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Sunday, December 12

medics at motel 6- established command..lets see what they find
1130 North 3rd..Motel 208..rapid heartbeat....meth...
lazy brook area- dog has been outside for a long time.
Dillons on 23rd-white female walking around asking for money-ongoing problem
3600 west 24th street. disturbance, no weapons....someone is pointing lazer beams through her windows....
animal bite-homeboy is at LMH. that's some "animal"
454 N. Iowa. River Ridge Liquor. Business alarm......

It's Sunday, of course. Damn Kansas Liquor Laws. Maybe somebody needed a friggin beer.....?

I don't blame them.....
2831 Qual Crest Place- Sunflower Bank- front door alarm...getting paid.....
2b4-car alarm on Ridge Court-red vehicle has an alarm sounding off. call the cavalry, their boom box is getting jacked.
Delores, on 10th Street has a problem, but I am unsure as to what it is, besides being named Delores.
1311 Prairie...... they cant find any smoke or heat in the attic. They are pulling out.
2c2-directing traffic at 21rst and Naismith- a stop sign is down. And people turned stoopid.
The fire dept. can't see any flames. Medic 1 on scene...... 1311 Prairie.

Fire dept. is going in.... and accessing the attic.

Engine 5 is putting a ladder up to check it out from above.
1311 Prairie Ave..... Chimney fire, flames coming out.

Engine 1, Quint 1 in route......

They prob. didn't clean the flue this year, and are burning creosote.
Now i heard "put me on the signal 4"- meaning suicide- i guess that explains the last post.
just heard a radio blip and the cop was saying "you don't get it". Well, guess what, either do I.
1600 Haskell. Suspicious activity......... apt. 113. Officer on scene. Subject on bicycle, wearing a cammo coat, heavy facial hair.

I think I saw this guy tonight at 9th and Indiana.... he was riding a small blue bicycle, carrying a case of cheap beer, and matched description......
2d6-325 maine-uncooperative patient at LMH- patient keeps trying to "take off"
2424 Melrose Place-medical call-fall....
1800 Block of haskell ave- noise complaint- neighbor outside revving his truck. that's what they do over there.
2511 west 31rst street- business alarm..
North 200  Rd, damage to a mailbox. Thank goodness it's Sunday and there is no mail!
Medical call-1700 Massachuttes-allergic reaction...sounds like a Charlie Sheen move...
1700 Mass, apt 614 Medical Call. I think that is Babcock Place.

Engine 1 in route.
Officers sound like they are inside. 2300 Wakarusa. Subject with shotgun.
More officers in route to 2300 Wakarusa....... I think they are bracing for the worst.

Subject has shotgun.
2200 Harper- request to speak to an officer- reference her 17 year old daughter moving out...with a boy..
Code 1. They went to G com 1. Private radio.

Something is going down!!
Called in back-up.........

Cops are looking inside apt. now......2300 Wakarusa.

They said there is the suspect in the apt, who is on the phone laughing, also he has the bedroom window open with a fan blowing in???? Wtf?
officer is on scene now with this 2300 Wakarusa call.
suspicious activity 2300 Wakarusa Drive- with weapons- while leaving caller saw someone with a gun, possibly a shotgun- on the deck. And he was trying to conceal it in his pantleg. Not very successfully, apparantly.
2125 Quail Creek- Domestic disturbance- dad grabbed daughter's boyfriend- he is now getting into car. Pretty extensive history at this address. Family game night, anyone?
Chancellor's residence- car's parked in front of residence. Is that how the elite live??
North 300 Road- non-injury accident. Car vs hay bale. I wonder who won?
Domestic disturbance- 1600 Haskell Ave- possibly just verbal- friend is calling for victim who speaks only spanish. History at this location.
2111 kasold drive- Quail Creek apartments.
2424 West 24th Street Terrace (sigh.....)...Civil standby- female is there to pick up her belongings..sounds like that's probably a good idea, they did have a rough weekend. Might want to send back-up.
2d3- 3 vehicle accident at 9th and Illinois- so if your headed to Burrito King, you might want to make a run for the border instead.
An officer just called in to dispatch, to find out what the Chiefs' football game score was....... it's kind of a slow night.
2440 Surrey Drive- caller is concerned because there is a cat sleeping on the front porch. Thinks it's too cold. Is it a hairless cat or something????
4500 Overland Drive, civil standby. For a child exchange. Sucks when it comes to that.
Dumpster on fire on 1008 Power Street. Officer on scene, trying to get it away from the house......
Injured deer on Hwy 40. I guess it isn't dead?
938-Intrusion alarm at KU Hall of Athletics...
Gold Nissan Altima-vehicle speeding and cutting in front of callers vehicle, and just being RUDE! 6th and Kasold.
2c4-business alarm- South Jr. High- front door breach.
Disturbance at The Subway on 23rd- subject in front of store yelling and making threats at the caller. unknown if there is any weapons.
1228 Pery Avenue- caller believes her son is at this location.
2300 block West 26th street- report of sex crime.
2d6-disturbance, no weapons-225 north 5th- girl is breaking items inside house, AND she is the same subject from an earlier civil standby...guess they should have stuck around.
There goes that same Fire Alarm in Baldwin..........

