fight- patient has lacerations and possible concussion

Disturbance, no weapons

622 illinois. caller can see and hear people arguing through the windows.

3 a.m.

Listen kids, take it from the voice of experience....ANY decisions made at 3a.m. are not going to be good ones. GO TO BED.

Physical Altercation

1400 Block of Kentucky-caller advises 2 males are fighting in the alley.
She ain't worth it.

Noise Complaint

1302 west 24th styreet- people being loud, knocking and banging

Medical Call

medics en route for an "allergic reaction to medication" sounds like a Charlie Sheen call. are there any naked hookers hiding in the closet?

Disturbance, no weapons

anna drive- caller heard loud voices in the apartment above him.

uh oh.

Combative white boy en route to jail.

Check Welfare

caller at 1011 Missouri brought this drunk girl home and they think she left the stove on and passed out.

Disturbance....with weapons

Paradise Saloon on Hwy 40- caller was threatened with a knife- caller took off on a ford F150.

Domestic disturbance

west 24th- boyfriend came home and threw her bedframe through the door.

Medical Call

in front of Carnagie-9th and Vermont back pain/ chest pain

Check Welfare

1700 block of kentucky- skateboarder going the wrong way (??) on Kentucky. possibly drunk

4301 west 24th place

loud music and banging...does it go like this "bow-chicka-bow-wow..."????


residential burglary 1301 west campus rd- some greek house

Attempt to Locate

23rd and Iowa- hit a curb, gutter, unable to maintain a lane. red dodge van

Unknown Emergency

18th and Tennessee-open line with multiple drunk..... ummm..people yelling at each other.

gaslight village

some gal is getting text message harrassment...again- CALL BLOCKING!!!!!!!


police en route related to that fight at The Granada earlier. suspect may be there.

Request to speak to an officer

caller is in Las Vegas and hasn't talked to his son for a few days.....sounds like he needs a therapist, not a cop.

County Jail

sounds like the cops have been hauling a few in.....

Noise Complaint

west 24th place-there is a lot more to complain about than just noise.

Request to speak to an officer

7th and Mass- guy needs a ride to the Drop-in center (which is about 3 blocks away) and an escort in.
well, go ahead and roll out the red carpet and call the paparazzi.

Wanted person

2440 Heatherwood drive-some guy with a couple of active warrants is hanging out here.

Noise Complaint

1338 Ohio. Loud music and a party.

Check Welfare

11th and Conneticut- a young girl being hit??

Medical Call

Oliver Hall, possible alcohol poisoning.

Nuisance Complaint

some people on University Dr being loud and drunk.
Sounds like someone's a little jealous?????

Check Welfare

1200 block of louisiana. caller heard female yell "stop! that's not funny!"

Medical Call

west 31rst street- ssomeone got sprayed with pepper spray. they probably deserved it too.

Physical Altercation

6th and Stoneridge- caller is in vehicle with boyfriend- moving vehicle- and is reporting a physical altercation. Blue pulled onto a service road.

Friday, January 28

Disturbance, no weapons

College Motel on 6th- father of the callers child is there, refusing to leave and causing a problem.


There is a disturbance at The Granada- big freaking suprise there-called in by the police and back-up requested.
This is shaping up to be like last friday fight night.

Physical Altercation

Macelli's Downtown- in the alley behind the restuarant-4-5 people fighting- physical-now starting to calm down. Whaite male in a tank top is now walking to mass street. Probably to stir up more problems.


2511 west 31rst- "the Reserve". possible smell of marijuana. what kind of asshole calls the cops on his neighbors for that???

Wanted person

800 New hampshire- panchamama's. someone knows this dude has warrants and wants him gone

Barking Dog

3100 west 22nd street. you better believe I'd have a ferocious dog if I lived in that area.

Medical Call

to the county jail. I have worked as a nurse in some county jails...and it's got to be pretty serious if they send you out. I am not sure how this county jail's medical facilities are though.
Sounds like it's a seizure. No county I ever worked for would have shipped out for a seizure.

Dead Cruiser

copcar broke down on 9th and Indiana. made a rattling noise and died.

"special call"

2011 Kentucky street. Does anybody know what that means?

Non-injury accident

9th and tennessee

Disturbance, no weapons

8th and New Hampshire...called in by PD

Check Welfare

15th and ohio- caller saw subject wreck his bike and get up and sit on the curb.

Criminal Damage

Papa Keno's- reports of graffitti

Criminal Damage in progress

2824 University- caller has someone in her driveway tearing up her yard.

Non-injury accident

4 cars at 19th and Larnard

Medical Call

at the Community Drop-in. subject is feeling "faint".

