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Saturday, February 5

Panic Alarm

blockbuster video- showing panic alarm for "hold-up"

burglary alarm

payless shoes.

Noise complaint

5th and Minnesota- loud party.

Possible suicidal

west 9th street- subject says she wants to cut herself. she does not have any weapons.

Fire Alarm

baldwin public library

Medical call

for a drunk subject on Missouri.

No-leash violation

2000 block north 1400 rd

Residential burglary

2104 crossgate drive- garage door is open and his bike is missing

animal call

907 east 13th- barking dog.

To the pokey..

a couple of ya-hoos just got picked up on warrants...


Because the police are on their game tonight and you WILL get caught.
trust aunt chelsea on this one, k?


north 1700, east 100 sounds like some sort of debris on fire

check welfare

blockbuster video- guy named jerry is outside with no clothes on. he says his feet are frozen and he thinks someone drugged him.

Check Welfare on Child

Ray's Liquor- caller witnessed a female choking a child- fortunately they got the tags. Male got in the car (presumably he was inside buying more booze) and the caller reported he was "out of control".
Poor kid. I hope the cops save him.


east 1600 rd- lots of yelling- stepdad drunk, tears...sounds like officers are needed to regulate...


80 year old drunk guy at the Jet Lag is refusing to leave. associated with a maroon chevy s10.


victim at LMH believes someone drugged her drink last night.
Ya know what sucks? Someone probably did. And they'll probably get away with it.


1600 Haskell Ave- caller smells a strong odor coming from this apartment. extensive history of this nature.

any more of those calls and I'll think Charlie Sheen is visiting


my sister's dog crapped on the floor and I just stepped in a steamin' pile-BAREFOOT!!!!!!!!

Injury Accident

intersection of 23rd and Iowa.

building check

405 Almira Avenue-caller is concerned because his ex just got out of jail and her car is parked at the house. but he is at Bingo and can't get home till after 9.


600 block of bentley drive- 2 subjects going door to door selling produce.

Suspicious Activity

east 14th, caller saw 3 black males walking down the street that would all seperate and then run back together. they thought it was odd.

Domestic Disturbance

trailer park on 19th- victim is there, for a domestic that occured elsewhere

Attempt to Locate

white passenger car with texas tags- swerving, erratic speeds. on east 13th

Wanted Person

 east 24th- guess someone's life on the run is about to come to a halt....

animal call

2700 Freedom Hill Court- barking dog in callers backyard- but it is not the callers dog.

Medical call

unconscious person at 6th and mass in a brown chevy truck.

Sure is quiet out there.....

is this thing on..???.....????

Attempt to Locate

silver grand am- on 19th- swerving, speeding, being a pain in the ass.

animal welfare check

A dog tied up in front of Dirty Dillons. Caller is concerned that it is too cold.
gimmee a break....

Fire Alarm

Eudora Rec Center

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Suspicious Activity

600 block of Illinois- subject sitting in a green Honda, hasn't moved in over an hour.

Disturbance, no weapons

Community drop-in- male subject is yelling, causing disturbance, a woman is associated. only verbal at this time.


Pine Street in Eudora- 16 year old, last seen on 12th street 5 minutes ago.

Non-injury accident

520 west 23rd Street.

burglary alarm

833 ohio- 9th street Baptist Church- back door entry progress

1600 Haskell...caller says that 10 minutes ago people were using marijuana and pain killers. bongs under the sink, and a child in the residence.

Someone got pissed off and tattled.


family therapy institute on 6th.

check welfare

1300 block of kentucky- woman walking in roadway.

Domestic Disturbance

2100 West 6th- caller can hear male and female arguing

burglary alarm

woodlawn school. commons area motion.


1309 west 6th- at Mcdonalds. a drunk guy with bushy hair is being belligerent and swearing at employees.

Domestic Disturbance

900 block of Kentucky-gal got kicked out by her boyfriend- is calling from the drop-in center.well, that's handy.

animal welfare check

Iowa Street- a poodle is in a gold SUV.
I don't see what the problem is with this one- is it too cold? too hot? seems like it's just about perfect out?

burglary alarm

1200 block of Black Jack Drive. garage motion.
1925 heatherwood drive. Drunk woman is drunk and assaulting clients.
Theft on Lincoln street.

Disturbance, no weapons

Lawrence arts center- an older white male is out fromnt yelling obscenities.

redbud lane

warrant service- someone's in trouble....

Medical call

Public Library- unconscious person

reported by a reader last night;

it's friday, I just sat down a few minutes ago: train killed somebody
by lakeview (scanner) two domestics on scanner, sheriff's responding
to medical at lecompton roadside park this second!

Last night

reported by a reader;

disturbance with handgun outside the Poolroom, 925 iowa.  roll cars
with sirens. 

Sex Crimes

Last night I had my scanner on while I was sleeping- I woke up and heard a report of a sexual assault at Easy Living Trailer Park. I just looked at the Booking Log and saw a man from edgerton was arrested at 3am last night for 1. rape of a child 2. lewd and lascivious 3. agg. indecent liberties, child.

Panic Alarm

111 east 11th- law enforcement center- at divison 4 courtroom.

Parking violations

west 17th and tennessee- vehicle in a no parking zone.


Trailer park on east 19th- someone getting harrassed and getting ready to tattle.

redbud lane

something is going down on Redbud Lane- but I turned on my scanner in the middle of it. I could venture a guess though.....

good morning!

I took the last couple of days off the deal with some personal issues. I see things a lot clearer now, thanks to some good girl-time and some soul-searching. I am staying home for the next couple of days, working on potty-training and maybe some mending. I will be blogging the whole time.
So stay tuned in, send me pics of stuff going down...and thanks for reading!!!!