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Wednesday, December 22

east 13th street- possible (probable) domestic disturbance-people arguing..violently
medical call-255 north michigan- excuse alarm.
check welfare on west 24th- some gal rang the neighbors doorbell and said she needed a ride to the hospital, regarding an acquaintance, not herself.

I don't know that I would even open the door for someone I didn't know in that area. But either way, I hope she gets there.....
5th and Eldridge- hit and run- northbound on Eldridge- I THINK it's a white SUV, hit a couple vehicles- tag returns on some jackhole already wanted by the PO-lice.
Attempt to Locate 1600 Haskell "things in the air".
Easy Living trailer park...medical call-pediatric fall. If I called every time my son fell...n seriously, pediatrics are scary, I hope they are OK.
Hwy 56 call- guy said his car broke car in sight...possibly drunk.
24th and Ousdahl- a man tried to get in a woman car as she was driving

Hillside drive- child out of control

Hwy 56- teenager trying to flag down a car
The bank alarm eariler was a false alarm. But boy the cops were on that in :30 sec. They had the bank surrounded in pd vehicles.
North 700 rd, check welfare-dispatch asking officer to call for details, so they are unavailable to us.
400 block of wisconsin-female distraught-saying shes trying to get to hospital-then hung up-attempting to call back....I hope they get her what she needs!
Fight at Day's Inn on Iowa- Male half broke out the windows to her vehicle. Male half has left- possibly en route to Topeka (suprise), via I-70.
belated report of a fight at Holcomb Rec Center.
3300 Iowa- non-injury accident at the walmart parking lot. I was there yesterday, that parking lot is a battlefield.
trespassing on west 24th street, black car in parking lot that apparently doesn't belong there.
Odor of smoke at Hayworth Hall, on campus.
Warrants being served today.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
609 vermont- the bank there, First State? Hold-up alarm....
auto accident in front of El Mezcal on 23rd and Iowa.

Police scanner info from Aug. 2010:

Aug. 15-16? 2010:

During the infancy of the Police Scanner Blog Site, there was an incident that occurred at the Lawrence, KS Water Treatment Facility located next to Burcham Park. This ordeal was heard clearly over the police scanner, but was never blogged. Apparently, an armed gunman drove into the facility, and fired shots, as reported by the neighbor across the street. We think the neighbor called 911 before the people at the water treatment plant did. Police responded, and were on scene in a few minutes as they always do. At gunpoint by police, the armed man got back into his car. Police coaxed him out safely, and had him out of the car and on the ground. At that point the scanner went dead, as we thought the police went to G-com, or a private frequency. We heard a medical call soon after, but it gave little detail. Later there was a code orange, signal 3, Possibly a "crazy" person at LMH? This is the best any of us remember this incident.

Does anyone know anything about this?

This incident was one of a few that got us hooked on listening to the Police scanner.

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Call for medical unit to meet an officer on the highway- sound like a prisoner transfer went bad.
Deer Ridge court medical call- sick person
827 Walnut.  Woman screaming, children present.  Bad.
Medical call.  802 W. 25th street.  Apt. 3.

The "things" flying around in the air at 1600 Haskell....

There were a few comments about this.  Thanks.  I hear that there is a woman that lives at the housing development at 1600 Haskell, that also sees ghosts and calls the Police about it.  I heard she was in a really bad fire in an orphanage and she survived, whereas other children did not.  Ever since, she "sees" things.  
Medical Call in Eudora on Birch Street.
Lawrence Bank- silent panic alarm
another hit and run- but this time he is being folloed by caller, so they WILL get him.
500 block westh 23rd. 3 vehicle accident.
Reckless ford focus, speeding, swerving...15th and Iowa.
800 block of Conneticut street- battery call
Shoplifting at Wal-mart changed to attempted burglary
Clinton Parkway and Kasold- steel item obstructing roadway.
Redbud Lane- physical Altercation. Overheard by neighbor.
Uncooperative shoplifter at WalMart
Bluestem drive in Lawrence- female appears to be not breathing. Medical en route.
911 hangup at Hallmark Cards.
Attempted abduction- caller reports a scumbag in a lime-green truck tried to get her to come with him.
Fire Alarm at Wal-Mart.
check welfare at Presto on 3rd. Caller says mentally disabled individuals were left at this location and need checked on.
Alrighty, I think I have kicked this flu-bug once and for things are heating up in Lawrence, with the Holidays approaching tempers seem to flare and empty pocketbooks lead to acts of desperation. Lets see what happens in your neck of the woos.