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Thursday, December 16

Ok. My computer is almost completely taken over. I'm going to spend the rest of the night working on removing this "security shield"
Streets are blocked at 9th and Lawrence ave. Maybe phone systems tech or similar doing repairs.
having some serious technical difficulties- got a worm/virus-security shield.....sigh....
Residential burglary- 2b2,2b3 2708 Grant circle- caller walked into the house and ran into the suspect. Super scary. suspect got into a Mazda 6, inknown color.
Gal just got pulled over and her license was EXPIRED. Bummer. that's a pretty hefty ticket, i believe.
There was a building evacuated on campus due to fire alarm, around 5:15pm. Didnt catch the name of building. I was on campus at hilltop child center. The fire call was across the street, to the North.
Speed trap bottom of hill on 11th street, right next to KU Football stadium.
Forgery in progress at Bank of the teller line. go get'em boys.
Suicide attempt on Wedgewood- call from bert nash saying subject got upset over payment and threatened suicide.
2700 Louisiana- several calls for fire, unclear if it's a grass or structure fire. Anybody near there want to get pics?
found property at Pet-Co..anyone lose anything there, cause it has been found.
21rst and Maple- loose dog. Light, cream colored.
Yikes! Car vs. bike at 14th and Kasold. Hope they were wearing a helmet.
2100 Sweet Clover- report of stolen street signs at property.
Been listening to the scanner while doing my morning duties. It seems there are still an awful lot of car accidents- mostly non-injury though. There was your requisite west 24th street calls of harrassment related to earlier calls-ya know-same old drama.
There been a couple of falls due to the ice...
I will be blogging a bit sporadically today, as I have a bunch of stuff to do.
HOWEVER....tune in tonight and the next 3 nights and I will be blogging all night long...would love to have some fellow listeners add commentary. And yes, I said that even after the brutality I was victim too in the LJworld blog from one particulary nasty, mean-spitirited hag.
I would like to thank those who came to my defense, and I am really pleased to hear so many people, from all different walks of life, enjoy the blog.
See ya throughout the day- and on solidly after 8 tonight.