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Wednesday, December 29

Journal World Blog- if you're interested...
933 Iowa, purse theft occured at Wayne and Larry's.
1017 North Minnesota Street- prowler- heard someone tapping on bedroom window. 2 units en route with cherries on top.
Is anyone listening to the scanner right now? This is HILARIOUS! The cops totally retrieved this stolen car and were able to track down the guy from his jacket. And they are trying to get a hold of the owner.. so if you are the owner- call the cops before they tow you.
2600 block of west 24th terrace- police stopped a stolen car and person jumped out and ran from it! I hope it's the tercel from last night! get em!!!!!!
2434 west 24th terr- difficulty breathing, medical call. curiously they sent two patrol cars...maybe because that neighborhood SUCKS!
2222 west 6th, the Econo Lodge- criminal damage- there's a big suprise. sorry guys, no details given.
another noise complaint to east 10th- it's the trailer park in Eudora. The officer said he just drove by and all was quiet, but the lady called back and said it's even louder now.
You don't think they are reading this, do ya? And turning down the music before he gets there. That'd be a hoot. I'll wait a few minutes to post, just in case....
501 east 10th Street- noise complaint
1530 west 6th street- burglary alarm.

I am in the process of researching the high cost of police investigating these false alarms. It is ridiculous. Look for an article in the next day or two.
warrant delivery to the jail. sometimes, that's the only place they can find em.
2400 west 24th street- burglary- car alarm went off, went to check on it and found their wallet gone in a white sedan. Last seen on Brush Creek.
10th and Mass- request to speak to an officer- he wants to speak to an officer because "someone wasn't letting him in". in what? a bar? their heart? whatever.
Dillons on 6th- male subject is there begging for money.
couple people leaving the game are missing their cars...gotta be careful where you park those....
2408 Alabama- noise complaint, loud bass.
EAST 2300- johnson county received a 911 call and it sounded as if there was a disturbance. Sooo....they will go check.
Black car is blocking a silver car in front of Louise's
Purse theft on melrose-with suspect
alrighty, heading to work, check beck in, I should be blogging around 9, except for some blogging on the go in between. I'll be with ya ALL NIGHT LONG!!!GO JAYHAWKS!!!
west 10th street- someone who is unwelcome has returned- i think this is at the community drop-in.
suicidal patient on Haskell Avenue- received this info thru a evidence any action has been taken yet.
Domestic Drama on Freedom Creek drive- grandma, ma, boyfriend, grandson......
Shoplifter at walmart on Iowa- being cooperative.
fire alarm, 1011 missouri
Sounds like there is some pstchiatric problem in lecompton requiring medical care.
Best western Motel- police assistance to remove guests- this is the 2nd call today. Earlier they said they needed time to pack their belongings, now it's time to go.
Wagon Wheel Road- medical call-unconscious subject
suicidal patient- call from Bert Nash regarding a threat of suicide from a guy who was trying to make an appointment. Last known address.....Jayhawk Motel.
6th and Mississippi- gray Chevy Blazer- hit and run- non-injury
1905 rhode island- 911 hangup
frankfort kentucky called- there is a lincoln towncar that was stolen and believed to be on Peterson Rd.
Loose dogs at the Easy Living Trailer Park.
Check welfare at Peterson And Kasold- there is a pond with a fountain and kids are playing on it. Geez, better grab the riot gear.
Some guy in a black jacket in a maroon car is doing drugs or alcohol. really? weird.
Request to speak to an officer at the Public Library. A guy has a question about where to park his camper...uh.. a campground? They call it a "camper", not a "parking lotter".

Armed Robbery - 300 block W. 12th Street.

We reported this live last night!

A 20-year-old Lawrence man reported to police Tuesday night that he was the victim of an armed robbery in the 300 block of West 12th Street, Lawrence police said.
The victim told police he was walking in the area when a man who appeared to be about 20 years old got out of a dark-colored passenger car about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.
The man had a handgun and demanded that the victim give him his wallet, according to Lawrence Police Sgt. Matt Sarna.
The suspect in the case was described as about six feet tall, and was wearing a dark coat and a dark stocking cap.
After the victim gave up his wallet, the suspect got back into the car and left the area, Sarna said.
No injuries were reported, and anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Lawrence Police Department at 832-7650 or Douglas County Crime Stoppers at 843-TIPS.
Attempt to locate at 1600 haskell...vampire loudly flapping wings.
Ok, I'm not going to put the address on this because it's so embarrassing- a call for help because someone is stuck on the toilet.
unit 3d3 went from LMH to the county jail. propbably means someone got themselves a DUI. or at least, will when the blood work comes back.
phillips 66 on 9th- burglary alarm
trying to track down some gal in a plaid coat- she was seen at 19th and Haskell- missed some of the call because I was doing some actual work. yeah, believe it.
burglary alarm at the Napa Auto Parts in Baldwin.
3b5-car stop at 25th and Ousdahl-car stops after 3a.m. are usually bad news for the driver.
officer taking someone in custody to LMH- for a blood draw, I'd imagine. Can't just "not blow" anymore, suckas.
yeah, yeah, I'm still here...just got nothing to report to ya....
Attempt to locate that ssame stolen car- it's zipping around by my house.
1600 block of west 2nd terrace..medical call for a fall.
9th and Centennial was just spotted in the area- spotted by Mil-Spec-traveling at a high rate is speed...for a 95 tercel.....
really, really quiet right now. I just checked to make sure this thing was still on!
Fatso's- criminal damage in progress- someone has broken the window. For reasons we will probably never know....
95 toyota tercel- light green- front quarter panel a lighter green....stolen from the checkers parking lot within 30 minutes. Seriously. someone stole THAT!
theft of vehicle at Checkers- within the last 40 minutes...wasn't there some suspicious activity there about that time????? Curious.....
Still sucks though, how do you get your groceries home?

Courtesy of;!/Operation100

SHOOTING: 534 Chestnut Street in Leavenworth. (via @ECCOPERATIONS )

first report 50 minutes ago- no other info available yet.
suspicious activity at Checker's. What? at 12:30 a.m. on a Tuesday night?????? that's ALL there is at this time of night.
"leaving the scene" in front of Fatso's, then the caller hung up. nice.