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Thursday, December 2

ANOTHER call to hashinger hall for marijuana odor.
east 50 rd-structure fire...several calls on this one....
2b5-2b6-Redbuid lane- disturbance. no weapons- 22 year old brother is "out of control", has been violent in the past, unknown weapons.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud lane
so....just a bunch of crap goming on with organizing crowd control for the game....
2c6-parking violation-dark SUV on the wrong side of the road. It's like you WANT to get a ticket...dumb ass...
2020 west 31rst street- fire alarm-2d3 515 Indiana street-pain in the right arm...
2d2, 2d3-disturbance, no weapons- a dude is getting rowdy- he is being restrained at this time..
child welfare check-woodlawn school.
2b3,2b6-disturbance, no weapons-2500 blk crestline-verbal argument
car vs. deer on 59 hiway
non-injury accident 1000 block of 23rd. That's gonna back up some already bad traffic. reroute yourself if possible.
residental burglary north 600 rd. not in progress.
tresspassing at the scooter store across the bridge. subject is drunk and the store owner wants him out.
Medical emergency in Baldwin- I didn't hear where-but an employee is having a "nervous breakdown" ....
it's on Grove street...
that's a bad damn day at work.
1600 blk Lindenwood-2 subjects fighting-lights and sirens-2 units on the way.
Phone harrassment on west 24th street. I don't get it...tuen your phomne off or block the caller.
suspicious odor om Heatherwood drive- fire dept is requesting police back-up, they think it may be drug related.
grass fire on 1500 rd. No structure threatened.
Vicious animal in Lecompton on Halderman
Suspicious activity-abandoned bag on the east side of the bridge.
suspicious behavior-"westside"of Oliver Hall, an employee is trying to issue someone a ticket (?) and the subject says he's with the FBI and has "suspicious material" in his car....sounds juicy-car is tagged to a leasing company.

I'm sorry, but if your REALY with the FBI, wouldn't you just take the ticket and deal with it later?
attempt to locate a drunk driver-silver SUV in the home depot parking lot.
1d4-parking violation on Elm Street.
someone got pulled over and has a warrant for a "dog at large" and they are going to jail.
fire alarm-woodson avenue.
1c5, 1c5-Redbud lane-(of course) domestic disturbance-subject said her husband is kicking her....medics en route as well.

Nothing good ever happens on Redbud Lane
North 1 rd-criminal damage-mailbox.
K-10, check welfare-mile marker 6, woman bending over looking for something....whatever it is, I hope she finds what she's looking for.
"sick person" Arkansas Street-Medical-2600 Block-waiting for details.
1b5-Melrose lane-medical, a fall.
31rst and Iowa- non-injury accident-black passanger car leaving the scene-they got the tags so they'll probably get'em.
1d4-tresspassing 900 Kentucky street-people squatting in the basement.
1c4-found property-Cranley street-Gal located her stolen vehicle, she is standing by. Good Job, Allison!!!!!
just a note-I did hear about a couple of stolen cars off Iowa street earlier today...didn't catch the details..I was sleeping..
fire alarm simon's biosciences-room 102-
east 100 rd, follow up call. wonder whassup?
1c1, 1c5- 13th and Oregan-suspicious activity-a man cuttting a sidewalk with a cement saw, no city trucks around.
I gotta say, cutting sidewalks is no easy task, I doubt someone would do that just for shits and giggles.
traffic control-Kasold and Bob Billings-avoid that area at all costs.
6th and kentucky-non-injury accident involving 3 vehicles...and a whole bunch of SUCK!!!!!