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Tuesday, November 30

Kinda quiet right now......
400 block of Hiway 40-check welfare-2 female walking eastbound down the highway....maybe related to that wreck with the missing driver???? I wonder.
for some reason, there is a "Hold" being placed on a vehicle on 19th- the officer doesn't want anyone messing with it or looking into it. curious.
3a3,3a1, Fight! Mrning Dove Circle, no other information, the reporting party is very distraught.
So cops called Hwy 40 drivers home-roommates said he was at work at Kokoro. They went to Kokoro and they had never heard of him. Cops are requesting aircraft???? I guess the search is on...
Baldwin- jersey street- medical call
2b1-attempt to contact vehicle that is on it's side on Hwy 40's owner. Wonder what his story is going to be.
O'Malleys beverage-burglar alarm....
Cops en route to LMH with prisoner-usually means forced blood draw.
unable to tell is anyone is in the car. vehicle 20-30 ft. off roadway. dude, get out of your car and look, caller is just standing by.
300 blk of hwy 40- non-injury accident. Vehicle in ditch on it's side. lucky there isn't any injuries.
2b1 Redbud Lane- medical call-reporting party is LMH- got a call that lady's husband is combative and husband was trying to take the phone away....this oughtta be interesting....

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane.
2d3, 2d8- walnut street-physical fight between male and female-no recent history at this address-female being uncooperative with police, advising male is "somewhere in the house". Why do people call the cops for help and then be uncooperative?
2b1-22nd and quail creek, non-injury accident...
928 New Jersey- neighbor hasn't been seen in 2 days-vehicle is there-hx of illness, medical standby...
Morningside drive-son has been destroying things at house (sounds like last call) and they want him gone. he did leave on foot.
Pawnee Avenue-2c2,2c6-disturbance, son has been tearing things up in the house-son left with his wife and suppossed to return in 2 minutes. Caller is concerned if son see's cops he may run. triple duh.
2d9-Noise complaint 900 block of Mass-loud drummer, ongoing problem. Really????Where do you want him to drum them, seems like downtown, in a busy area is just about the perfect place.
Baldwin-110 North 8th- Dollar general theft, but the reporting party is meeting cops at quick shop-thinks it's an 'inside job".
1700 block of west 24th. Loud Stereo. probably a ghetto blaster...tehehehehe...
Locust Street-all the Railroad arms are down and lights flashing- but no trains. wait for it.......
700 block Maine- child welfare check- 5 year old outside unsupervised- reporting party is standing by. It is awfully late and cold...and 5 years old is a little young.
Biggs BarB Q-suspicious activity with weapons- 2 subjects in parking lot- 1 with a gun. walking back and forth...
Hit and Run on Mass- older lady in a white, beat-to-hell buick hit a kid on a bike-kid appears to have no injuries, thank god.
Disturbance at Buffalo Wild Wings- man and woman with a baby getting rowdy. Yes, the woman is holding a baby...sigh....
Action at the college motel. Room 1. Police are called sometimes to get people out of the room for "over staying" their visit.
check welfare-check on someone who is behind Zen Zero...didn't catch the specifics because this dispatcher mumbles and seems to just fade out......
Michigan Street-911 hang-up.
So for some reason the cops are calling for extra manpower at the Miller Scholarship Hall call. And dude has a warrant out of topeks. I think he is having a really bad night.
One of the scholarship halls- a gal has some poor sap, aka, ex-boyfriend-tapping on her bedroom window. They have had problems with him before.
Foot patrol on going on at campus.
There was a case of bourbon mentioned, but I didn't catch the whole thing.
3a1- Sigma Nu Place-Medical Call-subject passed out. And it's not even pledge week.
3a3-Wakarusa-at that kwik shop, guys in black ski masks walking around. Hmmm, suspicious or cold???
Oh-they are also carrying a baseball bat. It is definately NOT baseball season.
Glass House liquor- burglary alarm.

Monday, November 29

Someone's car getting towed as a result of this traffic stop madness. Bummer, dude.
Massive amounts of traffic stops. Unreal. Use your blinkers and mind your speed limits out there tonight!
Quizno's-burglary alarm. those are damn good sammies.
2c5-2nd 48 hour check 900 block west 24th street-boring parking violation.
Attempted warrant service- unsuccessful.
2d9 2d4-suspicious activity on Lyon Street, old Alex's Auto-2 subjects looking in windows of business. Wow, they finally made "window shopping" illegal. 'bout time.
1000 Block of Lawrence Ave-medical call-fainting...
amimal welfare check at the trailer pary on 19th-dog outside with no food or water.
Again, tons of traffic stops.
Red Mazda parked in a disabled spot in front of Building 3. That's a $100 I've heard ;)
lots of people getting pulled over tonight.
Lots of unite being dispatched to east 2000....for the structure fire.
Structure fire on East 2000 rd.
Medic 3 on scene......It sounds like its a church......on Calvin is that medic 3 sees no visible fire. The 911 caller said that there were visible flames?

Medic 3 is attempting to shut off a heater there. Everything's under control. They are outta there........

Medic 1 in route as well. Open flames in building. Yes, this one is not a pizza...........
3312 Calvin Dr. Structual fire. Rescue 5 in route. I have a feeling that its not a forgotten pizza in the oven this time.
Back to that suspicious pull over........cops running info now on occupants in a 2004 Honda Accord. Two people inside car.........they seem to check out ok......
Officer on scene at 1022 Conn..........
825 Mass. Bio-design company. Front door is wide open, officer checking out what might be up. Says all the lights are out inside............
1506 Lilac Ln. Officer in route...........
Another officer has arived at scene. 10-23.

Sometimes these suspicious pull-overs can be juicy stuff........there was a short police chase the other day that ended well from a suspicious pull-over.

PD has a vehicle pulled over, 2700 Iowa. Sounds interesting so far. We will see what comes of this........ 10-45 (investigate vehicle with occupant)......
1813 E 29th street. Property exchange. This is a classic case of the "boyfriend" getting his tv back. Or something similar.....gotta get the cops involved so there is no DRAMA!
......officers pulled off scene of accident for child custody issue call.