There must be flames. They are requesting more man power, and EMS.

Sprinklers are not deployed just because the alarm goes off. There has to be heat to melt the trigger on them.
500 Lawrence St., is in Baldwin, and the fire alarm has gone off again.

Fire reported that the sprinklers are on, but I haven't heard if there are actually flames.
Follow up on Fire call:

Sprinklers are on inside 500 Lawrence St. I think the boys from Fire are going to bust in.
500 Lawrence St. Fire Alarm. I think that's a school.

Engine Fire 1 / Quint 1 in route.
1214 Bluestem Drive: Suspicious person, looking inside cars, nosing around. Officer in Route.
There was some sign damage downtown from the winds last night.
2200 Harper Street- medical emergency at the trailer park. abdominal pain. must be some serious tummy ache.
691 North 1550 Road- fire alarm.
Easy Living trailer park- check welfare on child- child called and said her mother had been hitting her. Bad, bad mommy.
2a4-Check Welfare at Montana Mike's-woman inside appears to be signal 3 (a.k.a. mental).
Burlary alarm at "Signs of Life" bookstore, downtown.
Check welfare at Babcock Place. Woman was expecting her Mother to show up this morning and she didn't.
901 Mass, burglary alarm at weavers. Probably just an employee getting ready to open up for some holiday shopping.
901 Mass, Weavers. building Alarm, back door triped the alarm. Officer in route.
Dispatch and a 5-0 are arguing about whether or not an ATL has been put out for this damn has a lot of damage...
3d1-10th and Mass- guy calling, says he's lost and trying to get to Randall Road. I would NEVER call the cops at 3am if i was lost. I would rather walk till I dropped.just sayin'
call from a lady who got her purse stolen from Johnny's tavern.
cop has a honda prelude pulled over with damage to car- suspect in previous hit and run..
Unruly subject en route to the pokey....
I've gotta ask, why are you people from Croatia lookig at this site? Not that I have any problem with Croations...I'm just curious...
4419 Adam Ave- 38 year old gal threatening suicide. Says he's tired and "wants to end it" (who isn't) possibly has a gun.
2329 Iowa- burglary alarm
700 Block of tennessee..suspect vehicle hit a parked car,and left.
23rd and Tennessee- northbound side of road-well, never mind..someone picked up the subject and took him home. good looking out, friend.
2409 Morningside Drive, physical fight. ubits en route
Delta Tua delta (maybe spelling off) 11 west 11th..diabetic emergency............whiskey ain't insulin.........
still looking for that stoopid van....
14th and Mass- hit and run.."older model van". probably has that sticker that says "don't laugh, you're daughter's in here". Scumbag.
2511 west 31rst street...loud music..
subject was blue at one point..but they said they "didn't need anyone to respond". Hey, if I'm EVER blue..send a unit STAT!
1732 West 24th Street..subject not breathing...ahhh..24th street again...
1732 w 24th street, apt 37c. Medical call. Subject not breathing..... but then downgraded to difficulty in breathing.
11th and Kentucky. Officer in route....
981- Acorn Street in Eudora- party bus outside, noise complaint.
3c5-13th and kentucky.. a white Ford Tuarus hit a parked car and stuck around to talk about it...either he's REALLY sober, or REALLY drunk.
23rd and Alabama. Officer in route, as well as 13th and KY.

Checking buildings to see if they are secure.

Better watch out, people have guns ya know...

— Topeka police say a homeowner fired a shot at a man trying to break into his car, but missed.
The alleged thief was taken into custody after fleeing the area and hiding about a block away from the residence.
Police say the homeowner heard a suspicious noise outside his residence around 5:30 a.m. and found an unknown man breaking into his vehicle.
The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that the homeowner fired at the man when he turned toward him.
A police spokesman says the homeowner had every right to protect his property. Officers interviewed the homeowner and released him.
4101 West 24th Place- loud music "with bass"...
4601 west 6th- burglary alarm
dude at Hash Hall- actually let the cop in the room and he didn't smell any weed. sounds innocent...and justice prevails, call terminated.
3504 fieldstone court-runaway-no age available- sounds like a teenage nightmare to me.
liquor violation- 23rd street roadhouse-underage drinking
13th and Louisiana- need a unit to direct traffic..
2b3-2333 Ridge Court- same damn car alarm keeps going off. I guess eventually the battery will die, and if the poor schmucks car got broken into..well. I guess he got robbed AND a dead battery.
Treacherous weather out one of my team members driving home and we'll see what he thinks...