Medical Call

19th and naismith- caller is in a car- maybe having an allergic reaction.

Attempt to Locate

Red stationwagon on Hwy 40- driving erratically on the shoulder, crossing center line. caller is following them, i bet theyy got them.


Hashinger Hall, suspected odor of Marijuana

Parking violations

Irving hill- "tour bus" blocking traffic

I'm Back!

remember, if your out tonight text me pics! 785-766-1640
Auto burglary at spanish crest apartments. I'm pretty sure thos are on Redbud Lane.

Check Back..

I'll be back in a couple of hours...and I'll be with ya all night!!!!!

Check Welfare

Kansas River Bridge south of I-70. caller saw a male subject standing on the river ice. Not safe, dude.

Attempt to Locate

2007 dodge truck 594 CUV- tweety bird sticker- wanted for a material witness warrant.


420 Arkansas street- strange "odor", caller thinks it may be drug-related. fire en route.

leaving the scene of an accident

light blue truck- left the scene of a non-injury accident at city hall.

Non-injury accident

1000 block of conneticut

Attempt to Locate

Connetic and 19th- pulled out of kids on the road- possibly drunk- silver honda

Found property

Caller says he found a cash register in his grandson's bedroom.


Trent Court- happened this morning, suspect info.

Parking violations

New hampshire street- a white cadillac has been left running for a couple of hours

911 Hang-up

"On the Border". no answer on call-back.


request LPD meet at lot 91 reference handgun in a van.

Disturbance, no weapons

1347 New hampshire- drunk subjects are being verbally abusive. dispute between neighbors

CR 442

Semi slid off the road- blocking entire roadway. use a different route.

Non-injury accident

occured at 9th and Maine- caller is now at LMH at 6th and maine.

indecent exposure

9th and rhode island- white male, plaid jacket- young male in early 20's is exposing himself as people walk by.
It's nice out, but not THAT nice.

Happy Friday!!!

It's a beautiful day out there! That tends to make people misbehave.......

Good Night!

Check back later- I'll be up with ya all night long Friday and Saturday!

Attempt to Locate

red chevy caprice- eastbound on 19th fron Naismith. reckless driver

Civil standby

2600 west 6th- gal fron fight earlier wants to get back into apartment.

Good Luck....

Dispatch is trying to get a hold of someone to come pick up some poor scmucks car-who I assume is headed to jail- but they specified the guy can only pick it up if he is sober.

Noise Complaint

4101 west 24th- The Legends- loud noise, loud people

Attempt to Locate

newer model white minivan, last seen westbound on 9th from Illinois. driver could barely stand before she got into vehicle and unable to maintain a lane.
It's a freaking jungle out there.

Blue Phone Hang-up

Northeast of Eaton Hall. Unit en route to check it out. haha, that rhymed.

Fight- physical

In the area of 9th and Mass-calling party said the altercation was between 8-9 people.

Medical Call

overdose on pills on Michigan Street

Abe And Jake's

Police describe a "Large disturbance"/

Noise Complaint

3800 block of McCormick Street. Loud bass.

Quinton's Bar and Grill

Police on scene- not for any particular reason....yet.


is this thing on??

theft of a motorcycle

2859 Four wheel drive, occurred yesterday. And for some reason he is reporting it now. after midnight.

Carbon Minoxide Alarm

1125 Indiana Street. patient is in the ER

Noise Complaint

3100 Ousdahl, loud music

Thursday, January 27

Criminal Damage

947 Mass- Ingredient- window in back spray painted

Nuisance Complaint

3000 block of Topeka Lane- caller is upset because a vehicle is driving 35-40 mph in the area.
They have no description.

Burglary Alarm

4120 Clinton parkway- Bishop Seabury Academy

Panic Alarm

Cirilla's on 23rd,  panic alarm. I bet they get some real freaks in there.

Domestics; physical altercation

1516 East 24th Street-caller says her husband is out of control, throwing a TV and attacking people.
Sounds like a keeper.

Disturbance, no weapons

Kwik Trip on 23rd

Physical Altercation

2600 west 6th street- between roommates, was physical and they are both still on the scene.

Pulled over...

and found to have a suspended license...request for 2nd unit at Eaton Hall. Mom and Daddy are getting a call tonight.

Noise Complaint

139 Perry Street- Loud Bass from a radio....

burglary in progress

850 east 13th- glass store- truck loading up windows from in front of the building

Noise Complaint

2600 west 6th, tuckaway apartments.

