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Sunday, November 28

3a3-another damn noise complaint for 1500 west 8th terrace. 3rd one tonight. I knew those places were dumps, but this is ridiculous.
3d4-sex crime complaint on Mississippi-victim at LMH ER.
3c6-parking violation east 31rst street. boring.
suspicious activity-1450 rd-same juveniles from previous call. crazy kids...maybe they'll get 'em this time.
3a1-noise complaint 1500 west 8th-jesus, that dump gets a ton of noise complaints. this one is for people "coming and going".
1450 rd-buglary in progress-juveniles in the reporting party's car. 2 juvies in a vehicle, other juvies climbing on a wood pile, 9 total. sigh...those carzy kids.
2c5 -1600 haskell ave-"area check" no further details.
1500 west 8th terrace- ANOTHER loud car stereo call.
2700 Ousdahl rd-theft report. Guy is signal 3- police code for mental patient.
Cops are visiting the West 31rst Street trailer park again tonight. Might as well just put a doughnut shop there.
911 hang-up call, 3 total from 2400 Iowa Street. University Inn? when called back someone picked the phone up and hung it back up. Guess what? The cops are gonna come anyway.
Short car chase on Hiway 56-guy just pulled over. Wise move my friend.
14th and Mass-northbound-green passenger car. Driving drunk. Curiously the tag returns on a 77 truck. Things that make ya go hmmmmmm........
Baldwin-high street-someone is breaking into someone's house right now. while the people are home. that is some scary shit.that's how people get their dumb-asses killed.
Suspicious person on Silicone Street.
500 block of Florida- vicious animal sent someone to the ER. Whaddya bet it was a pit bull?
Chevy S10 getting pulled over. I know an asshole who drives a Chevy S10-I hope it's him.
fire Alarm on Kensington Road-Prarie park road.
Locust and north 2nd-bicycle crash. ouch.
a call from someone in an apartment complex that the people downstairs are smoking weed. So what.
they have a guy on West 28th who is really drunk. He is not the suspect though.
drama on winterbrook-open 911 line-screaming and cussing in the background-child can be heard screaming "daddy, no!"
The dispatch made contact-it was 32 year old son- cody-he assaulted mom. He has several warrants.
I really, really hope they catch this bastard. He sounds like a real dirtbag.
1700 east 30th-ex-son-in-law trespassing.
Wine cellar has video of a shoplifting incident that occurred Saturday.
an employee at Kaseys is parked in the handicap spot and refuses to move.
1600 haskell- manager calling in because someone is smoking weed. You think they'd leave it alone and just let them chill.
Grass fire on 7th street by the water treatment plant.
possible structure fire off hiway 40.
legends trail drive-poor little dog has been tethered all weekend.
Hy-vee-some people left without paying-I think it was gas.
15th and Haskell-someone flashing a silver pistol with a white handle at the driver. let's see if they get them this time.
Some guy  actually know is threatening suicide. Don't think he'll do it, he does this ALL THE TIME.
burglary alarm at lawrence Automotive diagnostic.
burglary alarm at Glass House Liquor.
west 22nd terrace- someone stole this guy's brand new car battery and left an old one in it's place' Sounds like an inside job to me.
Someon e's getting served at the jail. that's kicking a man when he's down.
Alarm at Alumni Center.
2400 Alabama-disturbance-neighbor is upset with the caller and pounding on his wall. probably a smart move to call the cops-things have been escalating quickly this weekend.
parking violation on Elm street. cop receiving the call said it was going to have to wait.they are a little busy right now.
Couple of medical calls during all this; difficulty breatthing and possible stroke.
Zarco-west 6th street-some asshole with a gun....wearing a hoodie-trying to gathering more info..time lapse 1 minute...Callimng it a 10-32 at this time-(car chase). pretty early in the morning for cold steel.
Switching to G-comm1-calling it an armed robbery now...more to follow....
Burglary alarm at the tobacco mart on 23rd.
2700 bermer drive. Repo man is trying to repo a vehicle and thinks the VIN has been tampered with. wouldn't it just be easier to pay your bills?
attempt to locate two boneheads racing on County road 458.