1517 w 9th street. Somehow landlord and tenant involved in altercation. Knife reported?
10-23 (Arrived at scene). 50 East 2300 RD. Something going on but I havent heard yet......sounds like there are two pulled over, medical in route. Maybe an accident.
10-83 (road is blocked).
Code green. non serious.
600 Florida, trouble again........
Ok, so some lazy SOB called in to report "roadway obstruction" of trashcans in the road. Just get out of your car and pick them up. Jeez.
Child welfare check at Deerfield School- I'm not putting anymore details because of the childs privacy, but I hope those responsible die a slow, painful death.
Runaway from Lawrence High School. Yeah, I think we've all been there.
Medical call-intersection of 11th and Vermont-non-emergency-patient caught his beard on fire, and now the fire is out. For real, you can't make this shit up.
1045 vermont Steet- check welfare-subject sleepimg against the side of a building. He must be very tired.
Something big-3 alarms fire-1950 rd- fire and a mention of oil tanks
Screams heard from apt. On Louisana...."let go you are hurting my arm!"......?
200 N. Michigan checks out 10-17 (nothing)

Check out this website for the police codes used by dispatch.
There was something about shots being fired around 9 am this morning.........I didn't get all the details.
200 N. Michigan. Suspicious activity...........someone snooping around a back yard.
Seems like they are finally finishing up with whhatever was going on a Redbud lane.
Kasold Drive Kwik Shop- welfare check-older man walking around looking lost.
3a1-making contact with reporting party on Alma Drive.
An officer has someone with him at West 25th. whatever that  means.
Alma Drive-burglary in progress....waiting for more details...someone trying to get in back door.
someone is having their boat house checked out by officers?
building check-boathouse. probably the one at the River. That's where all the shenanigans happens.
Things are pretty quiet at dispatch............maybe thats good.
county transfer of someone going on now.
Medical-non-emergency transfer from Presbyterian Manor.
3b4-noise complaint on Ousdahl Road.
attempted theft on Mantool (???) Drive. They were attempting to steal Christmas decorations. One of the guys left his shoes behind. Like Cinderella.
3c9-noise complaint 1020 Connecticut street. suprised it wasn't East 8th terrace.
1020 Conn. Too many people on porch?
cop is still trying to get headlight fixed. Don't touch the glass bulb with you bare hands!
Accident on Wakarusa...doesn't sound like an injury
investigating subjects on K-10.
Redbud Lane, oh Redbud Lane. Keeping the cops busy tonight. Should there just be a police officer there all the time? It would save on gas.....
Heard something else about redbud lane....
I guess it was just burnt food? I remember falling asleep once, with a pizza in the oven.......once.
But no fire tonight. At least not yet......
3a1, fight on North michigan- prowler actually..calling party can see a flashlight on the front porch.
415 w. 17th also burning............
413 w 17th street, fire. Smoke coming from windows. Structure fire.
request to speak to an officer regarding a city contract??? odd time of night to do business...
vehicle verification in progress........
non-emergency transfer from LMH to KUMED. bummer dude.
Something about Redbud Lane...didn't catch the whole call but I can only imagine...
Medical 1600 Haskell-sounds like someone is drunk in front of an apartment. that place has been getting a lot of action lately.
Oops. Cop car has a head light out. He's gonna fix it himself. Nice.
Thigs are kind of quiet now....calm before the storm?
medical alarm on Rawhide Lane.

Sunday, November 28

3a3-another damn noise complaint for 1500 west 8th terrace. 3rd one tonight. I knew those places were dumps, but this is ridiculous.
3d4-sex crime complaint on Mississippi-victim at LMH ER.
3c6-parking violation east 31rst street. boring.
suspicious activity-1450 rd-same juveniles from previous call. crazy kids...maybe they'll get 'em this time.
3a1-noise complaint 1500 west 8th-jesus, that dump gets a ton of noise complaints. this one is for people "coming and going".
1450 rd-buglary in progress-juveniles in the reporting party's car. 2 juvies in a vehicle, other juvies climbing on a wood pile, 9 total. sigh...those carzy kids.
2c5 -1600 haskell ave-"area check" no further details.
1500 west 8th terrace- ANOTHER loud car stereo call.
2700 Ousdahl rd-theft report. Guy is signal 3- police code for mental patient.
Cops are visiting the West 31rst Street trailer park again tonight. Might as well just put a doughnut shop there.
911 hang-up call, 3 total from 2400 Iowa Street. University Inn? when called back someone picked the phone up and hung it back up. Guess what? The cops are gonna come anyway.
Short car chase on Hiway 56-guy just pulled over. Wise move my friend.
14th and Mass-northbound-green passenger car. Driving drunk. Curiously the tag returns on a 77 truck. Things that make ya go hmmmmmm........
Baldwin-high street-someone is breaking into someone's house right now. while the people are home. that is some scary shit.that's how people get their dumb-asses killed.
Suspicious person on Silicone Street.
500 block of Florida- vicious animal sent someone to the ER. Whaddya bet it was a pit bull?
Chevy S10 getting pulled over. I know an asshole who drives a Chevy S10-I hope it's him.
fire Alarm on Kensington Road-Prarie park road.
Locust and north 2nd-bicycle crash. ouch.
a call from someone in an apartment complex that the people downstairs are smoking weed. So what.
they have a guy on West 28th who is really drunk. He is not the suspect though.
drama on winterbrook-open 911 line-screaming and cussing in the background-child can be heard screaming "daddy, no!"
The dispatch made contact-it was 32 year old son- cody-he assaulted mom. He has several warrants.
I really, really hope they catch this bastard. He sounds like a real dirtbag.
1700 east 30th-ex-son-in-law trespassing.
Wine cellar has video of a shoplifting incident that occurred Saturday.
an employee at Kaseys is parked in the handicap spot and refuses to move.
1600 haskell- manager calling in because someone is smoking weed. You think they'd leave it alone and just let them chill.
Grass fire on 7th street by the water treatment plant.
possible structure fire off hiway 40.
legends trail drive-poor little dog has been tethered all weekend.
Hy-vee-some people left without paying-I think it was gas.
15th and Haskell-someone flashing a silver pistol with a white handle at the driver. let's see if they get them this time.
Some guy  actually know is threatening suicide. Don't think he'll do it, he does this ALL THE TIME.
burglary alarm at lawrence Automotive diagnostic.
burglary alarm at Glass House Liquor.
west 22nd terrace- someone stole this guy's brand new car battery and left an old one in it's place' Sounds like an inside job to me.
Someon e's getting served at the jail. that's kicking a man when he's down.
Alarm at Alumni Center.
2400 Alabama-disturbance-neighbor is upset with the caller and pounding on his wall. probably a smart move to call the cops-things have been escalating quickly this weekend.
parking violation on Elm street. cop receiving the call said it was going to have to wait.they are a little busy right now.
Couple of medical calls during all this; difficulty breatthing and possible stroke.
Zarco-west 6th street-some asshole with a gun....wearing a hoodie-trying to gathering more info..time lapse 1 minute...Callimng it a 10-32 at this time-(car chase). pretty early in the morning for cold steel.
Switching to G-comm1-calling it an armed robbery now...more to follow....
Burglary alarm at the tobacco mart on 23rd.
2700 bermer drive. Repo man is trying to repo a vehicle and thinks the VIN has been tampered with. wouldn't it just be easier to pay your bills?
attempt to locate two boneheads racing on County road 458.