Domestics; physical altercation

1632 Tennessee street-extensive history at this location.

Domestics; physical altercation

1900 west 31rst- Gaslight Village- male screaming, hitting walls, female crying- history of civil standby......

Suspicious Activity

Lyon Park-report of red Pontiac by ball field- occupied by 2 people and been there for an hour or so (bow-chicka-bow-wow).
caller is concerned due to the recent thefts in the area. probably should be more concerned about teen pregnancy.


Maybe everyone else is watching Jersey Shore too?

Burglary Alarm

846 Mass- 3rd Planet.

911 Hang-up

East 24th. sounded like children on call-back.

Check Welfare on Child

East 19th- no one is answering the door, but she can see a small child and no on else. Caller has looked through all the windows and it appears the small child is the only one home.

Check Welfare

1125 indiana- guy believes someone is trying to "choke him with a computer". there is no one in the apartment.
Dude, didn't ya get the memo to not take that brown acid?

Disturbance, no weapons

1600 Haskell- edgewood- a transient in carhart pants is "touching things".
I wonder if it's those things in the air he's touching.

Criminal Damage

At Hy-vee, possible suspect info.

Motorist Assist

15th and iowa- northbound

Fire Alarm

2154 West 26th street- South pointe villas

Panic Alarm

2108 west 26th- "check into cash". That's a pretty crappy neighborhood to have the word "cash" in your name.

Attempt to Locate

unknown descriptive vehicle- caller has no visual info, just heard a car peel out.

I'm sure they will rush right there....

Request to speak to an officer

Redbud Area-reference possible suspect info for auto-burglary

Suspicious Activity

23rd and Haskell-white male in dark green jacket, carrying a coffee mug and walking up to cars asking for money.

Suspicious Activity

5oo block of Millstone-male subject driving a white truck, guy was walking around block. wearing a kahki colored pantsuit.
I think the real crime here is the pantsuit.

Burglary Alarm

on 2710 Iowa, Landmark Bank

Residential burglary

1516 East 24th Street- time lapse of 10 minutes- caller saw a white male- left in a white van headed toward Harper, tried to follow van but is now returning home. hasn't been in the residence yet.


Trespassing at Compton Square. Unknown subject has been pounding on the door for 5 or 10 minutes.

Car Fire

Car fire at the dollar general on 6th.

Civil standby

Civil standby on winfield. Dude is going to retrieve stolen property. Good luck fella.


check back in a couple of hours...I'll be up blogging all night long!

2200 Block of Ohio

medical call for a fall. one patient seen in lying in the street.

Physical Altercation

2500 Block of inverness- 10 year old caller says she was hit in the face on the bike trail, can hear people yelling in the background. suspect no longer there.

Medical Call

Possible heart attack at Royal Crest Lanes. Bowling is dangerous.

Attempt to Locate

wreckless driver on 9th and Mississippi- white Chevy Blazer- tag comes back on an Econoline van from Baldwin. go figger.

Traffic problems

24-40 MM397, tow truck causing traffic back-up. it's probably not the tow-truck, it's probably the people that don't know how to navigate around obstacles.


From "The Shelter" at 342 Missouri. 16 years old.

Roadway Obstruction

1400 Block of Mass- a large mound of snow rolled onto road by 2 males. one in a KU jacket.

Shoplifting in Progress

At "the Buckle", subject left the store- 2 males- though one is dressed as a female. headed north on Mass.

Vehicle Theft

28th and Four-Wheel Drive. I love that street name. Area sucks though.

Parking violations

9th and Schwarz- someone called the police on a Boy's and Girls Club bus because it was blocking traffic. Some things are worth driving a little out of your way for.

Medical Call

Hemmorrage at the Laundromat on 6th and Arkansas. Laundry sucks.

Burglary Alarm

256 North Michigan- Veritas Christian.

Disturbance....with weapons

On Perry Street- something crazy going on...some dude with a metal pipe. wearing camo coveralls....people in the street......

Non-injury accident

15th and Iowa. Northbound lane.

Ya know, I'm potty training my kid and he didn't quite make it to the toilet, I found myself calling it a 10-47 or "Non-injury accident.

Cardiac Arrest

On Powers. CPR being performed.

Medical Call

To a shady area off 8th street- for a "rapid heartbeat". hmmm......

Non-injury accident

9th and Vermont

Fire Alarm

at the Hy-vee on Clinton Parkway.

Medical Call

3rd hand information- caller can see someone at the corner of 25th and Ridge Court with a "severe nose bleed."

Auto Burglary

837 Michigan. Caller has suspect info. I'll let ya know if i hear more....

Residential burglary

At the apartment complex at 501 Colorado. I used to live in that neighborhood a million years ago, got my gas siphoned so much I had to buy a locking gas cap.

