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Saturday, April 23

911 Hang-up

at The EZ_shop on 6th. 2nd 911 hang-up coming from a payphone.
I can't believe people still use pay phones?????

Fire Alarm with smell of Smoke

At the ol' Tuckaway Apartments...for some reason the fire department is requesting to police presence.

Suspicious Activity

Inverness and Wakarusa- caller heard female screaming, but never actually saw anything.
May have come from a duplex. Thanks, Sleuth.

Visible Smoke

On Schwartz Road- audible alarm and visible smoke.

code black

deceased body found on 1950 road. :(

check welfare

Jayhawk and Sunflower, silver honda has been sitting at a stopsign for several minutes.
He's probably waiting for it to turn green.
Caller is in the vehicle right behind him.

Intentional Overdose

Near downtown. medics en route.

check welfare

Phoggy Dog-reference a previous missing adult. Homeboy is there with a drunk girl in a turquoise jumpsuit.
Go figure.!/Lblogs

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check welfare

IF i heard this right, there is a subject at the Kwik Shop on Mississippi snorting sugar ny the coffee station.

Suspicious Activity

some jackwagon at 15th and Iowa walking down the street hitting guardrails with a golf club.

Fight- large group

I didnt catch the address- but there is a group of 50-100 people in front of a house fighting....i'll let you know if I hear more.

medical call

500 block of west 12th. Subject passed out in a running vehicle.


1611 west 8th- subject wandering around caller's yard...being loud.

possible attempted burglary

caller heard backdoor rattle and looked but didnt see anything, then may have heard a woman scream. I am pretty sure they said tennessee street- but somewhere in the student ghetto

Noise Complaint

from those crappy apartments at 1500 west 8th terrace. they get A LOT of noise complaints.

Attempt to Locate

blue truck left Mcdonalds on 6th. Possible drunk driver.

Structure Fire

731 west 25th street, apartment complex- ceiling fan fell, were flames that were put out.
hmmmm...flame thrower?

Fight- large group

500 block of west 14th. medics requested.

Fight- large group

approx 20 people involved in a fight at the bar at Brothers.

Structure Fire

at 12th and Tennessee....

Theft in Progress

Of some signs at the stadium..relays are there today

Loud Music

2350 Ridge Court...weren't they just smoking weed over there, too?


In front of suprise