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Friday, November 5

Ok the calls are LAME tonight. Mile marker 6 on hiway 59. Someone called to report they saw deer. No fucking shit. I hope they wrecked their car while making that call.
700 block of Vermont Street, check welfare. his is rididculous. Some actually called and said they saw someone fall down in the parking lot. No descpition. The reporting party was a guest at the Eldridge. I guess maybe they just don't know that how we do things here.
loud party 517 Wisconsin street. I have been to that neighborhood, it's a lame party.
And a non-injury accident at 6th and New Hampshire.
10th and New Hampshire, criminal damage in progress. Subject spray painting and headed in the direction of The Replay. I am suprised he was wasting the paint on the walls instead of huffing it.
Cows in the Highway- 800 block of Highway 40.
blah, blah blah, bunch of traffic stops. I wont bore you with the details. This crap better pick up, cause I am not even halkway through this shift. Should be some action on redbud lane anytime.
So-728 Mass, in front of Mass Street Pub- a dog is chained up. Is that a big deal? I uased to chain my dog up all the time, but I AM a rebel.
Chili's Restuarant- subject passed out. well, their food sucks ass.
disturbance, no weapons 2115 maple lane. Subject tried to run some poor bastard over with a green pontiac sunfire. That would suck to go down under a pontiac.
More info; it was his girlfriend, and she has been drinking and doing drugs. So watch out for the pontaic.
2200 Iowa, routine traffic stop.
congressional way- physical assault, 2 year old child present. Come the fuck on people, in front of a kid????? get it together.
Oak Tree Drive- ding dong ditching. hahahahaha....apparantly it's an "ongoing problem"
Medical on Bluestem Drive, "sick person". there has been a lot of action out there lately.
strangely quiet right now....
someone on vermont street is on morphine, female, and resistant to officers
fire at 732 mass??
An 18 year old is in the ER with a gunshot wound and is refusing to give any information on when, where, or who shot him. And yes, this happened in Lawrence.
hit and run on east 10th
100 block west 11th, routine traffic stop.

November 5, what's going down in lawrence....

alright, just settleing in for a night shift, scanner on. I heard a couple of traffic accidents, and a lot of activity earlier. When I was driving to work the atmoshere of the town seemed very charged. we shall see....