911 Hang-up

200 West 9th

Medical Call

non-emergent for a student who had a seizure, at Free State High.


At Peppertree phone. Uh, call blocking? And really, just go down to the police station yourself and fill out a PFA?

Man Seeks Cops' Protection from Sexoholic Wife

A tired Turkish man, who now lives in Germany, had knocked at the police station doors to seek protection from his sexually obsessed wife.

The police officials on Wednesday, Jan 26 said that the man requested to protect him from his insatiable wife, who constantly demand for sex.

The man went to southern Germany local police station on Tuesday and complained that he had been sleeping on the sofa for the past four years to escape the clutches of his 18-years-old wife and mother of their two children.

Police sources said that the complainant has decided to get a divorce and to move out in the hope of finally getting some rest, particularly as he is anxious to arrive at work well rested.

A official said, "at the moment this is impossible because he says his wife keeps coming into the living room demanding him to perform his marital duties. He asked for police help in getting some sleep at night."

- from OneIndia News

Medical Call

Possible stroke on Orange street in Baldwin

Wednesday, January 26

Suspicious Activity

Broken Arrow Park-ford explorer- driving around the park with no lights on. caller feels the subject "is up to no good".
23rd and Iowa- reckless driver- red car- 2007 Chrysler, tag comes back to Shawnee County. Tailgating and crap like that.

Barking Dog

4900 Stoneback drive. throw Fido a bone.....

Phone Harrassment

West 24th place terrace...this is how the drama starts.....

Attempt to Locate

Blue Honda cut the caller off in Cirilla's parking lot, then headed toward Eudora. Well, I bet he WAS in a hurry with his new purchases.

Request to speak to an officer

at the Rec Center- reference a previous fight he was in. he has been banned and would now like to press charges.

Suicidal Thoughts

16 year old is in the bathroom with glass- hasn't cut herself yet. Her mother is in the house, but unaware that EMS en route. Boy, is she in for a suprise. Hillcrest area.

Medical Call

On Melrose Lane- for a headache. This is the second call I have heard for a headache today. somewhat unusual.

Request to speak to an officer

Some guy at the Bowling alley is requesting an officer to meet him there because he is angry about a parking violation.
Ya know, there is a time and place for everything...and this ain't it, jacknut.

Noise complaint

Sagebrush Drive- loud music from a vehicle.

Civil Standby

On Haskell Ave for a child exchange

Medical Call

east 18th Terrace- pediatric laceration.

1548 east 23rd

complaint about a guy standing in front of a bus -yesterday- making lewd gestures. no description.


At Wal-mart, being cooperative.

Check Welfare

3 kids out at Clinton Lake playing on the ice- with visible cracks- caller will remain watching until police arrive.

Medical Call

on East 25th...for a headache....triage code green, aka, waste of time.

Theft in Progress

Caller is at the Salvation Army on 23rd- but recieved a call that someone is stealing his white Ford Econoline Van from West 20th Street.

No-leash violation

a guy is riding his bike with a yellow lab running alongside him. minding his own business...not hurting anyone....last seen on 2200 block of Ohio
Fire alarm Dyche Hall
West 27th terrace...domestic disturbance. Ex-half refusing to leave. Verbal only at this time. No weapons.

Non-injury accident

23rd and Louisiana, cars pulled into Walgreens.

Carbon Minoxide Alarm

trailer park on east 19th- 2 patients, code green.

Criminal Damage

At 2333 Ridge Court.

Medical Call

Panic attack at Bailey Hall on campus. And it's not even finals....
Minor accident at 6th and Mass. 2 officers on scene.

Fraudulant Credit Card Charges

Request to speak to officer regarding this...

Attempted Theft

Day's Inn on Iowa- 2 guys were caught trying to steal an air conditioning unit- caller caught them and they put it back. associated with a gray truck.

3700 clinton parkway

leaving the scene of a non-injury accident.

Heard by Mike Frizzel of Operation 100 Photography

Overheard on the Scanner: Complaint advised her upstairs neighbor is booing at the State of the Union Address. States she requested they lower their voices, they only got louder since.

Tuesday, January 25

Oliver Hall

3 residents smoking weed on the side of the building.

Damage to property

Templin residence hall- his glasses are damaged. happened several days ago. Lenscrafters?


11th and Indiana- report of a large amount of water in the roadway.


300 block od Stockade, selling cable TV service. when did we start callin the police on THAT? just say no and close the door!

