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Monday, January 24

East 1650- caller believes someone was messing with her vehicle- all the lights were on in it when she went outside. feels it may be related to an incident reported last year.
2700 Inverness court- barking dog, ongoing problem.

This map shows what each state sucks the worst at...

1320 Haskell, burglary alarm at the shelter. showing laundry room motion.

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LifeFlight Eagle Helicopter making a landing at Lawrence Municipal Airport after a possible bird strike. No injuries reported.
east 13th- child out of control- caller is the babysitter.....
ok, 1rst- why does a 13 year old need a sitter, and 2nd- if someone is about to call the cops on my kid you better bet that no matter what I'm doing, I will drop it and get home- before it comes to that. just sayin'
forgery in progress- Dillons on 6th- white female wearing a K-State coat( figures) is waiting in the pharmacy for forged prescriptions. She is heavyset.
found propert 2100 block harvard- someone found a wallet and keys.. so if you last them, then thank lisa.
Check welfare at the Community Drop-in center- caller advises 2 people are smoking embalming fluid in the back room.
Just make that place a county jail annex and save everyone a lot of time.
private tow at the Quality Inn- a white Olds.
structure fire on louisiana street- an apartment complex. it's apartment 4 that's on fire- unsure of the exact address.....13th and Louisiana....
non-injury accidents-
9th and Alabama
6th and Colorado
Check welfare callfrom a mom whose daughter returned from a trip from texas yesterday and hasn't checked in. she's been having trouble with an ex.
C'mon kids- call your mom...we worry.
Presto in North Lawrence- non-injury accident
disturbance, no weapons- in Eudora- someone almost hit someon's vehicle 1135 Maine
A Grand Marquis hit at least 2 vehicles in the LMH parking lot and left the scene.
That's kicking a man while he's down.
cooperative shoplifter at Dirty Dillons
loose chicken in the area of 1400 6th street
didn't catch this whole thing- but someone got a letter from someone threatening to shoot people??????
5th and Mississippi- check welfare- white male wearing a poofy orange coat, walking in the middle of the road.
sounds like he's at 6th and Indiana now.
Loud music noise complaint- at the car wash on Iowa. Gimme a break.
vicious animal at 8h and Montery-male boxer
white chevy camaro- driver hit the car, then parked and went into another apartment. this occured 5 minutes ago 1000 Emery Road.
suspicious activty- greenway circle- orange plymouth parked in parking lot with keys in the ignition.
Moving truck has been at neighbors house all weekend on Canyon Drive- and they are out of town.
"suspicious activity"
someone possibly selling drugs on Morningdove Circle
Forgery at Mcdonalds on Iowa- someone passed some funny money. a $20.
I've heard about a gajillion parking violations today....
Police on scene in the riverfront mall. Not sure whats going on, maybe dispute in an office in the lower level.
animal welfare check at walmart on Iowa
vicious animal report at 2200 Harper Street. reference a cat bite from yesterday.
harrassment on east 30th street.
1114 mississippi. noise complaint for loud bass.