Saturday, November 27

Fight at he Burger King on 23rd. Medic declined. Wait, holy shit, dude got pistol whipped by armed robbers!!!
2800 Meadow Drive- unknown emergency. Started with a 911 hang-up. when dispatch called back the male gave address and hung-up. The cops have already been out there once for a domestic disturbance.
Domestic distuebance on Manchester-male half just left in Red Ford Truck...probably a wise move.
noise complaint at 925 Emery Road. Wow! People having a party on Saturday  night at 11:00pm? HOW DARE THEY????????
So, I have been pretty busy over this holiday weekend and haven't really had time to update this blog. The sporadic listening to my scanner has enlightened my with the knowledge that the statistics have been proven correct again-there is a huge increase of violence over the Holiday...especially of the domestic sort. Stay tuned in, I will be full-on blogging the next 3 nights.
Physical altercation on Redbud Lane. Couple of yahoo's fighting over a TV someone borrowed. They both live in the complex. Neighborly.
Fwd: A group of guys at dirty dillons just put some poor schmuck in the trunk of their car.
Fwd: "Uncooperative shoplifter" at walmart. Resisting arrest.
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Thursday, November 25

Fwd: Some dude on kentucky ct is beating his gfriend w a hammer. In front of a 7yr old.
Armed robbery at gas station on 9th and louisiana. Suspect on the loose. With a fucking semi-automatic handgun. Manhunt is on. Like donkey kong.
Heatherwood drive-someone not breathing
someone feeling faint outside the firehouse. sounds like a good pick-up line.
oh lord. Some dude just called in because he thinks he's having a reaction to a cup of coffee....
Happy thanksgiving!
There is a cat on Perry street with a food can stuck on his head. BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24

2b2-clinton parkway. lake point-traffic accident-car is on FIRE!!!
noise complaint at 9th and Mass-subject is playing a drum. who in the hell is he disturbing?? That's where you SUPPOSSED to play drums.
theft in progress- Hy-vee-suspect in store wearing all black and stealing. As least he dressed the part.
traffic stop called for back-up-usually means someone is going to jail.
An officer got his patrol car broken into. At the Outhouse.
A officer just radioed in a said he was sitting up on the bridge on K-10 "so i can see them when they pass by...under the light".
I have no idea what he's talking about.
barking dog on Perry Street.
another call about loud music on West 6th. dispatcher didn't mention that there was a previous call to same address a few minutes ago.
Indian Avenue- I think it was a threatening call- but it's hard to tell because the dispatcher sounds like she is talking with a mouthful of cheetos.
3c6-noise complaint-lound music on 5555 west 6th. Loud music.
tresspassing on Heatherwood Drive-guy is banging on door-and for some reason they suspect guy was just in hospital for overdose. Well, he probably DOES need to sleep it off.
medical call on Santa Fe Drive. There seems to be a big time gap from when the initial call comes in and EMS is activated tonight. And very little details. "sick person" is the only detail.
curious-it's a very slowwwwww night. maybe everyone is gearing up for the holidays....

Tuesday, November 23

fire alarm on Harper Streer.
3d1-panic alarm at presta
This fucking dispatcher is as bad as the 2nd shift-no details and mumbles!!!!!!!!!!!! we'll see how much of this I can take.
Community Building burglary alarm.
suspicious activity east 150 road. Guy thinks someone was on his property and actually followed a car to shawnee county- he is calling from his car and thinks someone is STILL on his property.
Maybe they are there cause of the meth lab. sounds like he's been dipping into the product.
Employee at a Pizza Joint downtown- an employee has some questions about domestic abuse. hmmmmmm....
501 Colorado-theft-again. not a good day on Colorado Street.
so glad it's shift change- this dispatcher on 2nd shift is hard to understand.
tresspassing-subject banging on door-4900 block of somewhere....
2a1-check welfare-9th and Michigan-individual is walking down 9th street- apparantly he was under the care of LMH and is under the influence of narcotics-maybe. the mother of his kids wants nothing to do with him but wants to make sure he is ok. The police say he is doing nothing illegal and refuse to check on him. I thought narcotics were illegal.
theft 501 Colorado street. no further details.
1500 east 8th-noise complaint. those crappy apartments get A LOT of noise complaints.
501 east 10th noise complaint
severe nosebleed at Allen Field House.
criminal damage-1500burning tree court- a group of juveniles are throwing rocks at someone's house. i guess it's an ongoing problem. In my day we used to just T.P.
Non-emergenct transfer to Allen field house. now that is a die-hard fan. Literally.

Lawrence woman charged with stabbing boyfriend with kitchen knife /

Lawrence woman charged with stabbing boyfriend with kitchen knife /

One person killed, others injured, U.S. 59 closed after crash north of Lawrence involving a stolen vehicle /

One person killed, others injured, U.S. 59 closed after crash north of Lawrence involving a stolen vehicle /
So Toyota tundra guy drove through a bunch of barricades behind budig hall before he tore out of town and caused some terrible wrecks. He is in custody and being charged with a DUI, criminal damage and theft. I am sure more charges will follow.
Man this is complicated...the call at Teepee junction is ALSO related to accident at Midland Junction..but no injuries.
Another vehicle at Teepee junction that is being checked for something.
stolen truck guy in custody....
I am pretty sure this wreck and the stolen vehicle are related....I've got a friend in the business who agrees....
Car accident on Diagonal Road. EMS activated. Injury accident-it's near midland junction. 1 car accident.
Residential burglary on Ohio Street, the burglary occurred while a roommate was asleep!
Sorry, had to closely monitor my patient for a couple hours (yeah, I actually had to work!)

A blue toyota tundra was stoled from in front of Watson Labrary a couple of minutes ago. poor schmuck watched it drive away...just spotted on 15th and Naismith.
3b2-comercial alarm at Biggs Bar-b-q
Baldwin-residental alarm..

