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Monday, February 7


west side of Ingredient- transiet is making a homestead claim...

Domestic Disturbance

530 Eldrige Street-caller is having some problems with her buyfriend...

Game over

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU

Fire Alarm

Baldwin junior high

loose dog

Iowa and University Drive- caller says yellow lab is headed northbound

Request to speak to an officer

2600 block of Harper- caller lives on brook, wants cops to contact her ex on Harper because she is posting inappropriate things on Facebook.
Ever heard of blocking someone????

possible drunk driver

31rst and Iowa- headed southbound-dark colored truck. ran over curb at sonic. caller thinks he's drunk.

burglary alarm

post office downtown

Shooting the Square

My son wanted to go for a ride, so we went and "shot the square". It's a busy night out there! Rock Chalk Jayhawk and stay safe!

911 Hang-up

JC Penny's- busy on call-back.

Possible suicidal

north 1950- call from dr- they had gotten a voicemail from an upset patient- he was out of meds.

Noise complaint

3400 block of west 24th-loud music

Medical call

Palmer Court- "penetrating traumatic injury"

Possible suicidal

Ohio Street-caller says her sis has cut herself.

child welfare check

9th and New York- child didn't get picked up from school. doh!

Possible suicidal

At Heartland Clinic- subject isn't cooperative. they did the right thing by calling the cops.

animal call

dogs fighting on 1485 rd.


At Target- no one in custody yet, but they are still in the store.

Panic Alarm

901 Iowa- The Merc. Silent panic, register 2

Physical Altercation

913 North 2nd- All Stars. 2 customers physically fighting, no weapons.
Wonder what they were fighting about? And what the hell is someone doing fighting at a strip club at 2pm on a Monday????

Check Welfare on Child

330 Industrial Land- JDC- juvenile needs to be put in custody that is being released.

I dont quite understand that either- just writing what i hear.

Possible suicidal

Southside of town-has a knife and is leaving on foot. history at this location.

Parking violations

1400 block of Pennsylvania- red saab has been there for several months


1540 Wakarusa- some salon


Some gal on  Lincoln Street has been exchanging drugs in front of her residence, and she's about to get paid a visit about it.

Request to speak to an officer

on Maple lane- for a possible "scam". they are everywhere....

Fire Alarm

Casa Agave on Iowa- that mexican joint by the movie theatres. I have never met anyone who has eaten there.

Noise complaint

1430 Louisiana- loud subjects banging on walls.

Non-injury accident

parking lot of Wal-mart- leaving the scene...

burglary alarm

1006 mass- Anglers- showing motion in 3 different areas...might actually be a real one.


west 9th court- caller says he caught a 16 year old sneaking in to see his daughter.
kids- you're suppossed to sneak OUT, not IN!!!