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Monday, January 31

Phone Harrassment

east 25th place-regarding harrassing phone calls.
seems to be a lot of these tonight. guess it's too cold to go anywhere.


some kids at Oliver Hall keep getting "blocked" phone calls saying their vehicles are damaged, but they are not damaged.
If that's just so,e prank calling, then that's a LAME prank call.

Suspicious Activity

east 24th street-suspect in callers backyard in black clothes. 2nd night in row they have seen him.
now, that's just creepy.

Physical Altercation

911 Ohio Street- one guy left westbound on 9th, on foot. brrrrrrrrr, it's cold out there.

Timberline Court

caller says his ID was stolen, and he thinks he knows who did it.

check welfare

Conoco greyhound- caller says he had a seizure earlier today, declining medics, but says he does need a ride.


There is a child out of control. 11 year old is hitting.

morningside drive

callers daughter just had $45.00 stolen from her....

Missing child

from holcomb rec- brother was walking home with 2 year old and brother lost her. blue jacket, jeans and a hannah montana suitcase. time lapse 1 hour.


The Trailer park on Walnut Street- possible drug activity.

unknown emergency

Woodsen Ave- cell phone trace provided general area- could only hear someone crying in background. received 2 calls

Domestic Disturbance

East 24th Street-caller was walking by and heard a fight in progress.

Disturbance, no weapons

this actually happened about 30 minutes ago
Dispute over a check at king buffet. I would have loved to seen that.

Disturbance, no weapons

316 Minnesota- tenant causing problems with the caller, who I would assume is the landlord.

Phone Harrassment

west 23rd- again, with suspect info.
I've said it before and I'll say it again- CALL BLOCKING!!!!

telephone harrassment

Michigan strret- with suspect info. i should hope they'd at least have a phone number.

animal call

Learnard- concerned about a pit bull who charged at her and "watched her walk away".

check welfare

6th and Iowa- hispanic man walking in the street.


Pay-less Laundromat on 9th and Mississippi. Caller says a man has been there for a few days.

didn't catch the address

transformer blew and caller reports his pool is on fire.

9th and Conneticut

arcing power lines. fire en route.

Medical calls

lots of calls for falls- be careful walking

Panic Alarm

people's bank on Harper street

Many, many car accidents...

stay home.

Evening Star Road

2 cars spun off bridge. read the signs- "bridges ice first"

Getting Slick

as i lay in bed I can hear my neighbors scraping ice from their windshields. On the scanner I can hear the beginnings of a very messy rush hour.