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Friday, December 17!/Operation100

Lenexa Police responding to check a female wearing blue jeans & sweatshirt, walking WB on shoulder of I-435, says she "going to Lawrence"

Check out Operation 100 photography for up-to-the minute calls...
Barrel House, bar check. They are going to do this all night. If you're a minor, go home. just don't drive you're dumb ass there if you've been drinking. Thanks.
bar check at The Hawk.
Found property at the laudromat at 900 Mississippi.
Someone getting pulled over on Ridge Court. I'm willing to bet they are up to no good.
Sand Bar- bar check.
Im working the downtown area tonight. Ill report as i see it. There is always some action and domestic after 2 am.
(leaving out exact address) Stoneridge Drive- medical-subject not moving, cold to touch
2228 Iowa, phoggy dog- fight in the parking lot.
725 Mass- someone just got popped, again, with a minor in possesion and a fake DL.
Tonic Lounge, bar check. Man, they are relentless tonight.
West 29th Terrace. Dog has been barking for 4 hours. Probably at the hookers and thugs.
tresspassing- 2452 Cedarwood avenue. Girls' boyfriend needs to be removed. And she needs the cops to do it for her.
Ya know, if it come's to that, shouldn't it be EX-BOYFRIEND???
700 Block of Mass- disturbance- of course. all those kids are pissed off about the tickets they are getting.
Sounds like they are finding some minors drinking. Pop goes the weasel.
Barrel House, bar check.
Louise's west- bar check
Just heard the jerkface that stoood me up get pulled over. I love that.
suspicious activity- there is a tent at Burcham Park- duh- and a vehicle just drove up to it and stopped.
Cops at jackpot now.
Vehicle apparantly ran into the awning of the Alvamar Country Club and drove away.
cops now at Louise's downtown.
Cops doing bar check at Free State.
North 1100 Rd, burglary alarm. Showing front and rear glass breakage.
1700 Block Indiana- parking violation- right down the street from that armed robbery....
Cops at Quintons- sounds like they are hitting the bars pretty hard.
Watch out! Cops are headed into the Jazzhaus.
West 31rst street-child welfare check- woman receiving calls from child saying her grandma is beating her sister- mom can hear child yelling in background. Mom is unable to go to address due to restraining order. Wow, I bet Christmas at their house is AWESOME.
5415 plymoth Drive- 911 Hang-up- answering machine on hang-up.
West 24th street- a stranger tried to enter a girls apartment.
I didn't catch the address, but someone called in a theft of a moped. It's awfully cold to be riding a moped. I would have just stolen a car.
Subway on 23rd-white male making patrons "uncomfortable".
Child Welfare check- gal dropped kid off with dad and she was not put in a child restraint seat. Kid is 6 years old- isn't that old enough to ride with just seat belts, legally? I don't know, that's why I'm asking.
Injury accident on 21rst and Louisiana
1325 west campus road- Sigma Kappa- nuisance-transient asking for food and money.
civil standby on North 3rd, burger king- for child exchange. I swear I heard the officer receiving the call groan when he heard it.
Iowa and Stratford...non-injury accident.
945 Mass- panic alarm-several alarms from 945 and 947, fire also.
Journal World building-fire alarm.
2040 west 25th street- at 5 guys burgers- disturbance, no weapons-no further details given.
1603 west 23rd street- pinnacle career institute-medical call.
5000 Clinton Parkway- noise complaint- loud subject stomping around in their apartments.....I think that kind of goes with the territory when you rent an apartment???
4023 parkway circle- medical call for difficulty breathing.
1727 brook street- 2 units en route- disturbance at the rec center...caller had a confrontation with her boyfriens mother. Bet that was something to see.
Black truck from 2nd and Michigan- attempt to locate-hitting his brakes to much...sounds like he was driving erractically.

Ok, I listened to the archives and it was an armed robbery on Indiana- the details are on the journal world website. check out the link.
Medical call to wal-mart-non-emergent.
something happened at 1645 Indiana- extra units en route to help with interviews....
11th and Mass-non-injury accident-hit and run- dark blue Chevy Camaro left the scene-they've got the tags. It turned north on Conneticut. Police looking for it now.
Hello everybody!!!! Just wanted to drop you a line to say I will be blogging, full-on, after 10pm tonight. Tune in and let's just watch what antics and shenanigans happen tonight!!!!!
Love ya, love your show.
dark blue chevy s-10 westbound on K-10. Caller is concerned because the tailgate was down and there were loose propane tanks in back.
North 3rd street- burglary alarm- i think it's a convienient mart.
Officer just went on break...ho hum.....quiet....
my scanner is really quiet right now.... anyone else?

