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Thursday, January 27

Criminal Damage

947 Mass- Ingredient- window in back spray painted

Nuisance Complaint

3000 block of Topeka Lane- caller is upset because a vehicle is driving 35-40 mph in the area.
They have no description.

Burglary Alarm

4120 Clinton parkway- Bishop Seabury Academy

Panic Alarm

Cirilla's on 23rd,  panic alarm. I bet they get some real freaks in there.

Domestics; physical altercation

1516 East 24th Street-caller says her husband is out of control, throwing a TV and attacking people.
Sounds like a keeper.

Disturbance, no weapons

Kwik Trip on 23rd

Physical Altercation

2600 west 6th street- between roommates, was physical and they are both still on the scene.

Pulled over...

and found to have a suspended license...request for 2nd unit at Eaton Hall. Mom and Daddy are getting a call tonight.

Noise Complaint

139 Perry Street- Loud Bass from a radio....

burglary in progress

850 east 13th- glass store- truck loading up windows from in front of the building

Noise Complaint

2600 west 6th, tuckaway apartments.

Domestics; physical altercation

1632 Tennessee street-extensive history at this location.

Domestics; physical altercation

1900 west 31rst- Gaslight Village- male screaming, hitting walls, female crying- history of civil standby......

Suspicious Activity

Lyon Park-report of red Pontiac by ball field- occupied by 2 people and been there for an hour or so (bow-chicka-bow-wow).
caller is concerned due to the recent thefts in the area. probably should be more concerned about teen pregnancy.


Maybe everyone else is watching Jersey Shore too?

Burglary Alarm

846 Mass- 3rd Planet.

911 Hang-up

East 24th. sounded like children on call-back.

Check Welfare on Child

East 19th- no one is answering the door, but she can see a small child and no on else. Caller has looked through all the windows and it appears the small child is the only one home.

Check Welfare

1125 indiana- guy believes someone is trying to "choke him with a computer". there is no one in the apartment.
Dude, didn't ya get the memo to not take that brown acid?

Disturbance, no weapons

1600 Haskell- edgewood- a transient in carhart pants is "touching things".
I wonder if it's those things in the air he's touching.

Criminal Damage

At Hy-vee, possible suspect info.

Motorist Assist

15th and iowa- northbound

Fire Alarm

2154 West 26th street- South pointe villas

Panic Alarm

2108 west 26th- "check into cash". That's a pretty crappy neighborhood to have the word "cash" in your name.

Attempt to Locate

unknown descriptive vehicle- caller has no visual info, just heard a car peel out.

I'm sure they will rush right there....

Request to speak to an officer

Redbud Area-reference possible suspect info for auto-burglary

Suspicious Activity

23rd and Haskell-white male in dark green jacket, carrying a coffee mug and walking up to cars asking for money.

Suspicious Activity

5oo block of Millstone-male subject driving a white truck, guy was walking around block. wearing a kahki colored pantsuit.
I think the real crime here is the pantsuit.

Burglary Alarm

on 2710 Iowa, Landmark Bank

Residential burglary

1516 East 24th Street- time lapse of 10 minutes- caller saw a white male- left in a white van headed toward Harper, tried to follow van but is now returning home. hasn't been in the residence yet.


Trespassing at Compton Square. Unknown subject has been pounding on the door for 5 or 10 minutes.

Car Fire

Car fire at the dollar general on 6th.

Civil standby

Civil standby on winfield. Dude is going to retrieve stolen property. Good luck fella.


check back in a couple of hours...I'll be up blogging all night long!

2200 Block of Ohio

medical call for a fall. one patient seen in lying in the street.

Physical Altercation

2500 Block of inverness- 10 year old caller says she was hit in the face on the bike trail, can hear people yelling in the background. suspect no longer there.

Medical Call

Possible heart attack at Royal Crest Lanes. Bowling is dangerous.

Attempt to Locate

wreckless driver on 9th and Mississippi- white Chevy Blazer- tag comes back on an Econoline van from Baldwin. go figger.

Traffic problems

24-40 MM397, tow truck causing traffic back-up. it's probably not the tow-truck, it's probably the people that don't know how to navigate around obstacles.


From "The Shelter" at 342 Missouri. 16 years old.

Roadway Obstruction

1400 Block of Mass- a large mound of snow rolled onto road by 2 males. one in a KU jacket.

Shoplifting in Progress

At "the Buckle", subject left the store- 2 males- though one is dressed as a female. headed north on Mass.

Vehicle Theft

28th and Four-Wheel Drive. I love that street name. Area sucks though.

Parking violations

9th and Schwarz- someone called the police on a Boy's and Girls Club bus because it was blocking traffic. Some things are worth driving a little out of your way for.

Medical Call

Hemmorrage at the Laundromat on 6th and Arkansas. Laundry sucks.

Burglary Alarm

256 North Michigan- Veritas Christian.

Disturbance....with weapons

On Perry Street- something crazy going on...some dude with a metal pipe. wearing camo coveralls....people in the street......

Non-injury accident

15th and Iowa. Northbound lane.

Ya know, I'm potty training my kid and he didn't quite make it to the toilet, I found myself calling it a 10-47 or "Non-injury accident.

Cardiac Arrest

On Powers. CPR being performed.

Medical Call

To a shady area off 8th street- for a "rapid heartbeat". hmmm......

Non-injury accident

9th and Vermont

Fire Alarm

at the Hy-vee on Clinton Parkway.

Medical Call

3rd hand information- caller can see someone at the corner of 25th and Ridge Court with a "severe nose bleed."

Auto Burglary

837 Michigan. Caller has suspect info. I'll let ya know if i hear more....

Residential burglary

At the apartment complex at 501 Colorado. I used to live in that neighborhood a million years ago, got my gas siphoned so much I had to buy a locking gas cap.

911 Hang-up

200 West 9th

Medical Call

non-emergent for a student who had a seizure, at Free State High.


At Peppertree phone. Uh, call blocking? And really, just go down to the police station yourself and fill out a PFA?

Man Seeks Cops' Protection from Sexoholic Wife

A tired Turkish man, who now lives in Germany, had knocked at the police station doors to seek protection from his sexually obsessed wife.

The police officials on Wednesday, Jan 26 said that the man requested to protect him from his insatiable wife, who constantly demand for sex.

The man went to southern Germany local police station on Tuesday and complained that he had been sleeping on the sofa for the past four years to escape the clutches of his 18-years-old wife and mother of their two children.

Police sources said that the complainant has decided to get a divorce and to move out in the hope of finally getting some rest, particularly as he is anxious to arrive at work well rested.

A official said, "at the moment this is impossible because he says his wife keeps coming into the living room demanding him to perform his marital duties. He asked for police help in getting some sleep at night."

- from OneIndia News

Medical Call

Possible stroke on Orange street in Baldwin