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Wednesday, April 6

Hit & Run at Kappa Alpha Theta

Sorry I'm not a sorority/frat person. A gold colored car was seen leaving the parking lot and when backing up hit another car and fled the scene. Officers responding. Oh. . . already snagged them on 1433 Tennessee. That was fast! Two minutes max. Obviously the perps driving skills are not up to par with LPD/KUPD tonight! Confirmed suspect vehicle after tags ran, sucks to be you pardner!


Warrant Service tonight. . . if ya got one ya better hide. If ya hear a knock on the door you might think twice! Just my friendly advice.

Female screaming in woods!

1602 High Drive caller reporting a female screaming in woods across from his house! I believe this call came from a frat house is what they said. Officers 10-77 (no contact at all) at 11:55. (personally I think we have a meth head delusional & hearing stuff so he calls the police and the paranoia wouldn't let him answer the door) just my humble opinion. :) either that or it was one of his other personalities.

Oh NO it's the GREEN smoke!

Caller reports 3 individuals outside of Eldridge Hall smoking marijuana. A first for sure! RP says security cam shows they have went back in via the South East Entrance. Officer is 10-23 (on scene) when advised of the fact they had went back in I'm pretty sure I heard him sigh quite loudly, I know I did! Did I give up a farkle game for this?

Domestic Disturbance

Seems like a pretty serious domestic disturbance call requiring at least 3 officers. Haskell Avenue. No check ins except arrivals on scene so far.

Uncooperative Shoplifter!

933 Mass Street, White Chocolate has uncooperative shoplifter Code One (white male) wearing gray KU hoodie that just ran to Jimmy Johns saw RP and took off again but RP is following.

Bus Driver Finds Blackberry but . . .

2500 w. 6th Bus Driver finds a blackberry that a rider had just left but another rider picks it up and refuses to give it to the bus driver. . . the bus driver locks the would be thief in and calls for police! Can't wait to see how this plays out. Way to go bus driver you rock! Where were you when I lost my phone?