Car fire

I-70 eastbound, MM 198

Physical Altercation

Several fight in the rear parking lot at LHS.  30-40 juveniles fighting. Holy smokes. I pray no one has a gun....

suspicious activity

800 block of Mass-across from La Parilla- 4 guys are selling switchblade knifes and making lewd comments.

caught dog

3507 Morning Dove Circle. whew! the streets are safe again.

Noise Complaint

1300 block of East 25th Street

Royal Crest Lanes

Lacerations to the leg. Bowling is dangerous.


Credit Card on east 1250 rd....what is over there that takes credit cards?

Fire Alarm

Sunflower apartments on campus

Noise Complaint

1315 east 25th terrace. Loud music. I bet it sucks, too.

Parking violations

still a lot of these calls, but I won't bore you with the details.

West 24th Terrace

Difficulty breathing...OK, either the air is REALLY bad over there, or it's the same caller all the time, they get these call A LOT,


324 Stockade- they have suspect info too. that always helps.

Medical Call

allergic reaction in the 800 block of Maine Street.

Motorist Assist

2800 block of Iowa, northbound lane.

Fire Alarm

Oliver Hall

Request to speak to an officer

on north 3rd terrace. nobody knows WHY the caller needs to speak with an officer- they are being very-non compliant.
Don't ya just want to shake them and yell "HEY! YOU called ME for HELP?????"

Structure Fire

At the trailer park on East 10th. Or should it be called a "trailer fire"?
In Eudora

Noise Complaint

3000 block of Sage Brush Dr. - loud car stereo

Barking dog

100 Arkansas-ongoing problem


cooperating at Wal-mart on Iowa. Juvenile female.

Non-injury accident

2300 block of Iowa- they are pulled off the road so traffic should be OK.

Injury Accident

On 1000 and 1350 Rd- extrication required

Vicious Animal

unit en route to LMH for a bite that occurred at College Motel

Indecent exposure

925 Vermont- Plymouth Congregation Church. 3 subject urinating and exposing themselves- possible to a busful of children. LOCK THEM UP!!!

( it is pretty cold so hopefully the kids didn't see much)

Psychiatric Problems

Bert Nash called this in, patient is psychotic and possibly overdosing in the campus area.

Check Welfare

 Langford Street- caller is concerned about a friend who was involved in a domestic disturbance...caller believes she is there, but I just checked the booking log and she is in jail.

Check Welfare

Red pontiac 833 Mass- red pontiac with a child locked in it. Can't do that anymore....

Disturbance, no weapons

Woody's Gas on North 2nd- physical between at least 3 people- associated with red passenger car. white girl in a pink jacket-at gas pumps. others are sitting in parking lot. 2 units en route.


A previous post was made endorsing a particular laptop and site to purchase it from. This appeared under my name. I did not make this post, it has now been deleted. Thanks.
check welfare on a child- On Redbud Lane- who hasn't been to school in a week, and the school is unable to make contact. unsure if this is even the correct address.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane.
Someone actually called 911 because they couldnt turn off their fireplace. not a fire hazard at this time.
someone got harrassed on Harper Street.
Alumni center- suspicious activity- some possibly homeless guy acting funny up there.
police are being called to a local nursing home- a patient is threatening staff.
fall at douglas county public works....workers comp I'm betting....
1912 West 3rd- domestic disturbance-male half is breaking things in the duplex.
Loose dog on stratton drive
lots of parking violations...students are back. maybe they need to require a parking class with the rest of the core requirements. that and a "act right" class.
non-injury accident at TJmaxx
Disturbance at mailboxes etc.

this car is just BEGGING to be stopped...

Sent in by Cimmy Redmond
Blue buick parked on moundview drive for several months...well, it's not like you want to actually drive those things.
A quick review of the booking log shows that last night was fairly quiet...The gal who I blogged about who was trying to use forged scripts was booked, and the just one other I guess it was a good night to rest.
There is heavy smoke off the bypass- police confirmed it is a controlled burn.
I am still fighting this cold my kid gave me...but I will be blogging all day and into the night.
Does whiskey cure a cold?

Monday, January 24

East 1650- caller believes someone was messing with her vehicle- all the lights were on in it when she went outside. feels it may be related to an incident reported last year.
2700 Inverness court- barking dog, ongoing problem.

This map shows what each state sucks the worst at...

