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Saturday, January 29

Motorist Assist

Nissan stuck on the ice at boatramp 4 at Bloomington.

Domestic Disturbance

2700 block Bluestem Court- caller says boyfriend-drunk- is screaming at her and hitting her. She doesn't have a vehicle and to top it all off, there are children in the house.
extensive history at this address. and the kids have probably been there for all of it.


nothing to interesting though..A fall and a sick person.....

Traffic stops

resulting in field sobriety checks and trips to the pokey.

I'm never gonna stop saying it.


McDonald's on 6th- employees requesting someone sleeping in lobby be removed

Wanted Person

3100 Ousdahl-information received that a wanted person is at this location. verified this upstanding citizen has warrants.

Bar Check

At the Outhouse.

More people getting pulled over


Possible suicidal

In the area of downtown-maybe- caller's mom is calling from out of town and spoke to her daughter who said she had broken a glass and cut herself. Mom has no idea where daughter lives (???) but thinks it MAY be a loft downtown. Her mom DOES know she is a stripper.

Posted in the "comments" section of my Journal World Blog;

It's an estranged and terrible world we've fashioned,
where pets are dressed in festive holiday sweaters,
as a destitute woman perishes in an unfamiliar vehicle
in which she has sought shelter from bitter cold,
in the glow of warmly lit Victorian mansions,
documented by one of the disconnected voices 
interrupting the silence of a police scanner.

I just love this!

Traffic Stops

Oddly quiet, just some traffic stops....

Fire Alarm

Jayhawk Towers

Break-in in progress

on Pennsylvania- someone was trying to kick in the door- now they are leaving in a vehicle.

Structure fire

Dearborn Street in Baldwin;

Special call

6th and Arkansas- for a bon fire.

Medical Call

"sick person" at 940 New hampshire.

Redbud Lane incident

Domestic disturbance...caller drove by and saw her friend fighting out front with her boyfriend...and called the police instead of stopping to help.

Go hawks!

taking a break for the game!!!! check back afterwards for all night coverage!

Civil standby

Redbud Lane for property exchange. Probably a good idea.

Nothing good ever happens on redbud lane.

Ticket Scalper

report of person scalping tickets in lot 71.

animal call

caller is at Eudora animal hospital and wants to speak to an officer about a wreckless driver who ran over her puppy. :(
puppy is still alive and I hope they catch that bastard.

animal call

K-10 MM9- another call for the same dog as earlier.

Request to speak to an officer

call from gal who thinks she knows where her stolen property is at. Was stolen from Adam Street.

Eudora Kwik SHop

employee has finger stuck in safe.

animal call

K-10 MM7, second call for a loose dog. now people are pulled over trying to catch him.

Medical Call

On Delaware- for a severe headache.

leaving the scene of an accident

vehicle- maroon buik- was seen sideswiping vehicles along Kentucky Street. They get tags.

leaving the scene of an accident

A tractor-trailer took out a streetlight at 6th and Michigan and kept on going.

Medical Call

Baldwin Middle School- non-emergency for a broken hand.

Caught cat

427 Indiana. I guess they set trap. poor kitty

Medical Call

In the campus area- intentional overdose. ;(

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Happy game day!


I'm going to catch a lttle sleep.....see ya soon!

Injury Accident

Crestline and Clinton Parkway. a vehicle has flipped over the divider.

Fire Alarm

Jayhawk Towers, tower D


McCollough Hall- previous fight- patient has lacerations and possible concussion

Disturbance, no weapons

622 illinois. caller can see and hear people arguing through the windows.

3 a.m.

Listen kids, take it from the voice of experience....ANY decisions made at 3a.m. are not going to be good ones. GO TO BED.

Physical Altercation

1400 Block of Kentucky-caller advises 2 males are fighting in the alley.
She ain't worth it.

Noise Complaint

1302 west 24th styreet- people being loud, knocking and banging

Medical Call

medics en route for an "allergic reaction to medication" sounds like a Charlie Sheen call. are there any naked hookers hiding in the closet?

Disturbance, no weapons

anna drive- caller heard loud voices in the apartment above him.

uh oh.

Combative white boy en route to jail.

Check Welfare

caller at 1011 Missouri brought this drunk girl home and they think she left the stove on and passed out.

Disturbance....with weapons

Paradise Saloon on Hwy 40- caller was threatened with a knife- caller took off on a ford F150.

Domestic disturbance

west 24th- boyfriend came home and threw her bedframe through the door.

Medical Call

in front of Carnagie-9th and Vermont back pain/ chest pain

Check Welfare

1700 block of kentucky- skateboarder going the wrong way (??) on Kentucky. possibly drunk

4301 west 24th place

loud music and banging...does it go like this "bow-chicka-bow-wow..."????


residential burglary 1301 west campus rd- some greek house

Attempt to Locate

23rd and Iowa- hit a curb, gutter, unable to maintain a lane. red dodge van

Unknown Emergency

18th and Tennessee-open line with multiple drunk..... ummm..people yelling at each other.

gaslight village

some gal is getting text message harrassment...again- CALL BLOCKING!!!!!!!


police en route related to that fight at The Granada earlier. suspect may be there.

Request to speak to an officer

caller is in Las Vegas and hasn't talked to his son for a few days.....sounds like he needs a therapist, not a cop.

County Jail

sounds like the cops have been hauling a few in.....

Noise Complaint

west 24th place-there is a lot more to complain about than just noise.

Request to speak to an officer

7th and Mass- guy needs a ride to the Drop-in center (which is about 3 blocks away) and an escort in.
well, go ahead and roll out the red carpet and call the paparazzi.

Wanted person

2440 Heatherwood drive-some guy with a couple of active warrants is hanging out here.

Noise Complaint

1338 Ohio. Loud music and a party.

Check Welfare

11th and Conneticut- a young girl being hit??

Medical Call

Oliver Hall, possible alcohol poisoning.

Nuisance Complaint

some people on University Dr being loud and drunk.
Sounds like someone's a little jealous?????

Check Welfare

1200 block of louisiana. caller heard female yell "stop! that's not funny!"

Medical Call

west 31rst street- ssomeone got sprayed with pepper spray. they probably deserved it too.

Physical Altercation

6th and Stoneridge- caller is in vehicle with boyfriend- moving vehicle- and is reporting a physical altercation. Blue pulled onto a service road.