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Wednesday, December 1

Massachusetts is kinda noisy tonight. Heard a brief scuffle a few moments ago......
2c6, 2c1, shooting on Missouri-2500-accidental suppossedly. Dude shot himself in the foot. Medics and police en route.
Criminal Damage on North 150 rd- mailbox's damaged. I never got that-Is it really that fun to smash mailboxes?
Woman pulled over on Massachusetts. Got caught "flippin the bitch". Or pulling into parking spot on the other side of the street, crossing oncoming traffic. Its illegal and produces a $40 ticket.
911 hang-up-davis rd. upon call-back they caller replied everything was "not okay" but did not need police. said he was "just joking". Sound's like an ass to me.
Watkins Health Center- filing a police report on an assault that occurred a few days ago.
Serious head injury at The Eldrige Hotel. Triage Code Red. From a fall.
Drunk guy causing problems at one of the dorms on Indian Avenue. Need police to remove him.
2 different car accidents, unrelated to each other, on Haskell, happened at almost the same time.
Medical call presb. Manor.
Meadowbrook apartments-burglary alarm.
It must be to freaking cold to commit crimes....or pull people over.
Medical 2900 block Topeka Lane, difficulty breathing.
check welfare- greyhound bus station on 6th. originally came in as 911 hang-up, upon call back, the subject is requesting assistance for the temperature. So just go ahead and turn the temperature up already!!!!
Noise complaint on rhode island- possibly related to someone taken into custody earlier.
They are STILL trying to figure out what to do with dude from Hiway 40. He STILL won't give his name or date of birth. He's getting charged with public intoxication and obstruction of justice. More charges will follow, I am sure. Probably not smart to tie up an officers ENTIRE shift and piss him off.
1600 Haskell Avenue- building check
report of an "inebriated" subject near Wescoe Beach.
traffic stop resulting in DUI, 600 block of Mass.
female called 911 and asked for police-house at the "end of the trailer park" is being burglarized...I couldn't understand the address exactly-it's a "number of subjects" trying to break in.
Jesus Garcia in custody. Cops dont know who he is. illegal?

the suspect on Hiway 40 wont give the cops any info-no name no nothing. Soooo.....he is going to jail. they will sort it out.
Still dealing with that crap on hiway 40...i think they might have a suspect.
RSO-request to speak to an officer on Walnut Street-related to domestic disturbance that occured earlier.