1320 Haskell, burglary alarm at the shelter. showing laundry room motion.

Courtesy of;!/Operation100

LifeFlight Eagle Helicopter making a landing at Lawrence Municipal Airport after a possible bird strike. No injuries reported.
east 13th- child out of control- caller is the babysitter.....
ok, 1rst- why does a 13 year old need a sitter, and 2nd- if someone is about to call the cops on my kid you better bet that no matter what I'm doing, I will drop it and get home- before it comes to that. just sayin'
forgery in progress- Dillons on 6th- white female wearing a K-State coat( figures) is waiting in the pharmacy for forged prescriptions. She is heavyset.
found propert 2100 block harvard- someone found a wallet and keys.. so if you last them, then thank lisa.
Check welfare at the Community Drop-in center- caller advises 2 people are smoking embalming fluid in the back room.
Just make that place a county jail annex and save everyone a lot of time.
private tow at the Quality Inn- a white Olds.
structure fire on louisiana street- an apartment complex. it's apartment 4 that's on fire- unsure of the exact address.....13th and Louisiana....
non-injury accidents-
9th and Alabama
6th and Colorado
Check welfare callfrom a mom whose daughter returned from a trip from texas yesterday and hasn't checked in. she's been having trouble with an ex.
C'mon kids- call your mom...we worry.
Presto in North Lawrence- non-injury accident
disturbance, no weapons- in Eudora- someone almost hit someon's vehicle 1135 Maine
A Grand Marquis hit at least 2 vehicles in the LMH parking lot and left the scene.
That's kicking a man while he's down.
cooperative shoplifter at Dirty Dillons
loose chicken in the area of 1400 6th street
didn't catch this whole thing- but someone got a letter from someone threatening to shoot people??????
5th and Mississippi- check welfare- white male wearing a poofy orange coat, walking in the middle of the road.
sounds like he's at 6th and Indiana now.
Loud music noise complaint- at the car wash on Iowa. Gimme a break.
vicious animal at 8h and Montery-male boxer
white chevy camaro- driver hit the car, then parked and went into another apartment. this occured 5 minutes ago 1000 Emery Road.
suspicious activty- greenway circle- orange plymouth parked in parking lot with keys in the ignition.
Moving truck has been at neighbors house all weekend on Canyon Drive- and they are out of town.
"suspicious activity"
someone possibly selling drugs on Morningdove Circle
Forgery at Mcdonalds on Iowa- someone passed some funny money. a $20.
I've heard about a gajillion parking violations today....
Police on scene in the riverfront mall. Not sure whats going on, maybe dispute in an office in the lower level.
animal welfare check at walmart on Iowa
vicious animal report at 2200 Harper Street. reference a cat bite from yesterday.
harrassment on east 30th street.
1114 mississippi. noise complaint for loud bass.

Sunday, January 23

East 20th and barker Ave- vehicle accident- 1 patient with head injury.
domestic disturbance on 12th street in Eudora
structure fire on west 24th.....let it burn.....
wanted person on lindenwood lane....caller is concerned cause he's dating his ex.
Intrusion Alarm at Watkins Health Center- probably just the guy reparing the roof
they just finally got that poor bastard out of the elevator at Anschutz.
Subject is calling 911- crying- says she has been cutting herself and still has a knife.
Kwik Shop- some gal took a handful of coffee creamer (?????) and took off. I gues she has a history of getting hostile..
noise complaint 2800 bob billings
noise complaint 2630 west 25th
911 hang-up, Atchison Circle
Anschutz Library- person stuck in elevator
Aggressive panhandler at Salty Iguana- associated with a siver car.
4000 west 6th- 2 seperate disturbance, no weapons call.
2 unconscious people in a car at The reserve on west 31rst

Unconscious transient at 825 Mass.
408 north John Doy Court- physical altercation- lots of screaming...someone getting bitten...
827 Walnut Street- vicious animal- large white dog with black spots tried to attack the caller.
Augusta Drive- request to speak to an officer regarding a "neighborly dispute" over parking spaces.
alarm at the courthouse downtown.
alarm for break-in at watkins health center.
someone discarded cans of lighter fluid under the bridge on 1400 rd- huffers maybe?
1300 Kentucky "drug call"-

An e-mail from one of our readers; at 10:26 a.m.

first heard this on the snow plow freq for the city, I think it's
154.04 (don't confuse with fire&medical at 154.4).
snow plow operator at I believe 12th and ohio had somebody hurling
some viscious snowballs at him and asked for police backup!
[insert law and order sound effect!]

supervisor of plowing caught an officer and reported it.  so, didn't
go through dispatch directly.

Back in Service

Hello! I had to take the night off last night. I have had a sick child and I hadn't had any sleep for a very long time....what happened last night? anybody see anything? Remember- use that fancy phone you paid so much money for and text me pictures of the crazy stuff you see out there. 7850766-1640.

Go Jets!