Monday, November 22

private tow at the reserve
3d1-check welfare on 900 block Maine street. Intersting-there was an call not to long ago for a guy trying to break into a house-and this call is about a guy walking up and down the street.
private tow 1337 Kentucky
1400 block Mass-investigating subjects in vehicle.
bike theft from the Easy Living trailer park.
905 Maine Street-burglary-transient male trying to force his way into a residence. Now he is just sitting on the back porch. Either he is really fucked up opr really stoopid. or both.
2a1,2a5-2001 west 6th-domestic disturbance-she can hear people screaming for help in the apartment below her. lots of voices being heard.
Medical Call-1400 west 21rst terrace-friend called the reporting party and said she was vomiting. No, not blood, just vomiting.
Auto-burglery in progress-21rst and Hillview-witnessed subject looking into vehicles with a flashlight....almost like he WANTED to get caught.
900 block of Kentucky- car vs bus
Medical-900 block New Hampshire-seizure-at the Salvation Army
A vehicle was seen on K-10 throwing a beer out of his car and going 90+ miles per hour.
Shoplifter at Wal-mart...again...
2d3,2c3-tresspassing at the community drop in center-an employee asked dude to leave and he madew threatening remarks to him. That's not a good way to get invited back, dumbfuck.
Lots of emergency transfer from LMH to various hospitals.
An "odor" at 12th and, that's just too easy.
Pinecone Drive-someone is complaining that there are teenagers playing outside and being loud. Are you serious? It's 8:00p.m. and you are complaining that teenagers are playing outside? where would you rather have them, driving around smoking weed? sitting on their ass playing video games?
So I was lidtening to the scanner on the way to work and it was busy!!! Lots of fights and domestic problems. So let's see what tonight has in store....
I'll be back tomorrow night. Or tonight. whatever.

Anyways, violence seems to be on the rise, especially domestic. I listened to my scanner sporadically all weekend and noticed this trend. It would be interesting to find accurate, current statistics.
Someone close to me has been affected by domestic violence and i am truly shocked and amazed by the laws that seem to protect the perptrator. This man was drunk-he has even admitted it-and was pulled over a couple blocks from her house. He has no license, no insurance and the best luck (next to Charlie Sheen). He refused the breathalyzer and was taken to LMH for a blood draw. And then he was let go.
He, of course, promptly walked back to the victims house and, for the second time in one night, tried to break in the victims house. The police told her if her came back a third time they would try to arrest him. He woould probably have gotten a disorderly conduct ticket.
So she has been displaced from her home, scared to be alone there with her small children. And yes, she will be obtaining a PFA today. I'm so sure that piece of paper will stop a crazed maniac. Insert sarcasm.

Good night all. See ya in a few hours.
traffic stop on Jayhawk Boulevard
3400 Augusta drive-trespassing-someone is tap tap tapping on the back door.
someone getting pulled over at 6th and Iowa. Usually doesn't end well this time of night.
Investigating subjects at the Mcdonalds at 6th and Wakarusa.
steve's autobody shop-non-emergency call-but they didn't specify the nature of the call.
There is an attempt to locate a gal that is driving from Ohio to California and hasn't been seen since yesterday.
Maybe she hasn't been seen since she driving from Ohio to California.
2400 Melrose lane-medical call-fall. yawn...
1100 block of west 10th street-cop got flagged down.

This is an interesting nugget on holiday violence.

Take some forced family togetherness, the stress of the holidays, a little alcohol in some cases and you've got a recipe that can sometimes end up in family violence.

Police say they deal with family fights every Thanksgiving.

"It becomes an emotional time for all, and it's a stressful time in certain ways," Ogden Police Lt. Scott Conley said.

Ogden police said that on Thanksgiving, they get a lot of calls about child custody disputes between bitter parents.

"We become the mediator over some disagreement or disorderly conduct of using the child against one another," Conley told Fox 13 News.

A recent study by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and UC San Diego documented police calls about partner violence, taking note of particular holidays. They found a 22-percent increase on Thanksgiving; a 17-percent increase on Christmas; a 32-percent spike on New Year's Eve; and a 28-percent hike on the Fourth of July, among other holidays.

The study, paid for by a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's major finding was an 8-percent increase in partner violence as a result of an upset loss in an NFL football game. The study's results didn't surprise Sheila Richins, the director of the Safe Harbor Domestic Violence Shelter in Davis County.

"It's like, get angry and kick the dog but the dog isn't here, so we'll kick our wife instead," she told Fox 13 News.

Police and victim advocates have noticed a marked increase in people calling crisis hotlines as the economy plummeted.

"Our calls have gone up, yes, in the last several months," Richins said. "We kind of attribute that to the lack of financial support that maybe families are getting and the stress that puts them under."

Richins noted that beginning the first week of December, she sees a lot of women and children come into the shelter, before dropping off before Christmas.

"I think that's because even though women are in domestic violence situations and things are terrible, they're not willing to jeopardize their children's ability to have a good Christmas so they stay," she said.

The shelter's beds begin filling up again in January, Richins said.

If you are in an abusive situation and need help, you are urged to call the state's domestic violence help line at 1-800-897-LINK (5465) or click on any of the links next to this story.

something is going on at 23rd and haskell. No shit.
23rd street brewery-someone called witrh unknown emergency. They just found out its a medical call. Someone got hit in the head and is bleeding.
3d2,3d6 1300 block of new hampshire-burglury in progress-someone banging on the door trying to get in,
1315 east 25th terrace-3c1,3c2-calling party got hit in the eye by her fucking asshole boyfriend. Unknown if he's still in the area.
927 maple street-disturbance- boyfriends brother is there with all his buddy's drinking and yelling. Sounds like brother has a history of violence.
Hey, here's an idea-don't invite a violent asshole and his buddies to your house to drink?????
hasn't been shit going on for a while.

