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Monday, November 22

private tow at the reserve
3d1-check welfare on 900 block Maine street. Intersting-there was an call not to long ago for a guy trying to break into a house-and this call is about a guy walking up and down the street.
private tow 1337 Kentucky
1400 block Mass-investigating subjects in vehicle.
bike theft from the Easy Living trailer park.
905 Maine Street-burglary-transient male trying to force his way into a residence. Now he is just sitting on the back porch. Either he is really fucked up opr really stoopid. or both.
2a1,2a5-2001 west 6th-domestic disturbance-she can hear people screaming for help in the apartment below her. lots of voices being heard.
Medical Call-1400 west 21rst terrace-friend called the reporting party and said she was vomiting. No, not blood, just vomiting.
Auto-burglery in progress-21rst and Hillview-witnessed subject looking into vehicles with a flashlight....almost like he WANTED to get caught.
900 block of Kentucky- car vs bus
Medical-900 block New Hampshire-seizure-at the Salvation Army
A vehicle was seen on K-10 throwing a beer out of his car and going 90+ miles per hour.
Shoplifter at Wal-mart...again...
2d3,2c3-tresspassing at the community drop in center-an employee asked dude to leave and he madew threatening remarks to him. That's not a good way to get invited back, dumbfuck.
Lots of emergency transfer from LMH to various hospitals.
An "odor" at 12th and, that's just too easy.
Pinecone Drive-someone is complaining that there are teenagers playing outside and being loud. Are you serious? It's 8:00p.m. and you are complaining that teenagers are playing outside? where would you rather have them, driving around smoking weed? sitting on their ass playing video games?
So I was lidtening to the scanner on the way to work and it was busy!!! Lots of fights and domestic problems. So let's see what tonight has in store....
I'll be back tomorrow night. Or tonight. whatever.

Anyways, violence seems to be on the rise, especially domestic. I listened to my scanner sporadically all weekend and noticed this trend. It would be interesting to find accurate, current statistics.
Someone close to me has been affected by domestic violence and i am truly shocked and amazed by the laws that seem to protect the perptrator. This man was drunk-he has even admitted it-and was pulled over a couple blocks from her house. He has no license, no insurance and the best luck (next to Charlie Sheen). He refused the breathalyzer and was taken to LMH for a blood draw. And then he was let go.
He, of course, promptly walked back to the victims house and, for the second time in one night, tried to break in the victims house. The police told her if her came back a third time they would try to arrest him. He woould probably have gotten a disorderly conduct ticket.
So she has been displaced from her home, scared to be alone there with her small children. And yes, she will be obtaining a PFA today. I'm so sure that piece of paper will stop a crazed maniac. Insert sarcasm.

Good night all. See ya in a few hours.
traffic stop on Jayhawk Boulevard
3400 Augusta drive-trespassing-someone is tap tap tapping on the back door.
someone getting pulled over at 6th and Iowa. Usually doesn't end well this time of night.
Investigating subjects at the Mcdonalds at 6th and Wakarusa.
steve's autobody shop-non-emergency call-but they didn't specify the nature of the call.
There is an attempt to locate a gal that is driving from Ohio to California and hasn't been seen since yesterday.
Maybe she hasn't been seen since she driving from Ohio to California.
2400 Melrose lane-medical call-fall. yawn...
1100 block of west 10th street-cop got flagged down.

This is an interesting nugget on holiday violence.

Take some forced family togetherness, the stress of the holidays, a little alcohol in some cases and you've got a recipe that can sometimes end up in family violence.

Police say they deal with family fights every Thanksgiving.

"It becomes an emotional time for all, and it's a stressful time in certain ways," Ogden Police Lt. Scott Conley said.

Ogden police said that on Thanksgiving, they get a lot of calls about child custody disputes between bitter parents.

"We become the mediator over some disagreement or disorderly conduct of using the child against one another," Conley told Fox 13 News.

A recent study by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and UC San Diego documented police calls about partner violence, taking note of particular holidays. They found a 22-percent increase on Thanksgiving; a 17-percent increase on Christmas; a 32-percent spike on New Year's Eve; and a 28-percent hike on the Fourth of July, among other holidays.

The study, paid for by a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's major finding was an 8-percent increase in partner violence as a result of an upset loss in an NFL football game. The study's results didn't surprise Sheila Richins, the director of the Safe Harbor Domestic Violence Shelter in Davis County.

"It's like, get angry and kick the dog but the dog isn't here, so we'll kick our wife instead," she told Fox 13 News.

Police and victim advocates have noticed a marked increase in people calling crisis hotlines as the economy plummeted.

"Our calls have gone up, yes, in the last several months," Richins said. "We kind of attribute that to the lack of financial support that maybe families are getting and the stress that puts them under."

Richins noted that beginning the first week of December, she sees a lot of women and children come into the shelter, before dropping off before Christmas.

"I think that's because even though women are in domestic violence situations and things are terrible, they're not willing to jeopardize their children's ability to have a good Christmas so they stay," she said.

The shelter's beds begin filling up again in January, Richins said.

If you are in an abusive situation and need help, you are urged to call the state's domestic violence help line at 1-800-897-LINK (5465) or click on any of the links next to this story.

something is going on at 23rd and haskell. No shit.
23rd street brewery-someone called witrh unknown emergency. They just found out its a medical call. Someone got hit in the head and is bleeding.
3d2,3d6 1300 block of new hampshire-burglury in progress-someone banging on the door trying to get in,
1315 east 25th terrace-3c1,3c2-calling party got hit in the eye by her fucking asshole boyfriend. Unknown if he's still in the area.
927 maple street-disturbance- boyfriends brother is there with all his buddy's drinking and yelling. Sounds like brother has a history of violence.
Hey, here's an idea-don't invite a violent asshole and his buddies to your house to drink?????
hasn't been shit going on for a while.