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Sunday, October 31

im not working tonight, so im not blogging, but check back with me thursday night, I work allllllllllllllllllllllllllll weekend long.

Redbud Lane incident
damn. someone threw a pumpkin through someones windshield. thats rough.
someone actually called the cops because they got ding-dong ditched.
people passed out all over the downtown area.
east 1050 road. someone looking in a ditch with a flashlight. maybe they lost their contact.
Facial injury on Indian Avenue. aka, someone got whooped.
ANOTHER fight on 13th and kentucky. geesh!
power outage 14th and Mass.
Holy shit! the scanner has been rocking! and i've been IMing with an old friend.
several fights, gunshots heard on New York Street, cars going wrong way down the one-ways, 2 alcohol poisoning calls to Jayhawk towers and a couple of DUI's.
Oxford road, got some egging going on...
alcohol poisoning, jayhawk towers.
1100 block of Mississippi, assault, black male in blue KU Tshirt, black jeans and red hat ran towards stadium. Medical being dispatched.
Naked gal running westbound on 10th toward Tennesse. Drunk and Naked.
Trespass on Indian Ave. Some drunk bastard trying to get into someones house.
1121 Kentucky. Unconscious subject.
Ridge Court apartments; screaming fight.
They caught the dude who stole the beer from dillons. Too bad, i was really rooting for that guy to get away.
listening to these subject descritions is hilarious. They are looking for Elmo and Brett Farve right now.
Alcohol poisoning at ellsworth. Im glad that KU is educating its students on that, for real. They get lots of calls. too many young kids have died lately. good job.
Redbud Lane; medical assault.
Nothing good ever happens on redbud lane
Criminal damage at the 7-11 on Alabama. Front door kicked out.
Serious; some drunk redhead dude is running around 12th and Kentucky, pissed off with a handgun. careful folks.
fights breaking out all over this town. Chill people.
Alcohol violation 1300 block of Ohio. They should probably just park the paddy wagon there and save on gas.
verbal fight a 7-11. Yes, I think cigarettes are stupidly expensive too,.
Disturbance in fron of The Wheel. if you ask me, The Wheel IS a disturbance'
LPD is searching for a spanish speaking officer...
Lots of noise complaints for loud there such thing as a "quiet party'?
I have decided not to use peoples names on here. Not that I'm trying to respect anyone's privacy, I just don't want anyone to beat my ass.
Ha! Someone just stole 2 cases of beer from Dillons on 23rd. That's awesome!!! oh crap, they got the guys tag.
Disturbance on 19th and Haskell. Some chick is trying to move out of her apartment and they residents won't let her have her stuff. Answer me this...who the fuck decides to move after midnight on a Saturday night??I mean, c'mon.
1433 Tenessee-burglury in progress-2 subjects broke into residence-unknown if they took anything, no description, this actually happened 15 minutes ago. Its a Frat house. That college tuition sure is paying off.
If you are hanging out in the Pool Room parking lot, you're either in custody or about to be.
Some dude in a wizard costume is beating the crap out of stuff on the 1500 block of Kentucky. Sweeeeet.
Abe and Jakes "bar check". I didnt realize that place was even still open. People go there?
Party on West 22nd terrace, still.