Sunday, November 21

1815 stratford road-the water tower- generators have failed. huh. kind of a big deal, I would think...
3800 Clinton Parkway-911 hangup.
Bar Check on 700 Block of New Hampshire has resulted in a disturbance, no weapons.
Unknown non-emergency-3700 west 6th-female called saying she had a psychotic ex-boyfriend who was screaming in the background she stole his vehicle.
why are they calling that a "unknown non-emergency" sounds like a well-know urgent emergency to me. just sayin'
3100 ousdahl road- check welfare-someone called in worried about this gal who is staying with her boyfriend.not sure why.
Kasold and Harvard-loud bang-no one saw nothing.
couple of people going to jail.
2c2-private tow on New Hampshire street. Doon't even know why I posted that. and now somehow I have turned on italics and don't know how to turn this shit off. FUCK!!!!
cops running a tag on someone and there is no record of this tag number. curious.
east 23rd street-someone came home and their door was open, asking for a police walk-thru. seems reasonable enough.
Ki Omega fountain-someone's getting pulled over, along with many others
1500 lindenwood lane-unknown emergency-female caller called 911 and said she needed someone removed then hung up. details, details....
Inverness-medical call for a fall. people sure seem to fall down there alot.
Eudora-person reporting seeing a face in the window. eeewwwwww....that's some scary shit.
erratic driver-K-10-silver passenger car
glenview drive-domestic problems-reported possibly physical-female has a baseball bat. that's not fucking around.
gray volkswagon going wrong way on 1100 block of Louisiana. damn hippies.
Someone's requesting to speak to an officer about their Lease. really?
for some reason the cops are searching for a KU professor-checking his office and lab. wonder what the crazy professor is up too?
for some reason this original post didn't post- so anyway- some chickenshit called in on Louisiana-he was too scared to look out the window-but heard someone getting their ass kicked. Heard a bunch of guy say "get on the ground". Now the cops are checking the hospital...
950 Road-tresspassing-ongoing problem-this crazy mother fucker that used to hang around when I was in high school is tearing up someone's property on 4 wheelers. Doesn't suprise me, I saw this guy swim across the kansas river to shake the cops. I just can't believe he's out of prison.
Holy Cat Shit, batman!!! this is the third, yes third, call I have heard today for a stray cat!! What the fuck? Don't you think the officers have enough to do? This call had a language barrier also. The cat should be happy it's not Chop Suey.
I work tonight and the next 3 nights-so tune in around 9:00 and see what's happening in YOUR nieghborhood.

Friday, November 19

west 24th street-woman being assaulted by husband. Called in by wife's dad. good job dad!!!
noise complaint 2200 Louisiana.
someone got jacked in a parking lot by the game.
wreckless driver-pontiac sunfire at Target. I'm telling ya, these big box stores ain't safe till after the holidays.
458 rd-deer in the roadway-someone is trying to drag it off the road. good for them. don't see why someone would call the cops on them for trying to help out.
600 Illinois street-some dude and a dog are sitting on someone's front porch. She asked him to leave a half an hour ago and he remains sitting there.
Some people just can't take a hint.
1300 north 550-suspicious activity-male subjuct with a flashlight in someoness front he's going across the street to the neighbors front door.
yeah, I'd call the cops on that one too.
someone hurt their knee at the game. medics en route.
I just realized I have been misspelling burlary this whole time.
residential burglery-Harper street.
Kasold dr-fall resulting in hip injury, medical call.
1500 block of Iowa- property damage.
request for an officer with a "cage" to 2300 Wakarusa. somebody is being Baaaaaaaddddd!
25th street-violation of a protection order. Girl had order against guy, she is in laundry room doing laundry in apt. Dude came over and locked her in laundry room, she is there waiting for police.
2300 Wakarusa- someone is in someone's apartment screaming about killing people. I guess her roommate invited her in.
Time to find a new roommate I'd say.
Lifeflight is responding to something in Paola.
cow in the roadway on north 1200 rd-weird, that's the second "cow in the roadway" call today.

Just a FYI....

City police officers soon may have more ability to arrest people for violating laws like aggressive panhandling and noise ordinances. A new report out of City Hall is recommending that city commissioners exempt Lawrence from a state law that limits when people can be arrested for a municipal offense. When it comes to municipal laws — basically laws that are on the city’s books but not the state’s books — police officers are limited in their ability to arrest a violator without a warrant unless one of four conditions are met: the person refuses to sign the ticket consenting to show up in court; the person is unable to produce identification; the person is not a resident of Kansas (that’s because you can’t extradite someone from another state on a municipal offense); or the police officer has probable cause that the person will cause physical harm if not arrested immediately.
Scott Miller, an attorney for the city, said that can make it difficult for the police to arrest an individual who keeps violating the same municipal law over and over again. He cited the city’s noise ordinance and the city’s aggressive panhandling ordinance as situations where broader authority may be helpful.
For example, an aggressive panhandler (see the link for the legal definition) can be given multiple tickets but cannot be arrested unless one of the four conditions is met.
“That frustrates people who keep calling in the complaints, and it frustrates police officers who keep dealing with the same complaints,” Miller said.
10th and Mass-possible criminal damage-someone is blocked in a parking space and they think the vehicle also hit them.
3300 induatrial lane- that's the address of Juvie...
625 Brentwood Drive-aggressive solicitor.
Some dude on Haskell Ave was pulled over and shooting his handgun towards the woods. What the fuck??
Panic Alarm at taco johns on haskell-silent alarm.
property damage on Crossgate.
2500 morningside-suspicious activity-2 people walking through neighborhood. didn't think that was against the law...
Alarm at Commerce Bank-not specified. At Kansas Union.
highway 56 power line obstruction removed.
4601 west 6th-panic alarm.
dover court-dog fell in the sewer line.
Fire on Hilltop drive.
power line down on 56 hiway-300 rd.
4400 adam avenue-request frpm reporting party to check on a residence that they think should be claimed uninhabitable-and several childen live there.
cow in the roadway at 1400.
Criminal Damage at Juvenile Detention Center- a juvenile that was just taken into custody just destroyed the toilets in the bathroom.
Carbon Minoxide alarm on Elm street.
Someone just got pulled over and their license is suspended indefinatley for a "failure to comply..."
Injury accident 9th and Michigan.
Couple emergenct transfers from LMH
someone breaking into a car with a coathanger on KU
anonymous tip that a runaway is at an address on Harper Strret with his girlfriend.
car vs. deer. didnt get location.
ROAD RAGE incident at

walmart-a white chevy truck almost rear ended a maroon car, then the truck verbally assaulted the reporting party. The truck driver is now inside walmart, and the car is waiting for the cops. And I guess the car told the truck they would mace them if they came at them again.
never a dull moment at Walmart during the holidays.

