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Sunday, November 21

1815 stratford road-the water tower- generators have failed. huh. kind of a big deal, I would think...
3800 Clinton Parkway-911 hangup.
Bar Check on 700 Block of New Hampshire has resulted in a disturbance, no weapons.
Unknown non-emergency-3700 west 6th-female called saying she had a psychotic ex-boyfriend who was screaming in the background she stole his vehicle.
why are they calling that a "unknown non-emergency" sounds like a well-know urgent emergency to me. just sayin'
3100 ousdahl road- check welfare-someone called in worried about this gal who is staying with her boyfriend.not sure why.
Kasold and Harvard-loud bang-no one saw nothing.
couple of people going to jail.
2c2-private tow on New Hampshire street. Doon't even know why I posted that. and now somehow I have turned on italics and don't know how to turn this shit off. FUCK!!!!
cops running a tag on someone and there is no record of this tag number. curious.
east 23rd street-someone came home and their door was open, asking for a police walk-thru. seems reasonable enough.
Ki Omega fountain-someone's getting pulled over, along with many others
1500 lindenwood lane-unknown emergency-female caller called 911 and said she needed someone removed then hung up. details, details....
Inverness-medical call for a fall. people sure seem to fall down there alot.
Eudora-person reporting seeing a face in the window. eeewwwwww....that's some scary shit.
erratic driver-K-10-silver passenger car
glenview drive-domestic problems-reported possibly physical-female has a baseball bat. that's not fucking around.
gray volkswagon going wrong way on 1100 block of Louisiana. damn hippies.
Someone's requesting to speak to an officer about their Lease. really?
for some reason the cops are searching for a KU professor-checking his office and lab. wonder what the crazy professor is up too?
for some reason this original post didn't post- so anyway- some chickenshit called in on Louisiana-he was too scared to look out the window-but heard someone getting their ass kicked. Heard a bunch of guy say "get on the ground". Now the cops are checking the hospital...
950 Road-tresspassing-ongoing problem-this crazy mother fucker that used to hang around when I was in high school is tearing up someone's property on 4 wheelers. Doesn't suprise me, I saw this guy swim across the kansas river to shake the cops. I just can't believe he's out of prison.
Holy Cat Shit, batman!!! this is the third, yes third, call I have heard today for a stray cat!! What the fuck? Don't you think the officers have enough to do? This call had a language barrier also. The cat should be happy it's not Chop Suey.
I work tonight and the next 3 nights-so tune in around 9:00 and see what's happening in YOUR nieghborhood.