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Thursday, November 18

hiway 59-someone tried to run another car off the, it's on Haskell ave.
Ridge Court-medic al call-diabetic problems.
3300 Iowa-2 males and two females shoplifting. Sounds like a fun double date.
2100 deleware-911 hang-up/
360 block of brush creek-that SAME dodge neon got in ANOTHER car wreck and left the scene-cops have him in sight. fucking idiot.
Car accident-a silver dodge neon left the scene with deployed air bags. Didn't catch the location-I was laughing thinking about some poor schmuck trying to drive that peice of crap with deployed airbags!!!
2700 Iowa-motorist assist.
west 24th street-domestic disturbance-verbal only.
Medical call on Melrose-someone fell down.
east 1250 rd.-chrck welfare-dr's office is teying to get ahold of a lady about her blood test and they can't get a hold of her. Must not have been favorable results.
2441 west 6th-father and son fighting in front of store. it must be pretty bad cause they got a couple calls. father has son restained...sounds pretty fucking serious.
non-injury accident on four-wheel-drive.
someone at bob billings and westbrook- someone's car got egged.
stauffer place-some duude has been hanging out in front of there for a few days, smoking cigs and looking at his watch. didn't know that was illegal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
RSO check on Graybuirn Terrace- I THINK that means registered sex offender, but I am not sure.
roadway obstruction 500 block of 23rd. like 23rd street didn't suck bad enough...
1600 Haskell Ave-medical call-infant with difficulty breathing.
29th and Fenwick-loose poodle
winterbrook drive-aggressive solicitors.
1200 Delware-parking violation- abandonded Dodge Neon. those are stupid cars.
1400 prarie avenue-graffitti on house and car. Damn kids
White SUV won't pull over on I-35
Oak Tree Drive-residence alarm.
1320 east 16th street-medical call-someone is dizzy.
a couple of Juvenile boys going to deterntion center from LHS. not sure why.
Theft on Wimbeldon drive.
(Arby's)1533 west 23rd-some guys just poured some concrete and a car drove through the barriers and drove through it. that sucks. they are calling it criminal damage-those barricades are usually there for a reason!
Forgery at Mass Beverage. I didn't think anyone even really took checks anymore???
2200 barker-parking complaint
3000 block of Iowa-someone is working on their car and the reporting party doesn;t think it looks safe enough.
What an asshole-instead of stopping to see if he needs help, he calls the cops?