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Thursday, January 20

Fire Alarm at Francis Sporting Goods.
Check welfare at the Kwik-trip. dude was walking in the roadway- when asked if he needed assistance he said to call the police. declined medics.
1129 Conneticut street-medical call- sick person is all i can hear....
613 west 4th street- burglary in progress- caller says there is someone in the house- she is currently in the bedroom. Dispatch is still on the phone with her.
Naismith Hall- for a fall, patient unconscious.
2400 block of Alabama- audible alarm from a car
3620 Harvard- caught dog
2530 Ridge Court- fight in progress- males fighting in front of the building- 3 guys on one- associated with a blue truck.
900 block of New Jersey- medical call- chest pain
people in a red passenger car off Dearborn smoking weed.
someone's brother made homicidal threats-and said he was going to get a gun. he's in a white Chevy with 1 headlight. He left a residence on Westbrook and may be headed to 9th and Lawrence ave.
Ellsworth residence hall- medical call for abdominal pain
maybe a stolen car on 1420 rd.
possible drug activity at presta omn Iowa- ford focus is maybve selling drugs out of the car. They were last seen at Yokihama.
Harrassment complaint- a tan truck was circling the 800 block of mas and making gestures that made the caller feel uncomfortable.
Some stupid verbal argument between 2 grown adults- parents no less- in front of their 12 month old child. Police were called by one of them, and then they called back to disregard.
Oh, and it was on west 24th terrace, of course.
A couple of people have gone to the Law Enforcement Center to turn themselves in.
While I was shoveling snow- again- i heard that a car got stolen from The Merc- car was locked and the victim had the keys in his pocket. not cool.

Road Conditions;

I just drove home- I work by Lone Star so I drive all the way through town.

The major road have been plowed, but use caution- still slick

Secondary roads- somewhat plowed. I saw several cars stuck in the banks created by the plows, so turning onto the roads is hazardous. Don't do it if you aren't prepared to get stuck.

 Side Streets- really, really suck.

Stay home.
Semi just took out a stop sign on 6th and Mass and took off...caller is behind the truck and reports they ran a red light.
2408 Alabama street- noise complaint for car or jeep revving engine....
1000 block Delaware street- medical call, for a fall
from what I've been able to figure out- there seems to have been a car wreck on K-10 involving an officer and 2 subjects in custody....that is what the last post was about also. Sound like it occured right by the jail.
medical call to the douglas county jail-all i can tell is there are 2 patients-both conscious and breathing.
700 comet lane, noise complaint. loud music and stomping.
1407 west 7th- noise complaint.
900 Locust in Eudora-medical call-breathing problems
someone was just investigated and found to be on parole for alcohol diversion
fight at Ricks Bar and Grill- caller is across 9th- just hearing the fight and a horn honk.
burglary alarm on greenway circle
Fight at Naismith Hall-6th floor- physical altercation.
tresspassing at the Kwik Shop on Mass- 3 drunk subjects...I guess they want them to leave.
1940 Heatherwood Drive- suspicious activity- car circling the area, and has been for about 20 minutes.
1600 Haskell- residence check-no further details given. wonder if it's "things in the air"?
2001 West 6th- High Pointe Apartments- noise complaint, loud music.
Nursing home in Eudora- medics called because patient has arm stuck in wheelchair.
Put some butter on it. It'll slide right out. I swear.
Disruption at oliver Hall- someone punching walls and stuff...maybe because there haven't been any calls about the smell of marijuana?? Just sayin'
carbon minoxide alarm on Timberline Court.
1300 Block of Tennessee- check welfare, drunk guy walking down the street. well, at least he's not driving down the street. hope they just give him a ride and let him go to bed.