Thursday, November 18

hiway 59-someone tried to run another car off the, it's on Haskell ave.
Ridge Court-medic al call-diabetic problems.
3300 Iowa-2 males and two females shoplifting. Sounds like a fun double date.
2100 deleware-911 hang-up/
360 block of brush creek-that SAME dodge neon got in ANOTHER car wreck and left the scene-cops have him in sight. fucking idiot.
Car accident-a silver dodge neon left the scene with deployed air bags. Didn't catch the location-I was laughing thinking about some poor schmuck trying to drive that peice of crap with deployed airbags!!!
2700 Iowa-motorist assist.
west 24th street-domestic disturbance-verbal only.
Medical call on Melrose-someone fell down.
east 1250 rd.-chrck welfare-dr's office is teying to get ahold of a lady about her blood test and they can't get a hold of her. Must not have been favorable results.
2441 west 6th-father and son fighting in front of store. it must be pretty bad cause they got a couple calls. father has son restained...sounds pretty fucking serious.
non-injury accident on four-wheel-drive.
someone at bob billings and westbrook- someone's car got egged.
stauffer place-some duude has been hanging out in front of there for a few days, smoking cigs and looking at his watch. didn't know that was illegal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
RSO check on Graybuirn Terrace- I THINK that means registered sex offender, but I am not sure.
roadway obstruction 500 block of 23rd. like 23rd street didn't suck bad enough...
1600 Haskell Ave-medical call-infant with difficulty breathing.
29th and Fenwick-loose poodle
winterbrook drive-aggressive solicitors.
1200 Delware-parking violation- abandonded Dodge Neon. those are stupid cars.
1400 prarie avenue-graffitti on house and car. Damn kids
White SUV won't pull over on I-35
Oak Tree Drive-residence alarm.
1320 east 16th street-medical call-someone is dizzy.
a couple of Juvenile boys going to deterntion center from LHS. not sure why.
Theft on Wimbeldon drive.
(Arby's)1533 west 23rd-some guys just poured some concrete and a car drove through the barriers and drove through it. that sucks. they are calling it criminal damage-those barricades are usually there for a reason!
Forgery at Mass Beverage. I didn't think anyone even really took checks anymore???
2200 barker-parking complaint
3000 block of Iowa-someone is working on their car and the reporting party doesn;t think it looks safe enough.
What an asshole-instead of stopping to see if he needs help, he calls the cops?

Wednesday, November 17

burglury alarm at 2301 Iowa.
Something big is going on...I was away from my scanner actually doing work-A standoff is going on. a female is sitting on her couch with a sawed off shotgun, pointing it at officers.
She has pumped it twice but no shells have come out so they think it is unloaded...
Baldwin-baker street-chest pain.
1600 haskell- welfare check, no further details.
west 24th street-subject in parking lot walking around trying to open car doors. Male with white shirt, white pants. who wears THAT when they are being shady?
Structure fire 1130 Tennessee-stay tuned.
1900 west 31rst street-medical-seizure at the trailer park.
someone getting serves a warrant on west 6th. That's sneaky.
3d4-disturbance no weapons at Quintons. Subjects outside yelling at each other. Silly frat boys.
Some dude in a white and red truck has been chillin in the Mcdonalds parking lot for an hour.
really slow night.....I keep checking to see if my scanner is still on....I guess that's good, just boring.
So some drunk bastard got his money stolen in Centennial park by 5 guys wearing masks. They got into a car and left. And I guess the victim's buddy ditched him too. His night sucks.
Summerfield- someone got their keys stolen.

Tuesday, November 16

silver chevy van-eastbound on 23rd, possible drunk driver, almost sideswept a van.
Behind Ellsworth Hall- a 15 year old is drunk and says she can't go home....well, apparantly you can't stay here either.
721 Wakarusa-Johnny's West-someone is complaining because they are power washing. I guess it is almost midnight on Tuesday.
cresent road-check welfare of a minor- approx 16year old drunk and passed out half in the road.
noise complaint on Ousdahl Road.
Oliver Hall-medical emergency-possible alcohol poisoning.
5th and Colorado-Black Pontiac slid off the road.  Doesn't sound sober.
3801 Clinton Parkway-medical emergency-someone passed out in front of building. You can tell thats a nicer part of town cause they are sending EMS out. usually they just send an officer first.
1100 louisiana-suspicious activity. Some dude in a black jacket, black hat, has been stalking a girl. her boyfriend is now following him.
Another call about natural gas smell by Mccolluogh Hall. They JUST resolved the last call.
Car chase-black mazda-1 mile from Lawrence-the EastGate-they are in eastbound lane going west, only going 45 miles an hour, but they have a flat tire.
Now they are going in a ditch....
and apprenhended. By lecompton police. way to go guys.
Another subject going to LMH for possible blood draw. to check for alcohol.
Traffic stop on west 19th street, requesting another unit for assistance. suspect from Illinois.
East 30th street, non-injury accident
2900 Lawrence Ave, 74 year old man has fallen. Poor guy.
SOme gal is kneeling in a parking lot making suicidal comments-her brother says she is off her meds. Gotta take those!
Marijuana odor at Oliver Residence Hall.
3 drunk chicks walking in and out of the road. well, it's better than driving...
An officer is leaving LMH with a subject en route to douglas county jail. my best guess is DUI.
Marijuana odor at Hashinger Hall.
Odor of natural gas-McCollum Hall. EMS activated.
2ba-Heatherwood drive-violation of PFA in progress.
Harrassment on East 7th Street. Sounds like the name of a Broadway play or some shit like that.
2d1, 2a3-burglury in progress. 1000 block of Tennessee-someone trying to get into someones house. He is now at the church across the street. Dumb ass. Run!!!
Parking Violation on Rhode island Street apartment; someone parked their boat in a private spot. WTF?
Another call to Redbud Lane, I think it was for a stolen credit card that does have fraudulent charges on it.
Attempt to locate call- "Things in the air" above 1600 Haskell Ave. What the fuck does that mean? Paper airplanes, flying saucers??

