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Sunday, January 9

burglary alarm at midland farm supply
Kent Terrace- medical call-fall.
1400 block of west 21rst- noise complaint for loud music.
Baldwin police calling to report they are following a drunk driver on K-10.
goldfield street-woman's 19year old son came home with a 30 pack and refuses to give it too her. So she calls the cops to report an alcohol violation.  sounds like it's time to move out, right after you post bail.
Cadet Ave- they have tracked down the vehicle involved in a hit and run earlier.
hit and run at the Kwik Shop on 23rd- guy hit a gas pump and cruised- got the tags though. dark colored Jeep Cherokee.
Hit and run on lawrence ave...suspect vehicle parked at day's inn
community drop-in center- fight in progress- punching and shoving.
found properyt at the Easy Living Trailer park, caller says they found a pair of police handcuffs. And I think they said someone is locked in them.
6th and Locust- older guy driving a cutlass and taking pictures....
fire alarm at wescoe hall
Us Post Office on 31rst street- "suspicious activity" call- metal briefcase on the counter, and no one around.
officer needs assistance with a subject in custody- had to "take him to the ground". 2nd and McDonald.
attempt to locate a silver passenger car-possible drunk- was high-centered by the courthouse.
disturbance 900 block of Mass- caller heard yelling...
Quintons Bar downtown, fight-the bouncer is outside hitting people. well, they don't call him the "hugger"
2500 block of Ousdahl Road- domestic disturbance- argument....
car getting towed on west 25th
Parkway Circle- medical call-subject "drank too much". so he's calling the waaaaaaaaa-mbulance.
West 28th Terrace- tresspassing-someone needs removed. Party's over, dude.
Aberdeen apartments noise his grouchy neighbor, Oscar.
Nuisiance complaint at Holcomb Park- subject is spinning donuts in the parking lot.
That not nuisiance, thats just having fun.
Reports of a drunk female in the intersection of 9th and bet.
300 block Indiana- theft- stolen wallet- suspect is the roommate.
Ok, so a guy calls and requests to speak to an officer, he is concerned about his son and marijuana use. The caller is currently at the Cadilac Ranch, waiting for the officer in a Party Bus.
Like Father, Like Son.
Injury accident 1-70, eastbound- by lecompton interchange- more details as they are heard