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Monday, November 29

Someone's car getting towed as a result of this traffic stop madness. Bummer, dude.
Massive amounts of traffic stops. Unreal. Use your blinkers and mind your speed limits out there tonight!
Quizno's-burglary alarm. those are damn good sammies.
2c5-2nd 48 hour check 900 block west 24th street-boring parking violation.
Attempted warrant service- unsuccessful.
2d9 2d4-suspicious activity on Lyon Street, old Alex's Auto-2 subjects looking in windows of business. Wow, they finally made "window shopping" illegal. 'bout time.
1000 Block of Lawrence Ave-medical call-fainting...
amimal welfare check at the trailer pary on 19th-dog outside with no food or water.
Again, tons of traffic stops.
Red Mazda parked in a disabled spot in front of Building 3. That's a $100 I've heard ;)
lots of people getting pulled over tonight.
Lots of unite being dispatched to east 2000....for the structure fire.
Structure fire on East 2000 rd.
Medic 3 on scene......It sounds like its a church......on Calvin is that medic 3 sees no visible fire. The 911 caller said that there were visible flames?

Medic 3 is attempting to shut off a heater there. Everything's under control. They are outta there........

Medic 1 in route as well. Open flames in building. Yes, this one is not a pizza...........
3312 Calvin Dr. Structual fire. Rescue 5 in route. I have a feeling that its not a forgotten pizza in the oven this time.
Back to that suspicious pull over........cops running info now on occupants in a 2004 Honda Accord. Two people inside car.........they seem to check out ok......
Officer on scene at 1022 Conn..........
825 Mass. Bio-design company. Front door is wide open, officer checking out what might be up. Says all the lights are out inside............
1506 Lilac Ln. Officer in route...........
Another officer has arived at scene. 10-23.

Sometimes these suspicious pull-overs can be juicy stuff........there was a short police chase the other day that ended well from a suspicious pull-over.

PD has a vehicle pulled over, 2700 Iowa. Sounds interesting so far. We will see what comes of this........ 10-45 (investigate vehicle with occupant)......
1813 E 29th street. Property exchange. This is a classic case of the "boyfriend" getting his tv back. Or something similar.....gotta get the cops involved so there is no DRAMA!
......officers pulled off scene of accident for child custody issue call.

1517 w 9th street. Somehow landlord and tenant involved in altercation. Knife reported?
10-23 (Arrived at scene). 50 East 2300 RD. Something going on but I havent heard yet......sounds like there are two pulled over, medical in route. Maybe an accident.
10-83 (road is blocked).
Code green. non serious.
600 Florida, trouble again........
Ok, so some lazy SOB called in to report "roadway obstruction" of trashcans in the road. Just get out of your car and pick them up. Jeez.
Child welfare check at Deerfield School- I'm not putting anymore details because of the childs privacy, but I hope those responsible die a slow, painful death.
Runaway from Lawrence High School. Yeah, I think we've all been there.
Medical call-intersection of 11th and Vermont-non-emergency-patient caught his beard on fire, and now the fire is out. For real, you can't make this shit up.
1045 vermont Steet- check welfare-subject sleepimg against the side of a building. He must be very tired.
Something big-3 alarms fire-1950 rd- fire and a mention of oil tanks
Screams heard from apt. On Louisana...."let go you are hurting my arm!"......?
200 N. Michigan checks out 10-17 (nothing)

Check out this website for the police codes used by dispatch.
There was something about shots being fired around 9 am this morning.........I didn't get all the details.
200 N. Michigan. Suspicious activity...........someone snooping around a back yard.
Seems like they are finally finishing up with whhatever was going on a Redbud lane.
Kasold Drive Kwik Shop- welfare check-older man walking around looking lost.
3a1-making contact with reporting party on Alma Drive.
An officer has someone with him at West 25th. whatever that  means.
Alma Drive-burglary in progress....waiting for more details...someone trying to get in back door.
someone is having their boat house checked out by officers?
building check-boathouse. probably the one at the River. That's where all the shenanigans happens.
Things are pretty quiet at dispatch............maybe thats good.
county transfer of someone going on now.
Medical-non-emergency transfer from Presbyterian Manor.
3b4-noise complaint on Ousdahl Road.
attempted theft on Mantool (???) Drive. They were attempting to steal Christmas decorations. One of the guys left his shoes behind. Like Cinderella.
3c9-noise complaint 1020 Connecticut street. suprised it wasn't East 8th terrace.
1020 Conn. Too many people on porch?
cop is still trying to get headlight fixed. Don't touch the glass bulb with you bare hands!
Accident on Wakarusa...doesn't sound like an injury
investigating subjects on K-10.
Redbud Lane, oh Redbud Lane. Keeping the cops busy tonight. Should there just be a police officer there all the time? It would save on gas.....
Heard something else about redbud lane....
I guess it was just burnt food? I remember falling asleep once, with a pizza in the oven.......once.
But no fire tonight. At least not yet......
3a1, fight on North michigan- prowler actually..calling party can see a flashlight on the front porch.
415 w. 17th also burning............
413 w 17th street, fire. Smoke coming from windows. Structure fire.
request to speak to an officer regarding a city contract??? odd time of night to do business...
vehicle verification in progress........
non-emergency transfer from LMH to KUMED. bummer dude.
Something about Redbud Lane...didn't catch the whole call but I can only imagine...
Medical 1600 Haskell-sounds like someone is drunk in front of an apartment. that place has been getting a lot of action lately.
Oops. Cop car has a head light out. He's gonna fix it himself. Nice.
Thigs are kind of quiet now....calm before the storm?
medical alarm on Rawhide Lane.