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Wednesday, January 5

Burglary alarm at the Aldi's. Maybe someone is "stocking up".

couple of people going to jail...from the traffic stops.

slow night....not much but traffic stops...

Lifeflight has been doing a few intra-hospital transfers...if ya'll have heard any whirly-birds....
Fwd: West 26th street- check welfare-grandma was talking to kids mom and hears screaming in background. History of violence.
Chelsea place-audible alarm.
Redbud lane-request to speak to an officer regarding: recinding a previous tresspassing charge. Gues they kissed and made up.
520 west 23rd- some guy is panhandling in the back parking lot, and the manager wants him to leave. I just looked it up- behind GNC. better watchout, bunch of juiceheads may be getting their protien bars.
traffic stops......
someone going from LMH to the pokey.
maybe some info on the multiple auto burglaries surfacing.
Day's Inn- an employee hit a sign.
Oxford road- attempt to contact someone who was involved in a hit and run. by the highway partol.
2b3-auto burglary report at Body Boutique.
Odor or natural gas-5800 longleaf drive. that's a stupid name for a street.
Trailer park on maple street- barking dog complaint.
panic alarm at The Home Depot-2c1,2b3-
request to speak to an officer regarding a computer scam in Baldwin.
Injury accident at 6th and Louisiana- avoid that area.
2 cars, one hit a tree.
Coneflower- criminal damage- spay painted sign.

Code Black

No need to put the exact adrress,out of respect for is on the westside of town,

2565 Redbud Lane

Disturbance- male half is throwing things at the female half- history of disturbance..still has fresh marks
Dillons on 6th- medical call for a fall.
4400 block freedom creek drive- suspicious activity- subject in his 70's taking pictures of  houses.
suspicious activity-3500 clinton parkway- dudes standing around a car
2735 Rawhide lane- medical call for a FALL.
noise complaint at 8th and Mass-some guy playing drums....jeez...let him play his damn drums.
Here we go again. 1600 Haskell. Subject is passed out in the yard.
unknown medical alarm on west 25th.

physical altercation on east 19th

 call to the trailer park, between father and daughter
Attempt to locate-1600 haskell- "things in the air" again. poor thing.
suspicious activity on west 23rd street- at 1610-subjects are in the back parking lot in a black car yelling.