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Sunday, December 5

7th and Kentucky- red charger going the wrong way down Kentucky.
Oliver Hall-suspicion of Marijuana odor. sigh....again.....
East 900-non-injury accident.
Medical Call- West 10th drop-in center. Subjects ribs hurt from a bike accident a few days ago. Call me what you want- but that doesn't sound like an acute medical emergency.
fire alarm-1004 Alabama
Dollar General on North 3rd-another burglar alarm.
26th and Redbud-suspicious activity (go figure) a suspect between buildings with a flashlight.
911 hang-up at Hallmark Cards. Wonder if they make a card for THAT occasion?
2408 alabama-noise complaint-loud tv. that's some tv. wonder if they are watching Jerseylicious also.
Dollar General-burglar alarm
2d2-noise complaint 1100 block of New Jersey. Loud music.
residental alarm 1905 Oxford road..
2b9, 2b8- 3100 Ousdahl-disturbance- male subject pounding on door- bunch of screaming in foreign languages.
Really quiet night tonight- I actually just checked to make sure the radio was still on! Kinda nice though, but the cops are happy to have a little break ater the craziness of the weekend.
...Lets hope for no stabbings tonight......
2600 Oxford Road- Medical call, chest pain
Arcing power line 141 Maple Street.
Just settled in, but I heard a request for non-emergency back-up at LMH. ANybody out there listening know what was happening?

courtesy of operation 100 photography....!/Operation100

Sounds like one lane WB K-10 is open at this time. Sheriff Deputies with 5 in custody on WB K-10 near Douglas County line.

    Operation 100 Photography

    Operation 100 Photography UPDATE: JoCo Deputies advising 5 suspects in custody. Minor traffic delays on WB K-10 due to Police vehicles on scene.

      Operation 100 Photography

      Operation 100 Photography UPDATE: JoCo Deputies with their suspect in custody. WB K-10 being opened again. Suspect involved in a disturbance in De Soto. No injuries.

        Operation 100 Photography

        Operation 100 Photography TRAFFIC: JoCo Sheriff's Deputies have CLOSED WB K-10 near the Douglas County line. Checking a suspect vehicle, possible armed person inside.

        2c1-1515  craig court-violation of restraining order...
        Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be blogging consistently the next 3 nights-starting at about 8pm to about 6am. Tune in and see what happens....
        Possible bomb at the jayhawk motel...caller says they "found" it.
        west 22nd terr. subject knocking on door.  guy says he knows husband, but she doesn't believe him.
        medical transfer from LMH..wonder if it's related to the earlier incidents..
        medical call KU alcohol poisioning.......
        McColum Hall- red bus reports an intoxicated sibject on board. Isn't that why they take the bus?
        It's called the party bus, not the chuckee cheese bus.
        got a call from a gal who is en route to LMH-possible witness to SOMETHING. refusing to return to apartment. she is scared to go home. I bet she is.
        Medifficulty breathingdical Call- Lecompton-
        23rd street Walgreens- female subject refusing to leave-possibly involved in previous call.
        911 hang-up in Lecompton...cops en route
        2500 block of redbud lane- subject screaming outside. Probably because he lives on Redbud lane.
        now the cops are looking for that white vehicle involved in the stabbing....white passenger car...
        shooting occured at 23rd and Iowa...victim was at a gas station at 9th and Iowa...medics were en route, but then drove him to LMH. 10 different parties calling in...
        dude got pulled over downtown. license status;REVOKED. Sorry Scott, sucks to be you.
        west 25th street..husband came in and "stole" his still in the house.
        white 4 door in front of Libery Hall..maybe connected to stabbing or assault...
        Oliver Hall..odor of marijuana. i know how to fix that..burn popcorn!
        1044 mass..multiple stabbing..patient is at LMH.
        1411 haskell ave- medical-mental case....
        8th and mass..looking for at 7th and Mass...
        Breaking out windows at the Jayhawk Motel- in all black-"burglary in progress...possibly gonna get violent. possibly?...probably.....
        Chase on 600 block of mass!
        fight breaking out at libery hall!
        2020 lipton court- attempted auto burglary..units en rote
        2511 west 31rst street-intentional overdose....
        23rd and Walgreens- now it's 5 subjects involved- skateboarders- and an employee..
        1230 tennesse- medical- bleeding from the leg.
        Walgreens on 23rd street- very weird- guy called and said his kid was crawling out the door...
        KOA campground-guy refusing to pay.
        3c3-1600 Haskell- building check. check yourself before you wreck yourself.
        800 blk Iowa-check welfare- drunk jackwagon in a plaid shirt walking down the street.
        24th and Delaware- another burglary alarm.
        Noise complaint-1500 west 8th street- once again, a noise copmplaint. those people don't know how to shut the hell up.