Nov 16

I was listening to my scanner on the way to work and it was busy;
Gas Leak on Redbud lane
Structure fire at jayhawk food mart
Runaway from Redbud lane (big shocker there!)
13th and Rhode Island= car vs. dog. I bet the car won.
very, very quiet! I am working a little later than usual and really could use some action. Preferably without injuries though.
3d2-826 kentucky-someone got their ass kicked.
For some reason a unit is en route to Lansing with a white man and a white woman. Why Lansing?
West 24th- medical call-some dude is passed out from injuries sustained from a fight earlier. yowza.
Congessional Circle-requesting assistance for a fall-no ambulance needed.....someone fell and they can't get up.
600 block of somewhere-didn't catch it-someone heard a disturbance between a man and woman. Really?
827 walnut street-tresspassing call. subject is at the door of a trailer asking for someone who doesn't live there. he is wearing a black leather jacket with an American Flag. Phil?
Short car chase. Guy finally stopped. probably going to jail.
I deleted this original post. It was a possible suicide call. The victim did not survive. God bless him and his family.
Kwik Shop on 23rd-white male came in store and just took a pack a cigarettes and rode his bike away. Just like that.
3b8-threats reported at "The Exchange" (what is that?) off Ousdahl.
Attempt to locate a gal in a maroon mitsubishi-she was suppossed to call her dad when she left the game to head to Emporia, she never called. You know she's partying.
513 Durham Court, fire alarm. who cares.
3b4-911 hang-up, area of 2400 block of Murphy Drive-unable to call number back.
Sending Medics to the fire on Mass. non-emergency though.
Safees downtown- alarm, glass broken.
10th and Kentucky-emergency at The Shelter-someone is yelling that someone is trying to kill them.

Monday, November 15

1519 west 23rd, store is closed but there is a shelf of books left out. Hurry! Free books!
whole bunch of nothing going on...
Chevy Silverado requiring a motorist assist on 10th and Kentucky.
Car wreck somewhere on K-10, routine traffic stops..blah, blah, blah.....
530 Eldridge Street-medical-difficulty breathing
Some woman just called in requesting assistance-she just left her husband and kids and has no where to go. I don't even know what to say about that.
4501 Wimbeldon Drive- Strange car. They don't tolerate that shit over there.
suspicious activity at the Sonic, Northside, Dark Green Pontiac just sitting in the parking lot blacked out, not ordering food or anything. Sounds like they are "casing the joint".
2b4-Hampton Court Apartments-Fight-of some sort....between brothers...language barrier...sounds like a hot fucking mess to me.
Chest pain-1129 Conneticut.
Someone tried to use a fake ID at 2330 Iowa. And the place kept it. Sucks!
Student Rec Center- some drunkard is trying to enter Chelsea on this one buddy-Nautilaus is NOT a good idea when you've had a few...
Whatever was going down in Eudora is now terminated....
not gonna put the address on this one- someone suspects sexual relations between her 18year old boyfriend and her 14 year old daughter....unclear if the 18 year old is the mom's boyfriend or the daughters....
Some poor schmuck thought his Enterprise car got stolen...nope, towed...
4000 block of Crossgate court-reports that main sewer line may be broken. That will be a shit storm-or "Storm O Shit".

Game Day!!!!

sounds like just some parking stuff and crowd control so far.....
911 hang up on 2300 block of Ridge Court. Actually about 8 calls in last 45 minutes.
some dude got picked up and was found to be carrying someone elses KU ID. So they are trying to track down the truth....
Joseph Drive- heard female screaming outside of house. creepy.
And another call to the Michigan Street trailer park. Guess homeboy from earlier call came back.
Another fight/drama at the Michigan Street Trailer Park.
Morningdove circle-difficulty breathing-EMS en route
fire alarm- Green Hall. I bet they get sick of all the fire alarms on KU
Fire Alarm-1602 west 15th street
Fight on Rawhide Lane-Dude's wife is trying to get into the room where he and his kids are...dispatch can hear banging in the background....
Area check at Martin Park and traffic stops....

Sunday, November 14

Road obstruction on K-10
911 hang-up from the Virginia Inn.
North Michigan Street- disturbance-someone is trying to remove their brother from their house. I don't get it, when someone wants you to leave, why would you want to stay?????
2c6-roadway obstruction 23rd and Alabama
North 700 Rd. Car vs. deer.
1221 21rst-report of a smoke-filled basement. Sounds like "That 70's Show".
Lots of people getting pulled over off west 31rst st...
Suspicious activity on east 24th....arrrrgh....this dispatcher gives very few details,. but her shift is almost over..
Injury Accident-in Lecompton-medics dispatched-no code assessment yet
2c6-check welfare-east 24th street-some guy is trying to call his Mom and she isn't answering...My guess is she is probably Christmas shopping cause he's SUCH A GOOD BOY!!!!!!! fucking suck-up.
2600 block Oxford Road- Barking dog....some people really shouldn't have neighbors...
Car Fire- 1900 west 13rst street-what is there? I think it's car lots. hmmmmmm.....
north 1100 road-medical call...unconscious person...yes, that is all the details I heard.
boring traffic stops....
2c5-something going down at the Wendy's parking lot...

November 13, Sunday Night...and you thought Sunday was a day of rest???

Saturday, November 13

west 22nd street, ANOTHER car accident. jeez.
5200 Block Eisenhower Place- a "prowler". Yeah, they really said the word "prowler". That word looks weird when I type it.
I haven't posted much this eve due to spotty internet coverage-but the is ANOTHER injury acident at 10th and Iowa. There have been a lot of accidents tonight. SO OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AND SLOW DOWN!!!
Internet has been spotty last few hours-but it's been a CRAZY night....some dude on Engel Road flipped his car, then he got out of the car, flipped it back over and drove off!
Several people thrown in jail due to multiple fights throughout the city,
Right now, car accident on 6th and Iowa, a telephone pole about to fall over, EMS on scene and KPL on the way.
Alcohol violations at The Hawk.

Friday, November 12

Bar check at The Hawk
Ellsworth Hall-Alcohol Poisoning.
routine traffic stops.......
Noise complaint at 10th and Conneticut. What the hell? NOTHING goes on at 10th and Conneticut???
numerous juveniles on 1950 rd.
Hampton Inn-Panic alarm- showing "general Panic" whatever the fuck that means/.
theft in progress-1805 west 2nd-liquor store-seen running eastbound in a white hoodie. who robs a liquor store wearing a white hoodie. moron.
17th and Louisiana-red truck hit lightpost and left the scene. it's ok, lightposts make poor eyewitnesses...

told ya so....nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane

Four defendants to face trial in connection with October robbery, shooting on Redbud Lane

