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Wednesday, December 15

I am tired, and I am going to bed. Unless anything major happens I will see you all back here tomorrow. Stay safe.
Panda Garden; burglary alarm. Sometimes you HAVE GOT TO HAVE a crab rangoon.
domestic on east 14th , happened earlier and thankfully the victim is in another location.
check welfare 1104 tennessee-there was a domestic disturbance and sounds like the instigator has returned.
And accidents and car in ditches EVERYWHERE!!!!! Awesome night for  tow companies...or I gues it will be awesome in the morning, probably can't do much tonight.
1703 west 24th street. loud music, and loud people.
Semi on fire on 1-70.
disturbance, no weapons, 1500 block East 11th- something about vehicles being "backed up"...
810 Maple Lane- kitchen fire.

Lawrence police are asking residents to only call 911 if they are experiencing a true emergency, according to a statement from the city.
Police urge those whose situations are not an emergency to call back Thursday morning.
fight at the community drop-in center...2 females- both subjects bleeding-medics will stage.
I just drove 3 miles downtown. Not bad. A little slippery.!/Operation100

The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY. Including the entire KC Metro Area and Douglas County.

Westar Energy Reporting approximately 51 customers without Power near 15th and Rhode Island in Lawrence.

Pics in from accidents

We are getting some negative feedback from Journal World Blog...check it out.
Motorized wheelchair stuck at the bottom of Irving Hill.

Journal World is doing an awesome job covering this....
More and more accidents- and just heard a call that the ambulance is unable to drive safely, they are pulled over and treating the patient.
1-70 accident is extremely serious.
1-70 at the 192 Westbound- extrication needed.

Many, many car accidents...

PLEASE be careful out there guys, there are so many accidents I can't keep up. The crews are working on road treatments, but if you don't have to go out, then just stay home.
shoplifter not in custody at Kohl's- maybe they forgot their Kohl's cash?
3000 Lousiana, injury accident.  Out in front of Broken Arrow School. 
Another accident Hwy. 40.  10-48 injury accident....

Okay people, stay off the road.  Dispatch is so busy I can't catch everything.
Another accident, on 1700 E 1250 Rd.  Make that two more accidents.    I think tonight is going to be busy with this kind of stuff.  Stay home if you can.  Dispatch said it was 10-48 (injury accident).

1717 Maple Lane.  Officer in route.  I think It's domestic.
roads are getting very careful out there.
600 block of 59 highway- non-injury accident/
car accident at 23rd and Harper
2424 Melrose lane- "medical emergency"- seizure.
Baldwin Hill- rollover accident.
11th and Illinois- loose dog is now caught, and is probably headed to the pound.
Someone at Commerce bank is about to get served with a warrant.
Presta on 23rd- some guy in a tan coat is doing drugs in the bathroom....allegedly...
K-10 bypass, mile marker 3- large steel pole in the roadway.
121 east 19th Street-little white terrier outside. so what?  It's like 35 degrees outside and the dog has a fur coat.
East 1600 Road, 911 hang-up. upon call back, they keep getting hung-up on.

71-year-old Hutchinson woman knocks attacker unconscious with frying pan

— Hutchinson police say a 71-year-old woman knocked a man who attacked her unconscious with her frying pan.
Police Sgt. John Moore say a 25-year-old man talked his way into the woman's home on Saturday, claiming he was homeless and had nowhere to go.
Moore says when he tried to attack the woman, she fought back and "beat him down with a frying pan." When police arrived, he was unconscious on the floor.
The man is jailed on $55,200 bond on suspicion of attempted rape, aggravated battery, criminal restraint and criminal damage to property. He was wearing a neck brace when he made his first appearance Tuesday in court.
The Hutchinson News reports that the woman was injured but Moore did not release how serious her injuries were.
706 West 25th Street- criminal damage, a tree on his property was damaged by a tree service.
963 North 500 rd, disturbance between caller and his roommate- one guy has another locked out and they are fighting....recent history of drugs at this address.
Request to speak to an officer- regarding an address on Bluestem drive in Eudora
woman calling from the Perkins parking lot, says her husband threw her out of the car. He was screaming at her and threatened to hit her, but did not.
4700 Overland- by Taco bell-suspicious activity, no weapons-caller saw a yoing girl get off a bus with an older guiy who looked "predatory"..???? but the girl said she was fine.
2901 Rimrock drive- domestic disturbance between mother and daughter. sound pretty ugly, they are sending 2 units.
drug call on west 8th- caller thinks he can smell weed coming through the vents. Well, I'm sure he can. I know a burn-out that lives in those crap-holes.
It has been really quiet today.  Not much coming over the air....

Cat stuck in storm drain on Redbud Lane....

I am a total cat person, I hope someone gets it out. 
Uncooperative shoplifter at Wal-Mart.
lifestar was en route to kansas city for a transfer and ran into freezing mist, had to turn around.
1102 west 25th street- there is an injured raccoon in the bushes
1610 west 6th terrace- medical call-fall
17th and Louisiana- car accident, car rolled down the hill.

Man Charged in Hwy. 59 Death......What a dirtbag....

Man charged after fatal accident on U.S. 59
By Samantha Foster
Originally published November 26, 2010 at 12:43 p.m., updated November 28, 2010 at 6:45 p.m.

An Arkansas man suspected of stealing a vehicle on the KU campus and causing a fatality accident north of Lawrence on Tuesday was formally charged in Douglas County District Court at a hearing Wednesday.

Zachary Tyler Harrison, 23, of Cabot, Ark., faces six felony charges, two misdemeanors and one traffic infraction, according to court records from the Douglas County District Attorney’s office.

The fatality accident occurred at about 3:40 a.m. Tuesday on Highway 24/59 north of Lawrence. Police say a man stole a vehicle from a newspaper delivery driver on Jayhawk Boulevard on the KU campus just before the accident that left one 21-year-old Nebraska man dead and three others hospitalized.

The charges are:

– Involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. – Three counts of aggravated battery for the other three passengers’ injuries.

– Leaving the scene of an accident involving the death of a person.

– Failure to report an accident to the police.

– Following another vehicle too closely.

– Criminal deprivation of property.

– Failure to report an accident involving unattended property.

Cameron Freeman, 21, of Lincoln, Neb., died at KU Hospital Tuesday. Of the three other 21-year-old Lincoln men who were injured in the accident, Casey Kettler and Michael Larsen were treated at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and later released and Fernando Pages is still being treated at KU Hospital, according to hospital records.

Capt. Schuyler Bailey, spokesman for the KU Public Safety Office, said Harrison and the four Nebraska men were not connected to the University.

Harrison’s next hearing will be held at 2 p.m. today. His bond is set at $175,000.
4165 Black Jack- noise complaint for a barking dog.
4201 Saddlehorn Drive, fall from a wheelchair.
East 900 road...littering.......