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Thursday, December 23

1012 Emery on foot...

Cops are chasing the suspects around 9th-10th and Emery, then towards Missouri. On foot and running. Cops say they have suspects in sight, and they are running through trees.... that area is really wooded. I used to ride my mountain bike through there 10 years ago. I heard another officer on scene. Another Officer 8th and MO....... on scene.
Someone drove a car through a fence in McClouth. APB for this vehicle.
9th and Emery criminal damage.....Grey hoodie and another suspect in all black.
Cops in route to Jazz House. Bar Check.
Suspicious Activity, 1100 N. 1800 RD.
There was an alarm call, but nothing on the domestic at the Jayhawk motel....

Jayhawk Motel Tonight....

10-23 officers on scene at Jayhawk motel. Get ready.....

Jayhawk Motel domestic...

Room 38 tonight. 2 officers in route. RP says he has a baseball bat..... let's see how this plays out.
I received an e-mail that there was a knife fight over on Redbud about 6:15 pm. Anyone know any details??
panic alarm at Chipotle- "hold-up button"
24th and Ridge court- 2 subjects fighting, 1 on the ground. The caller has left the area. Probably a good idea.
scanner has been really quiet tonight....... not much going on. Some hospital transfers with life watch, an accident on hwy 40...... just basic stuff.
6th and Monterey. Minor injury accident.
Lotsa warrants being served, if you have a warrant, either pay it or go on the lam.
Accident at 6th and Kentucky.
Didn't catch which trailer park...some guy calling cause his roommate is drunk and destroying things...6 year old is there.
Call in Baldwin- caller is concerned because someone is using their address for SRS.
1846 Mass. Quick Shop. Forgery in progress. Subject using stolen checks, driving black truck.
Whats the deal with people who go to a bar and start drinking at 11am? There has got to be something better to do.
530 Eldridge- animal check- puppy cries all the time, and the caller has witnessed the owner kicking the poor little puppy.

I hope they get these animal abusers and child abusers behing bars for the holidays.
Getting ready to serve a warrant on this scumbag who didn't appear in court for child abuse. Won't disclose the location until they get him. Hate to give that dirtball any head start.

more "things" in the air....1600 Haskell

Ok, here is another call for this. I doubt police even go to this call anymore.... but what if there is something to this?