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Sunday, December 19

HAZ MAT- 1608 west 6th- gas line maybe?
Fight in the parking lot at The Outhouse. Multiple vehicles involved- very sketchy vehicle description; probably a lost cause.!/Operation100

Kansas City Area;

Operation 100 Photography POSSIBLE KIDNAPPING: Reports of Hispanic Female screaming & forced into Blue Chevy truck by 2 hispanic males. EB on 75th ST from Switzer RD


Check out Operation 100 for breaking news in the KC area.

Police en route witrh someone to LMH....maybe a forced blood draw for someone who refused to blow?
832 Kentucky street- someone knocking on the door of the apartment below the caller.
another possible suicide call to West 25th street. not a good night for that area.
green Jeep Cherokee- attempt to locate related to the poor guy who got beat and robbed...
attempt to locate a black jeep cherokee stolen from Leavenworth.
2907 west 6th Street- sound of gunshots- 5 gunshots heard by people in 1 room.
6th and Folks- guy got a ride from another guy who he didn't know, and the vehicle driver beat him up, took his stuff and threw him out. Man, that's rough.
3504 west 24th street-medical-possible suicide-maybe overdose
2511 west 31rst street- guy walking around pool area, and was seen knocking on doors.
520 lake street- medical and police en route-more as it becomes availablr
1900 west 31rst street- one unit called and requested back-up.
Noise Complaint at 9th and Iowa- loud noise coming from Chevy Blazer. Who would call that in?There are no houses around there?
920 west 14th- domestic disturbance- in Eudora.
West 27th terrace- attempted suicide by overdose. medical and police en route. Subject has left apartment and is behind building.
700 comet lane, noise complaint for "loud party people"
1020 east 23rd-disturbance, no weapons. no back-up needed.
1300 Kentucky Street, noise complaint for a loud party. sounds like the party is about to end! gewt your last keg stand in before it's time to go home.
Walgreen's on 23rd- "pedestrian check".
1712 Carmel Drive....unknown medical...quickly terminated.
Well, that was a whole lotta nothing.
1000 Block of New Hampshire, stolen cell phone.
LMH ER- call for the police- subject IS restrained, but causing problems.
1732 West 24th- is now changed to a medical call...laceration to the face. icky.
944 Mass Street- suspicious activity- 4 -5 yahoos on the roof.
criminal damage to roof at 806 Mass- "wink" eyewear.
1732 West 24th Street- domestic disturbance- caller advises the domestic disturbance is the apartment directly above them, and "it does sound physical".
disturbance at 8th and Mass. shocking.
500 Block of Schwarz- caller reports hearing a scream and seeing a figure in the shadows.
Disturbance at the "cadillac ranch"
traffic stops on Iowa and Baldwin Junction.

ANd I'm watching an episode of "Cheaters". Gawd, I am boooooored.
728 Mass- Tonic Lounge=broken windows, criminal damage. Suspect is outside..that place gets a lot of calls, I've never been there, has anyone checked it out?
941 Louisiana- belated burglary
1500 Block of Lernanrd- suspicious person walking up and down the block checking mailboxes.
812 West 25th apartment complex- caller is the mom, her daughter is at work and wants boyfriend removed, he has a gun under the bed. (time elapse to avoid prewarning subject)
239 North 7th street requesting extra patrol related to ongoing criminal damage.
Burglary- 746 Kentucky- suspect in custody at Station1...and he needs medical. sounds juicy.
oddly quiet  far.