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Saturday, January 8

north 2000- child exchange not going well...
burglary alarm- 1900 west 23rd street.
500 block of Colorado- your music is too loud. And probably sucks, too.
attempt to locate a black taurus that is under the influence of drugs and may be selling drugs in the area of 23rd and alabama.
if your car is parked illegally on the 1000 block of Illinois you are being towed.
 Adam Ave- subject in a car with a gun. making self-harming threats...and used to be in special forces...
Police en route and medical stand-by en route

Gun has been taken from subject
suicide in town....leaving out the details for privacy's sake.
allergic reaction on County rd 448
2600 crossgate- small white car with a loud muffler just blazed through a cornfield. that actually sounds like fun.
500 block Kansas Street- residence check- caller is saying there are unidentified red lights on the ground.
tripping, I'd say.
Johnson County has an attempt to locate a burgundy car wanted for suspicios activity and headed to Lawrence. great.
attempt to locate "things in the air" at 1600 Haskell.
The truck that was stolen from the Merc has been spotted in the Best Buy parking lot, unoccupied. They are looking around for the suspect-  last time his dumb-ass was apprehended he was listening to the police scanner. And still managed to get caught.
1600 Four leaf court- caller was followed home in a vehicle- which is now parked on the street in front of the house. creepy.
2530 Redbud Lane...domestic disturbance.....ex-half is trying to force his way in the residence. history at this address.

nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane.

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

Lawrence Police responding to reports of a male subject looking into a house through the "doggy door". Only description "is wearing gloves"
ridge court- possible "wanted person" , she did something stupid in jefferson county. and now she's on ridge court..moving on up...(jefferson's theme song)
2411 louisiana- possible structure fire- reports of heavy smoke.
northwood drive- son is threatening dad, but son has left- this is gonna be a looooong night.
Black toyota tacoma stolen from the merc parking lot. Dude ran into the store and left his keys in it. I do that too, but my cars a piece of crap.
West 30th, medical call for heart problems.
oh! Someone is getting their vehicle searched.
Ambulance at 6th and KY, side door was flopping open while the driver was going West down 6th. He figured it out pretty quick.
noise complaint 1000 block of connticut, but it's not happening now, just happens a lot. whatever.
Missing child with down's syndrome-white gitl with yellow tank...I think they said 9 years old, and i didn't hear the location. but keep your eyes open and I'll post more when I hear more.
east 19th street- possible stroke.
1100 block of tennessee- drunk subject in dark clothing.....
1333 Tennessee- subject in the alley, complaining if abdominal pain. He's gonna be complaining of freaking frostbite if doesnt get back inside.
Loose dog at 14th and Mass.
They should probably be more wooried about all the loose thugs.
Northwoods drive- some more convulted BS about a son, a fight, or something, caller is being uncooperative...and now he is making threats to the dispatcher...
He is saying he has a gun and laughing.
I have a feeling things are not going to end well for this a-hole.
Some BS on Redbud Lane...someone maybe is breaking a no tresspass, but they don't know where they are....couldn't really follow....I really feel for the dispatcher who took this call.
west 12th street- some guy is laying in someone's driveway. he must be very tired.
Pizza hut on 23rd- medical call- employee is fainting. That's one way to get out of work!
600 block west 25th..caller says someone is hitting him in the head, yet is still not being cooperative with the dispatcher...not a wise man.
History of fights at the residence.
white male in a black hoodie stole a TV from Target. Ballsy.
loose black dog 1700 block of mass.
Fight at the Shelter- physical fight between 2 juvies.
2719 Ponderosa- tresspassing- someone is not abiding by the restraining order....gotta read the fine print on those....
Loose dog on Elm  Street