Saturday, January 22

cooperative shoplifter at Dirty Dillons
1800 east 23rd- noise complaint- black party bus in the parking lot with loud music.
duh, it's a party bus, not a "be-quiet bus"
phillips 66 on 9th- guy in a red shirt, no jacket, talking to himself. welfare check
theft of a candy bar at kwik shop on 23rd
2148 west 26th- time lapse of 2 min- vehicle was warming up and someone stole it.
of course they did, that neighborhood sucks.
a woman called the police because someone came to her door and tried to sell her grapefruit.
Just politely say "no thank you" and close the EFFING door!
Medical call to the comminity drop-in- they should put a prompt care there, along with a boxing ring.
1200 Tennessee- nuisance complaint- 4 cars with drugs involved.
larissa drive- caller is complaining that neighbor is shining a light in his bedroom windows..ever heard of curtains?
1600 block of Haskell attempt to locate "things in the air"
203 perry street- neighbors garage door is open, requesting residence check
whitfield street- open line to 911- loud voices in the background.
1721 East 17th Street- unknown emergency- people yelling "call 911", a fight, several calls, several people running away.....
Best Buy- leaving the scene of an accident, a toyota tundra hit a van and took off.
grandview circle- wife called, she isn't there, her husband went outside an the baby locked him out.
someone's in big, big trouble. i bet it's not the baby.
1000 block of North 3rd- leaving the scene of an accident. tag # obtained by victim.
19th and Iowa- non-injury accident
wanted person on Lindenwood Lane-guy on scene has warrants- and the name is very familiar from arrest logs.
confirmed he has a failure to appear from a domestic battery charge
sex crime complaintant en route to LMH for an incident that occurred at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Hy-vee on clinton parkway- small fire in deli case is no longer on fire. WTF?
East 1256 Road- reporting a 15 year old as a runaway. he is refusing to come home or tell his location.
non-injury accident at the Skin Illustrations in North Lawrence
Motel 6- trespassing-angry guest is yelling and refusing to leave. he is now making threats.
Not a very good way for a "guest" to be invited back
Harrassment at 634 arkansas? Someone they don't know is banging on the door.
6th and schwarz- gas station- structure fire, flames visible by the gas pumps according to witnesses.
wow, i was just thinking about heading there to get a pack of smokes.
US Bank on 9th, burglary alarm
Some guy with a weiner dog called EMS for chest pain, now he is walking down the street, dispatch is trying to get him to stop walking and wait for EMS.
bus backed into a stopsign in front of Allen Fieldhouse and drove off.
255 michigan- loose black dog. and the caller knows where the owner lives....why not just take it back themselves?
700 New Hampshire, at Borders- possible vehicle theft- black cherokee.
Domestic Disturbance- 1510 Kentucky- caller can hear man and woman screaming, believes it's physical, can hear woman screaming for help.
1400 Block E 2000 rd- 2 subjects hunting- "fish and game violation"
a young man fainted in the bathroom at Allen Field House. Hate to make assumptions...well, no I don't, but anyway- LIGHTWEIGHT!!!!
civil standby on Oak Street in Eudora. for property exchange.
Drugs on 1500 Kentucky- well, duh.
upstairs neighbors "smoking drugs".
injury accident 700 block of west 23rd
possible gang activity on north 1000
31rst and Iowa- disturbance with weapons....southbound on Iowa-toyota Camry- subject flashed a gun at the caller.
Go get 'em boys!
fight at the Community Drop-in. Maybe they should just put a boxing ring there.
Someone is trrapped between a truck and a pole on Iowa Street- some mexican restuarant....if anyone sees this send pics!
a deceased person was found in their truck this morning on Tennessee Street- a couple hours later I drove by and the area was cordoned off with crime scene tape and police were still on the scene. No idea if foul play was involved or not.

submitted by Marion Cramer- ambulance at 6th and Maine at 6am this morning

1123 Indiana Street, noise complaint
and of course, the evening wouldn't be complete without a "noise complaint 2530 Redbud Lane"

nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane
825 Mississippi- tresspassing
Bar check at The Outhouse. probably a good idea.
criminal damage- 200 Macdonald Drive- at the Holidome. Suspect is with the security guard
just e-mailed by a reader-
Quote of the night: "There's nothing worse than drunk women cackeling on the back porch while they're smoking."
901 conneticut street- burglary occurred between 12:30 and now.
3100 Ousdahl- noise complaint, loud people
ID stolen from Mass Street

sent by reader Marion Cramer...a car ran over a median at 6th and Mass 2am

someone screaming for help in Lot 90
8 subjects in parking lot at presto on Iowa fighting
some vehicles in the parking lot at wal-mart being suspicious.
30 people in the hottub at 2511 west 31rst street. wow.
disturbance, no weapons at 1137 tennessee. suspected drug activity as well.
accident at 11th and Indiana- possible drunk
caller wants to speak to an officer regarding traffic issues at 14th and Ohio.