November 12, 2010
Though one of four defendants charged in connection with an October robbery on Redbud Lane protested in court Friday, the state has sufficient evidence for all four to face trial, a Douglas County District Court judge ruled.
Judge Robert Fairchild lowered the bond for some of the four defendants — all Topeka residents — accused in connection with the late night shooting of a 28-year-old Lawrence resident and a 25-year-old man being hit with the butt of a pistol.
Christopher A. Bush, 19, is accused of pulling the trigger, and the other three — Ashley A. Halstead, 22, Desmond J. Jackson, 19, and Rylie R. Musik, 18 — are accused of creating a plan to rob the two victims.
All four defendants are charged with aggravated battery, two counts of attempted aggravated robbery and two counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery.
On Friday, Musik’s attorney argued that she was not part of the plan, and had told others in the group that she didn’t want to be a part of it.
After testimony from the two victims and a Lawrence police detective, Fairchild ruled that sufficient probable cause existed to move forward in the case.
The two victims said that they were lost, and found their way to the Iowa Street Walmart parking lot. One of the two victims — both spoke through an interpreter — testified that one had a slip of paper with one of their addresses on it, and had asked around for a ride to that address.
After the two men met the four defendants, the defendants hatched a plan to rob the men, using the two women as a distraction while the men came in from behind and robbed the victims, Lawrence police detective Mike McAtee testified.
All four defendants have trial dates scheduled in the coming months.
800 pennsylvania- burgler alarm.
800 block of Walnut-Mom was suppossed to drop off a kid to Dad tonight and didn't show up. Oopsie.
Someone got busted using a stolen card at Wal-mart and Amaco-what a bastard!!!! And an idiot- I mean, of course you're going to get caught...better chance at just shoplifting...
Traffic accident on K-10 must be a bad one, highway is shut down and traffic being rerouted....:(
Someone fell in the parking lot on Swegler and Naismith, and they are calling an ambulance; I don't know about you, but I'd have to fall off of something taller than my shoes before I'd let them call the ambulance. And something more inportant than my shoulder had better be hurt-what a pussy.
Lots of parking issues, sounds like a that how you spell that???

Friday Night

Black jeep Wrangler drove off with a tankful of gas from Kwik Shop on 19th and Mass. Ha!

Tuesday, November 9

Good Night!

wrapping it up for the night-I am exhausted. I've got the next few nights off, but I mat still blog a bit! Stay tuned, and send a message and let me know what ya think!
Kwik Trip on 23rd, "intoxicated subject" non-responsive but breathing. Medic en route.
Loud music, 5000 Clinton Parkway.
1015 west 23rd street at dillons- the earlier call about the possible drunk driver at 23rd and Alabama, remember him? Now homeboy is passed out in front of-not in-his vehicle in the dillons parking lot. They even called medics.
23rd and Alabama-possible drunk driver. Possible? More like probable...
SUV-red suburban-won't pull over!!!!! Just crossed the bridge-80mph-ran the light-setting out spikes...stay tuned!!!!!!!!
2c2-parking violation 1308 conneticut. A truck has been parked there since friday. DO you REALLY have nothing better to do at 1a.m.? Really?
10th and Mississippi- "disturbance" male subject outside yelling about stabbing someone. Only one subject seen. don't know who he's yelling at.' Bluetooth technology can be funny.
Noise complaint at 9th and Mass. WTF? who is complaining????
someone from Kansas City is calling to request to speak to an officer regarding harrassing phone calls It is about the time of night drinking and dialing starts. Unless you've been drinking all day. then you're a fucking loser.
1600 block of indiana- fall-medical call. boooooooorrrrrrrrringgg......
3c1, 3c2-road rage 29th place and Louisiana. Black carbullying a BMW-

Monday, November 8

"Disturbance" and 10th and Mass. No shit.
Jayhawk Towers, some drunk guy is outside "yelling obscentities". On a school night? Geez.
1700 Mass, medical call- a fall. I thinks that's the assisted living place. they fall a lot.
Shift Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good, this 2nd shift dispatcher mumbles and it makes me crazy (er).
Stalker on Randall Road. Or so someone thinks. Whatever.
traffic stops....nothing much to report.......
hayworth hall- fire alarm. probably microwave popcorn or something like that.
Something is going on with LMH- not sure what, but they are "ready".
someone called in some guys smoking a bong. turns out they were smoking tobacco through a hookah. Ameteurs.
2c5-900 west 20th terr- mom hasn't been able to reach son and daughter-in-law for 2 days. knowing the neighborhood here's scenarios; 1. methlab blew up, 2. maybe they just don't want to talk to their obviously annoying mother-in-law.

November 8

300 block of Maine- suspicious activity- dude is a red truck sitting on a privacy fence watching the kids go by. It's like 9:00 at night in Novemeber-shouldn't your kids be inside????Just sayin,
I am having really spotty internet connections tonight, and the channel keeps going off-line. I am going to wrap it up for tonight and iron out some technical issues. I will be back tomorrow night.
Just for shit's and giggles-check out the local newspaper and see how much was actually reported.
It's not as safe out there as you would like to think. Walk with your eyes open, and be careful when you drive. Lock your doors at night. And stay the fuck away from Redbud Lane.
3d4-burcham Park-Not quite sure what they got called for, but they are headed that way.
3c2-21rst and Mass-someone's apartment is flooding and they can't get a hold of their landlord. Guess the water just keeps pouring in. That totally sucks ass.
736 Maine-altercation- waman attacked by roommates friend and they left in Silver saturn.

Sunday, November 7

lots of people getting pulled over on Ousdahl.
3c2,3c3-Fight on 2800 Kensington Rd. Started as a 911 hang-up, then dispatch called back and female reported a fight-then hung up.
3c4- 911 hang-up at Babcock place. Don't hear much about that place.
Disturbance in the ER at LMH, mental health patient trying to leave...
slowwwwww night.
White Nissan Sentra getting pulled over with no tag on 23rd.
Someone's dog is going to doggy-jail.
Someone from Missouri got pulled over- hasn't had a license for over 3 years. Go home dude, after your trip to the county jail.
A cop witnessed a skateboarder "crah and burn" at 9th and Avalon. Paramedics en route. That is a steep hill.
2900 blk Santa Fe Lane- Domestic- woman want husband out of residence. Verbal only at this time
2b5-2300 ridge court-Hampton Court- female called said she needed police, was crying, no apartment number. unable to call back.
100 block west 17th-routine traffic stop
A blue car hit a stop sign and drove away-no descrition on the vehicle. The reporting party is drunk too. not even sure where it happened. SOmeone needs to take this asshole's phone away.
OK! Was having technical difficulties- both scanner sources were off-line for a bit, but problem solved so let's see what's going down tonight.

Calling it a night...

No calls for a while, and I better get my work done. I will be back tomorrow night, so be sure to check in and see what's happening....or see what happened while you were sleeping. Good night/morning...whatever.