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Tuesday, February 15


1119 Birch in Eudora...caller can hear voices, but can't see anyone due to the fog.
i think the word "prowler" is a cool word. just sayin'

vehicle check

Hwy 59, car running with lights on, but no one around.


Jayhawk Towers; odor of marijuana...

Fireworks call

23rd and Iowa- north of Walgreen pharmacy. what kind of jerk calls the cops on that.

Check Welfare on Child

2701 Bluestem, juvenile male walking up and down in front of residence. and, of course, wearing a hoodie.

911 hang-up.

746 east 17th.
I could see my kids snagging my phone and doing the same thing.

Attempt to Locate

"things in the air" at 1600 Haskell

Possible suicidal

intersection of 6th and north street in baldwin-started as car v pedestrian, when car driver got out to check on victim they reported they tried to harm rhemselves. Pt is not hurt, but extremely hysterical.

missing adult

morning dove circle- developmentally disabled adult is missing- female, blue jeans and KU bandanna on head. if seen please call 911

Non-injury accident

Heatherwood Drive- parked car got hit. Wasn't me.


416 west 6th- callers ex wont stop calling her.

arcing power lines.

arcing power lines 2540 Iowa Street.

check welfare

21rs and Naismith- caller thinks there is a drunk gal yelling at someone on her phone.
just cause your yelling doesnt neccessarily mean your drunk- the person on the phone could just be a complete asshole.

Topeka man sentenced to 5 years in prison in connection with Redbud Lane shooting

A Douglas County judge Tuesday morning sentenced a 20-year-old Topeka man to serve five years and six months in prison in connection with a shooting last year outside a Lawrence apartment.

Christopher Bush had pleaded no-contest in January to aggravated battery, conspiracy to commit aggravated battery and attempted aggravated robbery. Prosecutors accused him of shooting a Lawrence man on Oct. 11 in the 2500 block of Redbud Lane in an attempted robbery.

Chief District Judge Robert Fairchild followed a plea agreement both sides reached in the case to have him serve his sentences on all three counts at the same time.

His longest sentence is 66 months for aggravated battery, and Bush will get credit for the four months he has already served in jail.

Police and prosecutors have accused Jackson and three other defendants of scheming to try to rob the two Lawrence men. In January Fairchild sentenced Ashley Halstead, 22, to serve three years on probation, and the driver Desmond Jackson, 19, entered a plea last month.

The fourth defendant, Rylie Musik, 18, has a trial scheduled for April 6. Her attorney has said she was not part of the plan.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane.


809 Crestline Drive- drunk gal entered the residence, she left and is trying to enter the house to the North. Probably doesn't live there either.

Physical Altercation

Quintons on Mass. caller says his friend was hit- the suspect left and was wearing a North Face jacket.

Attempt to Locate

green 1999 chevy cavalier stolen from ottowa- and to make things even better there is a Glock in the glovebox. perfect.

possible structure fire

1012 Emery Road- alarm is sounding and there is smoke in the hallway

Physical Altercation

2309 Mole (?) Drive-

welfare check

4241 Briarwood- for a subject that fell