Child Welfare Segment

There is a lot of "deadbeat dad" scanner traffic that we hear. We will be compiling a list of the local deadbeat dads in your area.
"special call" 14th and Kentucky-nuisiance complaint. people are throwing batons- which are lit ON FIRE- at cars.
Police transporting a juvenile to the detention center.
On the Border...Burglary alarm.
LOTS of traffic stops...won't bore you with the details....unless one gets juicy.
Jet Lag Lounge- some a-hole thinks the bar gave his credit card to someone else last he calls the cops at 2:15, probably drunk, instead of going home, cancelling the card and going about his way....this may not end well for Don.
2810 university-check welfare- guy has had his TV up all day/night and won't answer the door.
1600 Haskell Ave- some sort of call.
6th and Locust- red dodge truck doing donuts. WoooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Another medical call for Abe and jakes. Bunch of sissy's that go down there it seems.....
807 Deer Ridge Ct in baldwin- unknown medical call.
sending the medics to the Abe and Jakes call. Some got a beat-down.
Abe and Jakes....fight outside..I am always just amazed that people still go there...

A LOT going on, we are not as safe as you think

UCR Classification summary using the date reported for the time period 01-01-2010 to 09-30-2010.
Every criminal report written by the Lawrence Police Department has at least one Kansas Statute violation. If there is more than one offense listed, the officer enters the most serious as the first offense on the report.
All Kansas Statutes that are reported to the FBI by the KBI are given a UCR Classification Code.
Not all Kansas Statutes have UCR Classifications.
This tabulation counts the UCR Classification for the first Kansas Statute listed on every criminal report during the time period.

UCR ClassificationJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
100 - Kidnapping / Abduction14171714777700081
11A - Rape25484444200037
11B - Forcible Sodomy1110000110005
11D - Forcible Fondling1052126116300046
120 - Robbery43733846100039
13A - Aggravated Assault / Battery201835162423312624000217
13B - Simple Assault / Battery1581091651801811251451511530001367
13C - Intimidation282130373440344237000303
200 - Arson00165120300018
210 - Extortion / Blackmail0001000000001
220 - Burglary432637586650345038000402
23A - Pocket Picking02220211200012
23B - Purse Snatching1020010010005
23C - Shoplifting442935503142305038000349
23D - Theft From Building242328264528304633000283
23E - Theft From Coin Operated Machine0000001020003
23F - Theft From Motor Vehicle1015672105108102606476000744
23G - Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts / Accessories157131159119700087
23H - All Other Larceny11790120131961251291251240001057
240 - Motor Vehicle Theft1271111818121321000113
250 - Counterfeiting / Forgery2892413107548000108
26A - False Pretenses / Swindle / Confidence Game14133335600029
26B - Credit Card / Automatic Teller Machine Fraud333727251931774859000356
26C - Impersonation41222543200025
270 - Embezzlement1030102100008
280 - Stolen Property Offenses30101421100013
290 - Destruction / Damage / Vandalism of Property90731161191148210111394000902
35A - Drug / Narcotic Violations273325433128262923000265
35B - Drug Equipment Violations529944113400051
36B - Statutory Rape0001020000003
370 - Pornography / Obscene Material0100101100004
40B - Assisting or Promoting Prostitution0000000100001
520 - Weapon Law Violations51495423700040
90A - Bad Checks0000010000001
90C - Disorderly Conduct393058395146426045000410
90D - Driving Under the Influence615254526142688559000534
90E - Drunkenness3002020000007
90G - Liquor Law Violations34475128900043
90I - Runaway611710106210700069
90J - Trespass of Real Property16819211519122213000145
90Z - All Other Offenses252024342621332227000232

How much of this you think happened on Redbud Lane???
2022 camelback drive- burglary in progress- they heard the garage door open- guy and his wife are inside. I've got this image in my head of Mr. and Mrs. Brady- him with a bat and her cowering behind him in a pegnoir....
3a4- 4608 Woodlawn drive- alarm for glass breaking, and the residents verified the window is broken.
some white male is headed to the pokey...
some poor schmuck getting pulled over 1000 block of Mass. Mass Street Saturation?
815 Mass- Marks jewlers- sounds like someone might be doing a smash and grab...busy night on mass.
Parking complaint 600 block of mass. I imagine there's A LOT of those.
728 Mass. Trespassing. Tonic Lounge. Looks like they want to get rid of someone......
728 Mass Street- The Tonic Lounge, some dude refusing to leave...
There is an award for info leading to the arrest of these people. Contact Spirit party shop and Liquor: 842-8700
23rd and crestline- simple traffic stop- but officer is requesting back-up because "this guy keeps rolling with the door open."

Liquor store thefts

Police are looking for these people involved in a liquor store theft.
4100 west 24th Place...noise complaint. Ya know, It sounds like they really know how to party over there.