yeah, 2am on a Friday night and your gonna have some traffic on campus. and some issues. but probably not the best time to suck up an officers time when he obviously can't do anything about it.
another fight at The Oread, medics en route
Fight at Brother's. Guy was hit by a doorman.
Fight at The Oread Hotel.
disturbance at Quinton's.
12th and Indiana- there is a subject laying on the ground, bleeding.

Friday, January 21

trailer park on east 19th- noise complaint for loud music.
guy attempted to open a car door at the library...he's on foot.
312 Indiana- subject came to the door and asked for a cigarette. who does that?
I've been a little busy with a sick kid, but i have heard A LOT of harrassment, fights and threats going on. What is going omn out there???i'm glad im staying in. geez.
caller is worried because someone he doesn't know called him and told him he'd be there in 15 minutes with a shotgun and told him his address.....i would recommend thinking back to all the people you've pissed off and narrow it down from there.
Yorkshire Drive- neighbor is complaining that her neighbor is having a party and there are vehicles parked all around the block.
How else are they suppossed to get there?
forgery at CVS on Iowa- someone tried to pass a fake check. time lapse of 10 minutes.

OK, why would you wait 10 minutes to call? I mean, if you can wait that long ( and I've heard people wait A LOT longer) then maybe it isn't an emergency?
1500 block west second- a female is currently breaking things on the property. 3rd hand info.
905 Deer Run Drive- residential burglary
noise complaint at 816 mass.
fire call to the 23rd Street Brewery
1040 Mississippi- suspicious activity- some guy approached caller and asked for money.
That's not suspicious, that's just being broke!
2300 west 26th- a person has been playing loud music all day and possibly doing or selling drugs.

Livin' the dream....
possible disturbance 1517 west 9th- 2 drunk guys are doing something that makes the caller think there is a disturbance...been going on for 30 minutes.
parking complaint on West 22nd Terr. If that's the only complaint you have over there, then you are having a great night.
Shoplifting at Hy-vee. She's with a kid, too. Makes me kinda sad for her.
fire alarm at Ellsworth residence hall
2 beagles on the loose on the 3000 block of Lawrence Ave...which reminds me...I was looking at the booking log today and saw 2 people were booked on west 25th for "dangerous dog at large". I believe it may be related to the call about a loose pit bull that I heard. If you're going to have a breed of dog that has a reputation for being dangerous- it is YOUR JOB to not only protect the public, but protect the dog!  People are scared of pit bulls, and when peole are scared they do stupid things- like maybe hurt the poor thing. So now the dog is probably at the pound....quite unfortunate.
north 716 road- someone received a suspicious package from Great Britian. Yeah, I'd be suspicious of those Brits.

New Guidelines

After much consideration I have decided to stop posting the majority of medical calls. Unless they are ridiculous ones like the girl who didn't know if she was throwing up wine or blood. That's just too funny to not share...(it was wine)

I just think people deserve privacy- and my apologies too anyone who I may have upset or offended. Criminals, however...well, you choose to break the law and I think people have a right to know what's going on in their neighborhoods. If you break the law-you're fair game.

Let me know what you think.
some dude with a gun at the kwik shop on Haskell
500 block of 8th- multiple parking violations.

For some reason this link below will only show up if you put your cursor on it...please do, it's really important.
fire alarm at randalls formal wear
forgery at All-Stars. Really? I mean, Really? Jeez.
Suicidal subject just left the SSA office...said she was going to get a gun.
Semi on K-10 is driving erratically and hauling gasoline. super.
civil process on west 24th
non-injury accident at 7th and New Hampshire
someone at the courthouse is being held for contempt- police going to pick her up. wonder what she did?
1400 block of east 2000 road- tresspassing- some ya-hoo's are hunting on someone's property without permission.
that's a really good way to get yourself shot.
heard a couple medicals...Chest pain at McDonalds Playland, code red, patient transported

Overdose at Easy Livin' Trailer Park, patient transported.
Elevator rescue at Murphy Hall- 1rst floor, custodian.

Still a little slick in some spots

More snow expected this afternoon, only a few inches expected (only). Stay safe and warm, I'm going to try to get a little sleep.
hang-up call from the Campanile Blue Phone.
1600 Haskell Ave- residence check.